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Parenting is my passion and something I truly put my full heart into. I love being a mother and take pride in my role as “mommy”! This page covers blog posts I’ve written that relate to parenting and aren’t covered in other tabs on my navigation bar.

So this is where you’ll find post on topics such as parenting older children, navigating motherhood, and teaching safety. You will also find monthly summaries for all four of our children from birth through the toddler years!

If there is something you’re looking for that you don’t see listed here please use the search bar at the top of the blog!

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Ah, motherhood! There is so much joy and also so many challenges, and I’ve chronicled many of them here! From bonding with your children to how to take time to yourself, here are my top posts on motherhood!

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Older Children

I know: they won’t stay babies forever! As your children get older, so does the way you parent them. My oldest just turned 12… that’s so close to being a teenager! As I continue into this stage of the journey of parenthood, you can definitely expect to see more in this category!

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Whether you send you children to public school, decide to homeschool them, or a mix of both, schooling is a big, big part of raising kids! As our children have moved through school, I’ve documented many of the things I’ve learned about how to help them succeed!

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A huge part of parenting is doing everything you can to keep your children safe, in all categories of life! In our family, we’re especially big on teaching water safety via swim lessons since we take a lot of beach vacations. I also have some great tips on car seat safety, as well as all sorts of things in between!

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Discipline & Training

Teaching our children to grow up to be kind, respectful, happy people involves a lot of discipline and training. Of course, there isn’t just one way to do this, and what one family chooses to do may not agree with what another family chooses! 

Honestly, as long as it doesn’t go into extremes, there’s really no single right way!

So with that said, this is just how our family chooses to teach discipline. If these posts help you and you agree with what we did, great! If you don’t, no hard feelings!

The same goes for any of the posts that are more focused on training (such as potty training)… there’s more than one way to do it and different methods will work for different families!

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From the time our first son, Kye, was born, I’ve done month by month (and in some cases, week by week) summaries documenting major milestones, lessons, challenges, and more! Since my motto is “oversharing and owning it,” I left no stone unturned! So, even though your children will have unique patterns of growth, I hope these help you know that a) you’re not alone and b) yes, it probably is normal!

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