Brittlynn’s 2nd Birthday!!!

Britt turned TWO years old on Dec 6th!!! It fell on a Friday which is neat because her due date was also on a Friday…of course she was born three days early so she was actually born on a Tuesday but I still mentally think Friday when I think of her birthday for some reason!

I posted this on Instagram…is is SO neat to see how much she’s changed!!! 

A little tradition we started on Kye’s first birthday is waking up our children on their birthdays by singing to them. I also always take a video of it! Here’s Zach, Kye and I waking Britt up on her special day!

As an extra special Birthday surprise this year Hermey was visiting and brought along his Birthday Hat and a #2 cookie for Britt πŸ™‚ 

We do a Christmas Countdown type calendar in December. I had one growing up and it was my favorite holiday decoration by far! Each day the kids take turn putting the little piece of the village up on the board…so, of course, on Britt’s birthday she got to be the one to put the snowman on the mountain!

 We also took her measurement in our laundry room doorway…she wasn’t too pumped about it!

 Not surprised to see that she was taller than Kye was when we measured him on his 2nd birthday!

I remember well back when Kye turned two. I didn’t have an older child. I wasn’t pregnant yet. I could easily make the day ALL about him. With Britt it was trickier. I was “freshly” pregnant so I was not feeling so amazing. Plus her party was the next day. And she has an older brother we had to take to school and pick up from school! I debated what to do with her and decided to take her to Publix. I needed to drop off the balloons for them to fill for the party and knew they offer up free cookies and balloons so I knew that would be fun for Britt!!!

Random fact I learned that morning: Did you know helium is a non-renuable resource and that we are running out of it? Crazy huh?!?! The guy who gave us the balloon said that when my kids throw birthday parties for their kids that they probably won’t be able to have helium balloons anymore! SO strange to think about!!!

I tried to make some of Britt’s favorites for lunch. She LOVES the frozen yogurt packs. I cut them in half and give half to each kid πŸ˜‰ She also really likes sweet potato fries, blueberries, watermelon, and chicken salad with crackers. Both Kye and Britt LOVE my smoothies. So I also made her one of those (I blend 1/2 of a vanilla meal replacement shake with some naked juice, ice, frozen fruit, and whatever veggies I have in the fridge!) You can tell the smoothie was her favorite haha!

That afternoon Zach planned to cook Britt’s birthday meal! That gave me freetime to play with the kids outside. Usually Zach takes them outside so I can cook and I rarely go outside with my kids to play. It was a nice chance to enjoy them in that environment. Kye is ALL about digging so he got busy and Britt mostly just ran around and monitored his work πŸ˜‰

 This is her new “go to” pose all the time. Hands on the hips girl…she gets it from her mama πŸ˜‰

My TWO year old!!!

Before dinner was finished up we went ahead and opened presents! It looks like I went waaaaaaay overboard this year doesn’t it?!?! But when Kye turned two I spend majority of his birthday budget on one big gift (his bean bag chair). With Britt’s birthday being in December it’s a great time of the year to find amazing deals. Like dirt cheap stuff! Zach was annoyed by the amount of gifts but the budget hasn’t changed…I still spent the same I always do! I just know how to make it stretch!!! 

I left a couple things unwrapped because they were actually used stuff I got! She loves Kye’s hopper ball and I found this at a kids sale for $4. Then I saw the horse (that also makes noises!) on a facebook post for $8! It’s practically brand new!

 horse was a HUGE hit!

 Opening gifts from Grandpa and Grammie

 The horse was the favorite and this cup was second favorite haha. She always loves Kye’s Mickey cup and she was SO pumped about this!

This was her big gift cost wise. After the initial favorites wore off, she def plays with this baby more than anything else we got her. I really debated it for a long time and even asked other people about American Girl stuff and if it was worth the money. People who have their dolls swear by them. Britt LOVES her baby dolls. But all the ones she has are pretty junky and I just wanted her to have a beautiful baby doll. Seriously, I love it. Maybe it’s bc I’m pregnant and am excited about a newborn but this baby doll is LEGIT. It feels like a new baby! I nestle it in my neck sometimes just to be reminded of that sweet little baby lovin πŸ˜‰ The Bitty Baby is crazy expensive but I knew for many months that I wanted it so I was patient and waited. And waited. And finally got a coupon deal for it πŸ™‚ 

 Precious πŸ™‚

We also bought Britt a big girl bible. I think we bought Kye his when he was a little baby for his first christmas. But since she was a December baby that kinda got forgotten haha. Britt has a TON of little bibles (she’s like a bible collector…every time she leaves Mrs. Charlotte’s house I think she comes home with a new one haha) but not a hardcore big one. I like Kye’s Veggie Tales one (it’s NIV) and found one for her similar. Dayspring has amazing deals…I just heard about them this year and bought recordable story books on super sale as well as several other things on huge discount, including this bible!

 Kye setting up all her new gifts!

Britt with all of her presents! Dad and Audrey got her the Minnie Mouse stuff, I got the Brave toy set on clearance for $4.99, Cinderella shoes were $2.99 (they are such cute little slippers!), I’ve had the Barbie luggage thing in the attic since before she was born b/c I couldn’t resist it at a kids sale, Little People Nativity was a super deal on Dayspring, Little People princesses I actually got for free (I did this awesome Fisher Price coupon thing! I got Kye’s big birthday gift for only $7!), cake play food was on clearance for $9. I was SUPER proud of my deal finding this year πŸ™‚ I doubt I’ll be as good about it next year with a new baby, but I’m hoping πŸ™‚ 

For dinner Zach made “brinner.” Britt LOVES eggs so he made quite the breakfast feast for us! It was yummy and I appreciated him going through all that work so I didn’t have to πŸ™‚

 Enjoying the gifts from Grandpa and Grammie!

That day she kinda rejected the new baby and clung to her old one. Her old baby might have gotten misplaced for a few days until she started to like the new baby more haha!

 Ready for CAKE!

So…since Britt’s party was the next day I really didn’t think we needed a cake for her birthday. I liked the idea of just getting her a special donut for her special day. I called Daylight Donuts the night before and placed an order for a “2” shaped donut as well as several other donuts for us all to enjoy. I went to pick it up on the day of her birthday and whoever had taken the order hadn’t put it in. So my donut wasn’t there. The owner went above and beyond worrying over this situation haha. He ended up hooking us up with a MASSIVE donut cake. No joke! Check out this beast:

I like donuts…but gosh I don’t LOVE them and this cake was insane haha! Plus, in my opinion, donuts don’t taste good for very long? I prefer them as fresh as possible! So we tossed a TON of donuts! Luckily Casey and Jordan came over that night and they helped eat some too haha. Casey was SO sweet to help me with party prepping and Jordan wanted to come with her to give Britt a special Birthday balloon they bought for her πŸ™‚ She def had a great day!


  1. Katie1315
    January 21, 2014 / 8:24 pm

    I love that you shared the deals you got on her birthday presents. Anytime someone compliments something I have, I feel like I have to share what a bargain it was. haha! Looks like a special day for B!

  2. forddygirl
    January 21, 2014 / 8:34 pm

    You shoulda taken the extra doughuts to your local fire station or police station or something!I wouldnt have thought of that then, but reading this i totally thought of it. HA! πŸ˜‰

  3. ChelleyN
    January 23, 2014 / 4:36 am

    That donut cake is CRAZY! I LOVE donuts but WOW, haha! Love Britt's navy and green outfit :-).

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