Visits Around the USA

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This post is dedicated to all of our travels around the US other than in Georgia or Florida. With small children we try to stay close to home when we drive places so we don’t get to see much of our great country but hope is as our children get older that we will be able to do much more traveling with them all over the place! This list is in order alphabetically by state and when traveling to the same state more than once occurs, each trip is listed chronologically within that state 🙂


Labor Day with the Parker’s 2008


Aflac Convention 2008

Travel Around San Diego

Kirk Cameron Breakfast

“Presidents Club” Trip April 2016

Monterey Bay

Pebble Beach

Traveling the Coast

Disneyland Morning

Disneyland Afternoon

Downtown Disney Morning

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Disney California Adventure Morning

Disney California Adventure Afternoon

Last Day


Aflac National Convention October 2011
Arrival Day
Pearl Harbor
USS Missouri
Date Night
North Shore
The Tuohys
Final Day

Aflac National Convention October 2014

Day 1 and 2

Day 3 and 4

Day 5 and 6

Aflac National Convention October 2017


Las Vegas September 2011
Seeing Vegas
Vegas Bash
Favorite Celebs
More of the Town


Aflac Convention October 2016

Night 1 

Day 2

Day 3
Day 4


Aflac Convention October 2009
Travel Issues
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Christmas Trip December 2013

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Banner Elk – Christmas 2009
Banner Elk Area
Our Christmas Together
Saying Goodbye to Uncle Spear

Banner Elk – Christmas 2012
Our Christmas 
Banner Elk

Banner Elk – December 2014


April 2010
Distance Driving with Toddler
Hotel Stay
Meeting Easter Bunny
Time with Family
Honoring Uncle Spear


Christmas 2008

Babymoon 2009

Memphis June 2013
Walkin’ in Memphis
Memphis Tour and More

Our Country has so many amazing places to offer and I’m looking forward to exploring many more of them in the future!


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