Kye’s 1st Birthday Party

One of the things I really wanted to do during Kye’s party was make sure there were pictures taken of everyone who came! I did pretty good at this and only missed getting a picture of ONE person and that’s Uncle Scott. We had an amazing turnout for the party! It made me feel so loved to see how many friends and family came over to see Kye on his special day. While I expected the family, the number of friends seriously blew me away. I didn’t realize how many people actually like us! haha!

Kye got up from his nap at 3 and was pretty fussy from the start. I figured that Kye would either be super mellow and out of it acting or he’d be fussy! I didn’t expect him to be in a cute mood at all for the party b/c there were SO many people and SO much going on. Luckily everyone did an awesome job helping to keep Kye in a good mood! Thank the Lord Mom was there as she focused on him so I could focus on being the hostess I needed to be 😉

ready to open his gifts from Gramma

Mrs. Charlotte and Casey came early to help set up and Uncle Scott stopped by around 3:15 which was a little before the party started. Courtney had a basketball game but she brought Payton and Colt over for a little bit which was so nice! I was always nervous to have her kids over b/c our dogs (they aren’t dogs-in-the-house-people) but Colt actually went outside because he wanted to play with them. Now I’m excited to have them over for a play date sometime!


Payton is 2 months younger than Kye but the same height!

Colt giving Kye kisses

I, as we all know, am a HUGE planner! I learned when planning my wedding though that you can plan all you want but things never go perfectly. I think that I’m really good at doing my BEST to make an event perfect but then when the event actually starts I think I am great at just going with the flow. On my wedding day a TON of things went wrong and nothing bothered me, I just enjoyed my day because at that point what can you really do? I did the same thing with Kye’s party. Nothing actually went wrong but it was chaotic and loud and busy and I just went with the flow. We had Kye open gifts sporadically throughout the party and didn’t do it in some formal way. He just opened them in the middle of the floor and if people wanted to get pictures with him then I told them to get down on the floor with him haha!!! 


With Little Mama


He really got the hang of the whole opening thing! Ashley with her gift

Rachel and Zach

We even helped out

G-Mama and Big Papa got him a tricycle that Daddy had a blast putting together!


An early gift he opened was a cell phone and he was OBSESSED with it! He wouldn’t put it down and in order to get him to open other gifts we started putting it inside the new gift bag so he’d hunt for it and therefore find his next present haha! I love this picture of the books with matching stuffed animals Danielle got for him and how he’s holding up that cell phone 🙂

Lorelai helping him open!


After the party I did worry about if I thanked people enough for the presents. I bought thank you cards and plan to send them out ASAP after the wedding this weekend so I can quit feeling so bad about it. I also feel bad that I didn’t MAKE Kye say “thank you” or even say “bye bye” to each guest but since it was a stop by party people were coming and going a lot and that made it hard to make sure he did those things. I am glad I did the stop by party though! I think it was great for people who didn’t want to stick around a kids party for too long and it helped my house not get waaaaay over crowded! I know next year to make sure Kye gives thank you kisses to everyone, I did so good with that at Christmas and I’m disappointed in myself for not doing as well with it for his birthday 🙁 boo! I also didn’t really make him read all the cards…oh well!!! I am probably beating myself up over something that no one else even noticed haha!

It was great having so many babies come to the party and to see them all interacting! It worked out well too that Colt and Payton came early since they had to leave early so he got some special cousin time and then all his friends came over later and Kye got to play with them! Here is an attempt at a picture of all the babies

Neela and Kye are becoming good buddies!



I could tell the kids had a fun time and I hope the adults did too!

Masha and Nontalie with their bananas

Ashley was so sweet to come!

Kye loves his Aunt Ashley and Garrett too!

It meant a lot to Zach that so many guys came out too! 

Gage, Zach and Seth

it looks like Kye is saying “he’s too pretty to touch!” haha


I’m SO glad that at least Matt looked at Kye’s baby book 🙂

Sara and Carolyn


Auntie Katie and Hannah

I’m so glad some people actually wore the party hats! 

Casey and Aunt Karen


Jolee and Mema

I owe Robyn big time for all the AWESOME pictures she took for me!

As I wrote in an earlier post I was kinda disappointed that my dad and brother couldn’t make it to the party (although they both sent cards and Dad sent some money so I was able to buy Kye the Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox!) The SAME day I wrote that post I got a text from Danielle (my very best friend!) that said she’d be coming!!! I couldn’t believe it! I had sent her an invitation just because I thought she’d want to see them and I never thought she’d come down for it. But she did! Jonathan and Danielle drove that morning from Atlanta and then went back that night! (I also feel guilty that I didn’t make them stay the night with us but she swears her feelings weren’t hurt and that they had church in the morning anyway…I still feel like a bad friend though!!!) It really didn’t sink in that she was coming until she actually walked in the door. Our friendship has always meant SO much to me. It’s so neat to be friends for so long and actually STAY so close as we’ve gotten older. We both have changed so much but it’s funny b/c we’ve actually changed and matured in the same areas and are still so alike! I love her so much and it meant more to me than anyone can even grasp that she came. It was her first time meeting Kye and I feel bad that he wasn’t in his best mood!!!




I think it’s pretty obvious that Kye’s 1st Birthday Party was a FOR SURE success! I felt like I was running around like a crazy person but it was all worth it! Post to come of the birthday boy enjoying his cake (I knew this post would be SUPER long without trying to include a bunch of cake shots haha)!




  1. Danielle
    March 3, 2010 / 6:03 pm

    I love the picture of kye with the hat at the end. It looks like he had a great time! Good job Em

  2. Elizabeth
    March 4, 2010 / 12:03 am

    It looks like yall had a wonderful time! I can't believe he is a year old. Happy Birthday Kye!

  3. Matt and Robyn
    March 4, 2010 / 1:30 am

    I do think it was a wondeful party and you did AWESOME on the decoratons! Now we have to start planning next year's party – haha!

  4. Michelle
    March 4, 2010 / 3:58 am

    Looks like you did a great job! I love the banana favors. So glad Kye had so many people important to him to celebrate.

  5. Anonymous
    March 4, 2010 / 2:49 pm

    I am not sure what you spent more time planning, the wedding or this party. Well it went great and I glad it is over."Does this look good, what about this, should we do this, or this. Help me with this, please, Its important"Guess who wrote this post!! ha ha

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