Monthly Family Recap: April 2021

All of our family moments from April! Every year I take the kids to visit a local strawberry patch to pick strawberries. Last year it was our first real outing during the shut-down and I… View Post

Tess’s 7th Birthday Slideshow

Our sweet Tessie is SEVEN!!! Out of all of our babies it’s the craziest to see Tess really grow up before our eyes. It seems like she should always be the LITTLE BABY right?!? This… View Post

Spear’s Epic Hair Saga: When My Toddler Cut His Own Hair

My husband is not only a great husband, but he’s also an awesome hands-on dad. It’s important for me to get away every now and then with friends, or even on a solo trip, so… View Post

8-Year-Old Gift Ideas: The Best Presents for Eight Year Olds

At 8 years old kids are still very much in that golden age of childhood where they are developing their own interests and talents while still enjoying pretend and imaginative play. They are not quite… View Post

Girl’s St. Augustine Beach Weekend – April 2021

A big thing that has changed about me after living through the pandemic is that I’ve come to embrace and appreciate last minute plans and have gotten better at “going with the flow.” I mean… View Post