Our Journey

I’ve been blogging since 2008, when I was pregnant with my first child, Kye! 12 years, 3 kids, and LOTS of big and small life changes later, the Journey of Parenthood (and of life!) continues.

I love being able to document our family’s growth, our hills and valleys, and all the wonderful memories we’ve made! From our travels, to our family events, to just everyday life, having this blog as a written record is something I want my family to be able to cherish forever!

And as you may know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I’m a proud oversharer 🙂 As I’ve continued my journey and met other amazing people who are doing the same, it’s been a privilege to be able to share our experiences with each other and to learn and grow together as parents and as people.

So, even though each family is uniquely different in their own special way, everything I share is with the hope that it can help you a little or a lot on your own journey of parenthood!

Our Life Journey

Our Life Journey is where you’ll find our family’s personal story. Throughout the years, I’ve documented nearly all of my family’s life events, major and minor! From pregnancies and births to anniversaries and reunions, this is where you get to know the Parkers!

There are WAY too many posts to list them all here, so I’m highlighting some of the bigger milestones. If you want to peruse, you can see the full archives here:

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Kye’s 3rd Birthday

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Kye’s 4th Birthday

10-Year Reunion Weekend

All I Want for Christmas

Finding Out About #3

Brittlynn’s 2nd Birthday

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Kye’s 5th Birthday

7th Wedding Anniversary

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Introducing Tessley Capri!

Zach’s 30th Birthday

My 30th Birthday

Britt’s 3rd Birthday

2014 Year-End Review

2014 in Pictures


Kye’s 6th Birthday

Our 8th Anniversary

Tess’s 1st Birthday

Kye’s First Day of First Grade

Britt’s 4th Birthday

2015 Year-End Review

2015 in Pictures


Kye’s 7th Birthday

Our 9th Anniversary

Tess’s 2nd Birthday

Kye’s 1st Day of 2nd Grade

Britt’s 1st Day of 4-Year-Old Preschool

Tess’s 1st Day of School

Britt’s 5th Birthday

2016 Year-End Review

2016 in Pictures


Kye’s 8th Birthday

Tessie’s 3rd Birthday


Britt’s 6th Birthday

2017 Year-End Review

2017 in Pictures


Kye’s 9th Birthday

Tess’s 4th Birthday

Spear’s 1st Birthday

2018 Year-End Review

2018 in Pictures


Kye’s 10th Birthday

Tess’s Preschool Graduation

Tess’s 5th Birthday

Spear’s 2nd Birthday

Britt’s 8th Birthday

2019 Year-End Review

2019 in Pictures


Kye’s 11th Birthday

Tess’s 6th Birthday

Spear’s 3rd Birthday

Britt’s 9th Birthday

2020 Year-End Review

2020 in Pictures


Kye’s 12th Birthday

Our Adoption Journey

In 2016, we made the decision to embark on an adoption journey and complete Team Parker with our second son, Spear. Along the way, we learned a TON about the adoption process, and I’ve shared what I learned through a collection of posts that address a variety of adoption-related questions.

I also chronicled our personal adoption journey from when we first made the decision all the way to when Spear’s adoption was finalized (and beyond)!

Learn more about our personal adoption journey here!

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Our Disney Travels

We LOVE Disney! We are a proud Disney family and we’re privileged to have been able to visit the parks countless times throughout the years. There’s just something so special and magical about being able to go as a family!

Through all these experiences, I’ve acquired quite a bit of knowledge about visiting Disney World and I love sharing it with first-time and long-time park goers!

Learn more about our Disney travels!

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Our Other Travels

As much as we love Disney World, we’ve definitely been to other places, haha! We love to travel and have new experiences. We’ve explored our home state of Georgia, other parts of Florida, other states around the USA, and even other countries!

Check out where else we’ve been:

Our Georgia Travels

Our Florida Travels

Our USA Travels

Our International Travels

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Excited for many more journeys to come!