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Family Morning at Animal Kingdom

Monday, May 21, 2018

We decided as a family to hit up two parks over the weekend. Yes, we had a good bit of house stuff to do but when you can visit just for a couple hours, why not do it? On Sunday April 29th we went to Animal Kingdom. Over Spring Break we had lucked out and been granted access to the park during the extra morning magic hour. We assumed it was just luck, but figured it wouldn't hurt to test it out. Well. We won't be testing it out again! Ha! We got there and got into the park and a very small section was open for people waiting who weren't allowed in during the extra magic hour. We tried scanning our bands and no luck, we weren't granted access this time!

Family Morning at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Yes, we just went  to Disney over Spring Break butttt we turned around and went back a couple weeks later! With owning a vacation rental home now we're still very much trying to get everything fully rolling and looking the way we want it to. That means more frequent trips in order to get stuff done and since it was booked over Spring Break we needed to go back! Our plan was to devote a weekend in later April as a "house weekend."

Spear's 4 Month Well Visit

Spear's 4th month well check was on Monday April 16th. We had THE first appointment which was so nice! With the shot appointments I really like Zach to be there. I don't want my kids to have issues with needles and I think his calm nature about them really makes a difference. It worked out great that we were able to have an early morning appointment time before he had to head to work!
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