2016 In Pictures

Every year since I first started blogging I’ve done a “year in pictures” post at the end of each year. 2016 was no walk in the park for our family and we’re thankful to put it behind us! Here are the highlights from our year (with links to each corresponding post):


Kye’s Star Wars obsession began after we watched all 6 movies together then saw Episode 7 in theaters! 


Britt and I had a “princess” night 😉

The 2007 National Champs were inducted into the VSU Hall of Fame

We celebrated Valentine’s Day

We went to DISNEY for Kye’s Birthday Celebration

Donald Trump came to town!


Our little boy turned 7!

Tess did fabulous in her Survival Swim Course

We had a lot of Easter fun

We had the grossest strawberry farm experience possible


We visited Cocoa Beach

Kye lost his very first tooth!

Zach and I made lemonade out of lemons and visited California after Aflac had to cancel our Italy trip! We did it all from whale watching…

to Disneyland!

Britt had her very first taste of “coffee”


Our whole family began the grieving process as precious baby Silas went to Heaven

Zach had back surgery

We celebrated Mother’s Day

And our 9th wedding anniversary!


We celebrated Carter’s 2nd Birthday

My sweeeeeet hubby sent Casey and I on a getaway weekend together

We had our first experience with stitches!

We celebrated the world’s greatest daddy 🙂 

We announced our plans to ADOPT!!!

We visited Orlando for the Parker Family Vaca

“Face Gate” Occurred (cutting our trip short)


Britt and I had our first mani/pedi date!

We enjoyed an ammmmazing week in St Augustine!

We had our most fun family photo session ever!

We said goodbye to our sweet Sadie

We had our annual fire station visit with friends!

We had a Nemo Party 

and celebrated Tess’s 2nd Birthday!


We celebrated Zach’s Birthday

The kids went back to school and Tess started school for the first time!

I helped co-host a baby shower for Keeli

Kye and I had a little getaway together


We had a Labor Day trip to Orlando

We had the most epic girl’s night for Casey’s birthday!

We had a big kid day for Britt’s first FSU game 

We got Home Study approved!

We visited Jellystone

Zach’s 1st MS Episode occurred which marked the beginning of a long medical road ahead

My girls and I had a blast at MNSSHP


First annual family shaving cream fight 😉

We had an adventure attending Disney Live!

Zach and I attended Aflac National Convention in New Orleans and loved it!

Britt officially started gymnastics

We rocked our Monsters Inc Halloween costumes

We had a HUGE crew for trick-or-treating which was SO FUN!


I had one of THE BEST Birthday’s EVER!

We learned that Zach had many spots on his brain and entered a several week phase of waiting for more news

We had our family photos done for Christmas cards!

We learned that Zach’s symptoms were related to multiple sclerosis. 

We visited Disney World for Britt’s Birthday celebration AND Tess’s 1st visit!


Our 1st princess turned 5!

“Face Gate” returned and we learned that it’s stinking MRSA

Zach had his Spinal Tap (and a horrible reaction to it)

We said goodbye to Tess’s bff, and our buddy, Zeke

We celebrated Christmas as a little family

And on Christmas Day with the whole Parker Crew!

We ended a rough year on a very high note with Zach’s spinal tap results and were able to enter 2017 with lots of hope for only continued positive news regarding his health!

So I kinda thought when I did this post it’d make me realize that 2016 wasn’t that tough of a year buttttt nope. It was rough haha! You can look back at much sunnier years for our family here:









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