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Spear Summary of Month 7

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

This is a summary of Spear's 7th month of life which spanned the entire month of June. He was 6 months old during this month! Eating:  Well. The day arrived. It was truly time for me to get my butt in gear and start feeing Spear some solids! I really put it off as long as I could haha. It's not my fav and it's def a stage that makes me glad to be DONE with babies moving forward. One last that I'm not getting teary eyed about for sure! With all my babies I've always used Take and Toss cups for their sippy cups . I've always been happy with how they've held up, how easy they were for the kids to manage, and never had any major issues regarding spills or anything. But I've had SO MANY people swear by the Munchin 360 Trainer that I wanted to try it this time around. Last kid...might as well try out the latest and greatest while I can right? I swear this cup is like invented by aliens. I don't get the science behind it or how it actually works or ho

Meeting Up With Mama E (Spear's Birth Family)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I started writing about our meet-up with some of Spear's biological family as part of his monthly update post for his 7th month of life and realized I just had WAY too much to say and it needed to be it's own blog post. Plus, it's a pretty big deal and a post that I may want to reference in the future so it's nice to have it stand alone :)  In early June we met up with Mama E and three of her children as well as Spear's birth father's sister. Our adoption is considered an open adoption. Legally all that means is that we have contact after placement. There are closed adoptions which are where the adoptive family has no contact at all or often even knows who the birth family is...and then there are open adoptions which can mean anything from just having that knowledge, to having some contact, to having regular visits.  Our official agreement is that we send photos and update letters to the lawyer every month until Spear is 1 and then at 18 months and then

10 Years of Blogging

Monday, August 13, 2018

10 years. 3,039 posts. 8,442,417 post views. This is what 10 years of blogging dedication looks like!  I celebrated my 10th blogging birthday this past week ( you can view the post...and GIVEAWAY here. It ends TONIGHT yall! ) and it really is just insane to me that it's been a full decade since I started blogging.  Since I focused my 10th year post on the giveaway, I really wanted to take some time today to focus on the blog :)  Photo by the incredible Captured by Colson!

Summer Recap 2018: Week 4

Friday, August 10, 2018

Have you entered the big giveaway yet? Don't forget! It ends Monday here to enter :)  Our summer has been IN-SANE yall. We were gone so much that the "weekly posts" are all going to be a bit wonky. For Week 3 of summer Zach was in Ireland and the kids and I were at the Disney house. When we got back from the Disney trip...we had one week until we left for our annual beach trip! I'm thankful when we made our summer schedule that we did have downtime in-between each trip but that also meant that the downtime was truly DOWN TIME. We stuck close to home so I could unpack, do laundry, then repack for the next adventure! This post covered June 22nd through June 29th: our 4th week of summertime!

9 Myths About Adopting From Foster Care

When Zach and I made the decision to adopt we chose to go the domestic, private adoption route (you can read about some of our reasons why here!) . Today Natasha, from Let's Be Brave , is sharing nine myths about adopting from foster care: I hear these comments all the time.  Adopting from  foster care  is too expensive, hard, heartbreaking, etc. - fill in the blank with whatever you want. And while it’s always good to consider the challenges that will come along with any choice you’re going to make, it’s also important to be properly informed. Below are nine myths I hear all the time about why people shouldn’t  adopt from foster care .
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