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How to Help Relieve a Gassy Baby

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Whew. Nothing will drive you more crazy as a mom of a newborn as much as GAS will. Gas issues not only can cause pain for your little one, but can also reck havoc on sleep. Gassiness is also something easily overlooked as a new parent who is exhausted beyond belief and simply running on fumes. I've dealt with gas related issues with all three of my children when they were babies. With my first I couldn't figure out why he was crying and seemed in pain. I rushed him to the dr, typical "first time mom" move right?, only to find out it was gas pains! By the time I had my second baby I knew gas was a common culprit and had my toolbox of tricks ready to go to help. Many people think of Babywise  as a sleep training book but it's so much more than that. There is actually an entire section devoted to tips on helping relive gas issues for your little one. I have pulled out my book again and again to help me help my babies. I have also learned through the years some ex

Life with Four

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I'm pretty sure most little girls dream about the day they will become a mommy. I remember thinking through it all: how many kids, how many years apart, gender order, names, everything. My dream? Four kids. An oldest brother to look out for the younger ones and so his sisters friends would all have a crush on him. Then two girls so they could share clothes and be best friends. And last, another boy so he'd be able to look up to that older brother with a larger age gap where it'd be a role model type relationship. When I started dating Zach and things got serious he mentioned he wanted two kids. He came from a family of uneven numbers and wanted even. I might have fudged a little tiny bit and mentioned that I wanted six that way when we compromised we agreed on four ;) Now here we are. Not everything in life happens as we hope or dream or plan. But my babies surpass every childhood wish I could have imagined. I can literally look at them and see God's bless

Tour of our Home: Spear's Nursery

Monday, June 18, 2018

Zach and I love putting together each of our children's nurseries. It's so fun coming up with a theme and then making it happen! This room is so special to us. We had such a long wait for Spear and his room gave us something to focus on during that time and to help remind us that God would be blessing us with a baby, the perfect-fit baby who was meant to be ours! I will never forget the moment I read the email saying Mama E had chosen us to be her son's parents. I instantly started sobbing and raced into this nursery and sat on my knees just crying and thanking God for this opportunity. Now I'm here with this gift from God and will always cherish the wait that brought us to him :) We've never known the sex of our babies while I've been pregnant so Kye and Tess's nurseries were both gender neutral and Britt's I waited to decorate until after she was born (um that was a terrible idea haha). Spear was the first baby we've had when we knew he'd b
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