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Mommy Solo Week: Robyn's Visit

Zach headed off to Ireland on Wednesday June 13th. I met up with Robyn at pretty much the same time Zach left to drive down to Orlando. I've never driven my kids solo before for that long of a drive with any of them at this young of ages. I was pretty nervous about it but thankfully Spear is on the 4 hour schedule which means he wouldn't have to stop and eat because we can for sure make it from our house to the Disney House in under four hours! The Ireland Crew!

Summer Recap 2018: Week 2

Thursday, July 19, 2018

While the first week of summer recap was covering much more than a single week...the second week is covering much less ;) This post is covering Saturday June 9th through Wednesday June 13th!

Summer Recap 2018: Week 1

Since Zach and I were on our romantic Disney trip the first true week of summer we're kicking off our first official family week of summer the week after we got back: May 31st - June 9th! (Yes, it's longer than a single week ha! I just combined the days we got back with the week following) If you're new around here I typically do a monthly summary post year-round of all of our family fun as well as an individual monthly summary post for each kid. In the summer though? I stick to a weekly post that covers EVERYTHING from that week!

Aladdin Movie Theme Day

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sorry I've been a tad MIA. But Prime Day has taken over my WORLD! Ha! If you haven't been following my finds be sure to check out this post here :) Yall know I LOVE some Disney movies and having a movie theme day with my kids is something I enjoy putting together and something our whole family enjoys participating in. To kick off summer this year I did an Aladdin themed morning for the girls!

Parker Family Pictures

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Several years ago we all pitched in for Mother's Day and surprised Mrs Charlotte with family photos, which you can see here. Britt was like 8 months old I think when we had them done. Obviously a ton  has changed in 6 years, including adding several grandkids to the family who weren't represented in the family photos! This year for Mother's Day Casey put together having new photos taken as Mrs. Charlotte's combined gift from all of us. Mrs. Charlotte was SO excited to be able to update her mantel picture frame (also another gift we all got her ha!) with updated photos of everyone. She chose for us all to wear navy, gray or white which worked out well because it's colors we all had in our closets! I did end up buying myself a new dress but who doesn't love an excuse for that ;) Casey has had some photos done with Shelley Jean Smith in the past but this was my first time working with her. She's BEYOND sweet and so flexible to meet us at 7:30 in the m
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