Kye’s 5th Birthday

We got home from Disney on Saturday March 1st and Kye had his 5th birthday on Tuesday March 4th! Life is so much different now that he’s in school each day and I don’t really get to spoil him all day long on his birthday anymore ๐Ÿ™‚ However, he was thrilled to be getting to go to school on his actual birthday and we made the day special!

I don’t go crazy on birthdays but one tradition we always do is we wake up the birthday boy or girl by singing to them. I made sure to turn off Kye’s lamp the night prior so it wouldn’t automatically turn on and we woke up Britt before we got him up so she could join in the singing! Here’s a video!

I also picked up a bag of chocolate donuts for a special breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s the simple things that make the day great right? ๐Ÿ™‚

That day to school Kye really wanted to wear one of his Disney shirts from the week prior as well as his Birthday Pin. He was still very much in Disney mode ๐Ÿ™‚ He had been telling everyone all that past week that he was turning five so it took him a bit to adjust to saying that he IS five now! I think having the week prior to his birthday being spent celebrating it also made this age easier for me to accept. Four was tough, but five wasn’t too bad for me!

At lunch Britt and I surprised Kye with his Lightning McQueen birthday balloon and I made several of his favorite things for his meal!

Another tradition we have is that on your actual birthday you get to choose where we go eat and just our little family goes out to eat together. We are blessed with a TON of family here in town but like to keep our actual birthdays about just our little crew. Kye said he wanted to go to Longhorn’s for his birthday dinner because they give you orange slices with your chicken and fries. Haha. Odd reasoning but it’s Zach’s favorite place and we had a gift card so we didn’t complain at all about it!

Britt found a stuffed crocodile at the house and was SUPER pumped about him and kept saying “tick tock tick tock” and wanted to bring him with us. 

It was the first time Britt didn’t sit in a high chair at a restaurant and the kids insisted on sitting beside each other in the booth. Isn’t that precious? They were ADORABLE all throughout dinner and just kept loving on each other and being super sweet. It made my heart happy for sure and it was nice that on Kye’s birthday we didn’t deal with any fighting!

Usually on their real birthday I do something for a cake for our family. This year Kye said instead of a birthday cake he wanted to go to The Mix. Again, I’m not gonna complain about that choice!!! We all got ice cream and sang to Kye before we ate it ๐Ÿ™‚ He was SUPER happy about it all and it made life easier on mama too!

Once we got home we opened presents. The majority of Kye’s birthday gift budget was spent at Downtown Disney where he got his big birthday gifts. Zach didn’t believe me when I had ALL the presents set out for him to open and yet spent under $50 for it all. But it’s true!!! I had an AWESOME deal on some stuff before Christmas and got most of the toys then and got them for FREE. I also had another coupon I used for the only gift he asked for this year (a train station to park his trains) and Britt and I went to Target for her to pick out a small gift to give him from her as well. Cheapest year ever as far as compared to the amount of gifts with how much was actually spent!

Cars Britt picked out for him to add to his Lightning McQueen collection

Kye had never really heard of the Imaginext stuff by Fisher Price but y’all this is a GREAT set of toys. The packaging was super easy to open and the parts are all very durable. Plus they are super cool and interact with each other! Fisher Price had this amazing coupon deal at Christmas time so I stocked up and I’m glad I did because Kye ended up loving all these “castle guys” more than the big gift he’d specifically asked for!

My big 5 year old boy and his gifts from Mommy, Daddy and Britt!

For me it’s super crazy to believe I have been a PARENT for FIVE YEARS. I mean that’s longer than the amount of time I was in high school. And college. And those eras of life seem so, so long. Yet these five years seem so short! I am so proud of Kye and so honored to be his Mommy! Here’s a look at our first born each year of his life so far! 

Kye said he had the best birthday ever! I’m so glad he enjoyed his day and that we were able to celebrate him!

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