Kye’s 7th Birthday!

Kye’s birthday is on March 4th. He has been SO pumped to turn SEVEN! I think his birthday is at a great time of the year because he’s not the oldest in his class nor is he the youngest. Right in the middle! 

Our tradition is to wake up the birthday child as a family with a song πŸ™‚ Leading up to his birthday Kye said that THIS was what he was most looking forward to! Here’s a video!

We went to Disney for Kye’s birthday so we kept things low-key at home. I really prefer this way to the big parties…I LOVE party planning but I LOVE Disney planning more πŸ˜‰ It was a breeze to make his birthday special without much effort or money because he loves Star Wars and it’s EVERYWHERE! His birthday fell on a school day so we surprised him with a special breakfast, balloon, plates and banner πŸ™‚

His big present was the Disney trip (along with a few surprises while on the trip!) but he still got plenty of gifts from Mommy and Daddy (and sisters too!). Deals make it all possible. I spent under $50 total for everything he opened!

Sisters benefit from birthday fun too!

I love his face first seeing his birthday banner!

Tess ADORES Kye πŸ™‚


Bonus birthday fun: it was picture day AND he was Star Student for the week at school!

My personal fav birthday tradition…annoying Daddy all day with the kids personalized birthday song πŸ™‚ You can purchase your own Captain Zoom personalized song here!

Britt was so excited about Kye’s special day and spent her morning making BB8 pictures for him!

Since his birthday fell on a Friday Britt didn’t have school and Zach was also able to join us for lunch at Kye’s school!

They held hands in the lunch room and all the way down the hall to Kye’s class…sweetest siblings!

Kye seriously has THE BEST teacher! She makes each student feel so special, especially on their birthday! Another child in his class had her birthday the same day and his teacher worked it out where her mom brought treats later in the day so each child could be recognized individually. Wasn’t that so thoughtful? Here’s a video from his class celebration!

Britt was ALL about it!

 His star student boards on display!

Rather than cupcakes Kye had asked to have donuts for his class. Hope they enjoyed them b/c they weren’t cheap and that won’t be happening next year ha!

G-Mama came by and surprised him when he got off the bus!

He also was able to spend time on the phone with my dad and his wife!

Our tradition is for the kids to pick where they want to eat for dinner on the night of their birthday. We do it just with our little crew and it’s always a fun time! Our kids think Longhorn is THE fanciest restaurant and that’s where Kye wanted to go!

Clearly Tess and I aren’t impressed!

Present time!

Aunt Katie was SO sweet and sent Kye a gift! He LOVED the books she got for him. We have a running joke b/c Kye is always so obsessed with any gift Katie buys for him. He sleeps with a blanket every single night that she bought for him when he was like 18 months old! 

Kye mentioned he wanted a “real art kit” Well guess what Mommy had sitting in my gift closet for the past two years or so from some clearance purchase?

His gifts!

Last year we had fun getting creative for Kye’s birthday cake. We wanted to try something new again this year and y’all. This is THE BEST CAKE EVER. I am obsessed with DQ ice cream cakes and we decided to make our own and it’s BETTER than theirs!!! Here’s the recipe!

Video of us singing “Happy Birthday!”


Micromachines = TONS of pieces and stickers!

Kye wasn’t overly thrilled with his birthday haul from us. Which I had expected. We couldn’t afford to do the big Disney birthday AND buy him legos for his presents and I knew that’s what he was really wanting. The micro machines were cool but he didn’t already own any of them so he didn’t “get” how cool they actually were. He never complained or acted upset, but I’m his mama and I could just tell. I had planned to wrap up a SMALL lego set that I got before Christmas and give it to him as part of his birthday stuff but when I went to wrap everything I totally forgot to grab it from my gift closet. Oops. We gave it to him the next morning and he was overjoyed πŸ™‚ 

Since we didn’t do a big party, we wanted to still do something with the family. We wanted to keep it simple and EASY. Last time Kye went to Disney for his bday (when he turned 5) we had a party at our house with the family and it still cost us a LOT of money to host. This time we had everyone meet us at a local pizza/game place and it def was the way to do it! Much easier and cheaper and more fun! 

While everyone was playing games we got word that Courtney had been in a car accident. Everyone was okay but of course it’s rattling! I know Mrs. Charlotte was dying to get to her daughter but she did such a good job hiding it and making sure Kye felt special before she left. Our kids are blessed to have her as their G-Mama!

The Bacons πŸ™‚

At home Kye doesn’t get overly crunk about presents but maybe the pizza put him in an excited mood! He was so excited which was adorable!

G-Mama and Big Papa covered the Legos for us πŸ˜‰

SO thankful these kids were SAFE in the wreck and glad they were able to come have some fun with us!

I baked a cake. And put sprinkles on it. And then the whole top of it got ripped off with the lid, BOO

More games to use up the tokens!

It was a pretty hectic evening with the car wreck concerns, Tess just getting over sickness (more to come) and some attitude issues regarding it being time to leave. I hate that Kye ended his awesome birthday celebrations on a bad note but sometimes that happens and we won’t be able to return to the pizza/game place for awhile. Once we do, I’m sure attitudes will be more appreciative and thankful rather than complaining when it’s time to leave πŸ™‚ 

The most real of real life pics haha

It’s truly crazy that our BABY is SEVEN! I am so thankful he’s our first born as he’s such a great big brother to his sisters and they have an awesome example to follow. We love our Candler Kye!

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