Kye’s 12 Year Old Well Check Pediatrician Visit

We had Kye’s 12 year well check up visit at the pediatrician’s office on March 11th. I had originally scheduled the appointment for when Spear was out of school but realized now that Kye is… View Post

My First Mammogram: What to Expect

What to expect when experience a mammogram for the first time. I’m 36 years old and had the first-time experience of going to get a mammogram. There are certain areas of adulthood that I’ve always… View Post

Britt 9 Year Pediatrician Well Visit

Britt’s 9 year well check up at the pediatrician fell on a day that Spear had school and my original plan was to have some solo bonding time with Britt by herself but thennnn Spear… View Post

Tess’s 6 Year Well Visit

Tess’s 6 Year Well Visit Tess had her 6 year well check up on September 10th. I hate that she’s “off schedule” a bit with hers but she loved that she got to skip school… View Post

My Personal Experience: Ways to Prevent Yeast Infections

My Personal Experience: Ways to Prevent Yeast Infections I cannot believe I’m writing this post. BUT I shared on Instagram recently about my issues over the last SEVERAL years with suffering chronic yeast infections and… View Post