Kye’s 1st Day of 2nd Grade

I was so, so nervous and anxious when Kye started school last year. It was his first year of school going all day, first time in public school, first time having lunch at school and first time riding the bus home. It was a LOT at once!!!

This year? Total breeze. I was zero percent worried! The school system posts teachers online over the summer and I wouldn’t have even known to check if it weren’t for a ton of other moms posting about it on Facebook haha. I don’t know ANY of the 2nd grade teachers so I didn’t stress at all over who he’d get. I can’t control it anyway, so why stress over it? I know Kye is a good kid and will do well no matter who his teacher is…I also assumed there was NO WAY we’d get as fortunate as we did last year!!!

When I found out who he had I spoke to some friends about it and they all said that he got THE BEST 2nd grade teacher! Whoop whoop! God def blessed us big time with his teacher last year and we’re thankful for continued blessings this year ๐Ÿ™‚

Walking the halls like a PRO! His school is two stories and this is his last year downstairs!

We took all of 20 min at Open House! We met his teacher, popped in to say hi to his teacher from last year then we were done! We totally and completely forgot to even stop by the lunch room haha

Woman had TWINS over the summer. Looking that fabulous should NOT be allowed!!!

(sidenote but omg they are beautiful babies! I ran into her at Publix recently and I wanted to eat them up!!!)

While I was more anxious for school starting last year, Kye was more excited for school last year than this year. He wasn’t looking forward to all the work or being away from me all day every day again! We got into a good groove pretty quickly though and he’s made a lot of friends this year (def a shift as he now spends all of recess playing football rather than playing chase with girls!). 

I wasn’t overly worried about 2nd grade in general? Growing up I felt like 1st was a big year b/c you learned to read (which now they really do in kindergarten) then 3rd was a big year b/c multiplication. I don’t remember 2nd or 4th being really BIG years for me?! 

Ready for the first day! Y’all. He’s SO GROWN.

These look like a Pottery Barn Kids ad, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ He was SUPER PUMPED for all the Star Wars stuff and for finally having the larger sized book bag!

I take a pic of him in this shirt every year! It’s def not as massive as it was a couple years ago on him!

Last year his book bag was one of the smaller sized ones. I had bought it for him in preschool but then found out he’d be using a tote bag and didn’t need a book bag. Of course it was embroidered and couldn’t be returned so I saved it for him to use in 1st grade haha. We did go ahead and upgrade him this year! I’m hoping this book bag can go for 2 years ๐Ÿ™‚ (Lord knows these PBK school things cost enough!!!)

We all took Kye on his first day last year but this year we decided to just have Z stay home with the girls and I took him solo. We also went ahead and let him ride the bus home on the first day this year too. Why go sit in the MASSIVE pick up line?!?! He’s used to the bus and likes the bus! 

Still wanted to hold my hand walking into school…can this last forever?

I assumed Kye would want me outta there as soon as we got to his class and I was right! He was in the ZONE and wanted to get his things organized and be able to pay full attention to his teacher. He did not want me distracting him! I gave him a quick kiss and took a quick pic and then let him do his thing ๐Ÿ™‚

First day of school cookies! 

Kye had to wait for his until the girls started haha I baked them that day ๐Ÿ˜‰

So far it’s been a great school year! The BIG improvement has been with Discovery (gifted). Kye is understanding better why it’s an asset for him to attend it and is actually ENJOYING what they do during that time so it’s been a much better fit. He’s going everyday (last year he didn’t go on Fridays) and has very little complaints about it. He is really enjoying everything he’s learning and continues to excel in the classroom setting. He’s a total school nerd/teacher’s pet like his Mama ๐Ÿ˜‰ Britt may end up being the class clown like Daddy haha 

Very thankful for our wonderful school and staff and that Kye is so happy at his school! We’re blessed and don’t take it for granted at all! Hoping we get as fortunate with his 3rd grade teacher next year!

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