This blog is called The Journey of Parenthood, so you better believe I’m gonna be talking about parenting! 

We have been blessed with four wonderful, unique children. It has been such a joy to see them each develop their own personalities and character traits. We share a special bond with each child as an individual and it’s my goal as their mother to make sure they always know I love and support them unconditionally. I aim to parent them in the ways that best fit their personal needs and to raise them to be well-rounded, happy adults!

But there are so many facets to the parenting journey, and I’m still learning new things every day! Here are the major parenting-related categories that you’ll find on this blog:


Babywise is a sleep training technique from the book On Becoming Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam. It’s a fantastic parenting tool that we’ve used on all four of our babies with great success!

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In 2016, we made the decision to embark on an adoption journey and complete Team Parker with our second son, Spear. Along the way, we learned a TON about the adoption process, and I’ve shared what I learned through a collection of posts that address a variety of adoption-related questions. 

I also chronicled our personal adoption journey from when we first made the decision all the way to when Spear’s adoption was finalized (and beyond)!

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Pregnancy & Delivery

For expecting parents or couples trying for a baby, you might want to start at the very beginning: pregnancy and delivery! I detailed my journeys with each of our children’s pregnancies and wrote some posts with helpful tips and advice on what to expect… when you’re expecting!

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What’s a huge part of parenting that a lot of people forget to mention? Feeding! You have to feed your babies, you have to feed your children, and hey, even you and your spouse have to eat sometime, too! In this section, you’ll find helpful posts on feeding, from breastfeeding, to formula feeding, to weaning to solids, to family meal plans!

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General Parenting

All other parenting posts, from parenting older children to navigating motherhood to teaching safety, falls under this category. You will also find monthly summaries for all four of our children from birth through the toddler years!

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