2015 In Pictures

FINALLY wrapping up 2015! Whew! It was really such an amazing year from start to finish. We love to recap our year on New Year’s Eve and talk about our favorite moments and favorite vacations and this year def had some great trips! It was a “low key” travel year (in that Zach and I didn’t go on any Aflac, bigger, trips) but all of our trips were just so awesome. It was also such a great year with Tess being out of the little bitty baby stage and really growing into her own little person and her schedule becoming more and more flexible. I’m excited for 2016 and how much more fun we will get to have together with having two big kids and a toddler in the house (and, hello, not nursing yay!).

Here’s a look back at our wonderful year!


We surprised the big kids with a trip to DISNEY!

We had an awesome time at the Happiest Place on Earth

Britt and I had so much fun being girly 


This cutie started eating solids

Kye had his first big school project on Kenya

Daddy took his girls on a special date

We had one of our most fun Valentine’s Day date nights EVER

We had our family photos taken for Tess’s 6th month pics!


The kids celebrated Dr Seuss Day!

Kye turned 6!

We had a pirate parrrrrty for Kye

We made the BIG decision to enroll Kye in public school for 1st grade!

Britt officially stopped sucking her fingers!

Casey and I had a fun girl’s day in Gainesville (pumping every 4 hours haha)

We went to Cocoa Beach, Fl for Spring Break

And took Tess on her first Zoo visit to Brevard Zoo!


Kye stopped taking baths and began showering each night

We celebrated Easter

Britt had her first dental cleaning

We went with Robyn and her crew to Disney on Ice

Tess started crawling!

We kicked off pool season

And visited the strawberry farm


Daddy went out of town for the weekend so the kids and I “lived it up”

Britt had her first haircut!

We celebrated Mother’s Day with the family!

Kye had his “graduation” ceremony from kindergarten

The big kids had their last days of school!

We had family pics done for Tess’s 9 month photos

We kicked off summer with lots of FUN with friends!

Zach and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary in Hilton Head

The girls LOVED “gymnastics camp”

and Kye had the opportunity to participate in a football camp coached by Zach’s college football coach, Coach Dean!


Courtney and I took Jolee on a beach trip to celebrate her high school graduation!

We had a BLAST at Princess and Pirate night at CFA

We celebrated Carter’s 1st birthday!

We visited the Peach Barn for the first time

and the kids LOVED VBS

We went to PCB on the Parker Family Vacation

This girl started drinking whole milk

Kye focused on earning money via lemonade and watermelon sales

Britt was NOT a fan of blueberry picking

Zach and I had the opportunity to attend Renika’s wedding

Robyn and I hosted a SUPER fun girl’s night paint party!

We celebrated our favorite Daddy on our annual golf outing for Father’s Day

Casey and I mourned the closure of our fav deal finding store, Gap Outlet

The kids LOVED watching Daddy on the court!

We had our annual fire station visit with lots of friends!


We had the BEST time in St Augustine for the entire week!

A highlight of our trip: visiting the Alligator Farm

We had Tess’s 1 year photos taken

Ashleigh went to Heaven

Our little girl turned ONE!

We took a “Big Kid Club” trip to Zoo Atlanta

and the Georgia Aquarium


Kye had golf camp

We ended summer with a big ice cream sundae/swim party

Britt and I had our first shopping girl’s day together

Gabi and Cole got married!

Kye had his first day of 1st grade!

We celebrated Zach’s 31st bday with a trip to Jekyll Island

Britt had her first day of 3 year old preschool

Big Daddy turned 88!

I attended a great girls’ day paint party with fellow ladies from church


The month of celebrating Casey’s birth 🙂

We had a magical day at Magic Kingdom

We spent some time exploring Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

We hung out with Goofy and gang at Cape May

And explored Disney Springs!

I nursed Tess for the last time

Keeli, Casey and I had a girl’s weekend at the beach

Kye opened his first bank account

Katie, Casey, Robyn and I went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Britt had Dad’s day at school


We attended a VSU football game

We visited Stone Mountain

and the Yellow River Game Ranch

We had Kye’s fall festival

and I got to go on a field trip with Britt’s class

We picked out our family pumpkin!

Tess went from little steps to a TRUE walker!

We had an “incredible” Halloween 🙂


I had a solo trip for my bday

and celebrated in style for turning 31!

Kye and Daddy went camping

Kye dressed like a member of the lollipop guild for school

Britt and I had our solo trip to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside!

I visited Britt’s class for her thanksgiving celebration

We started watching Star Wars with Kye

We picked out the perfect Christmas tree!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the family

and had an awesome day at Wild Adventures

Zach attended the FSU vs UF football game

and Casey and I had an awesome girl’s night in Tally!


We had our family photos taken

Tess and Kye got to visit Santa

Britt had a Mary Poppins birthday party!

And she turned 4!

Tess started using the potty

Zach and I celebrated our Christmas in Savannah

We were given an AMAZING opportunity to bless others! 

We had a super fun family pre-Christmas day at home!

This accurately shows our emotions about the Cat Creek Classic this year

We had the best Christmas ever 🙂

and finished the year with Britt getting the chance to take a gymnastics camp!

If you are new to the blog then you are in luck! You can EASILY know pretty much every significant event of our lives from the past 6 years by looking back through our yearly recap posts:







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