Tess’s 2nd Birthday

Tess’s 2nd birthday fell on a Sunday this year (which meant Zach’s did too since they are a week apart!). It worked out well because we were able to do her party the day prior and she was able to wake up and play with all of her new gifts and enjoy the party decor for another day 🙂

We always kick off birthdays by waking up the birthday boy or girl with a song!

She went straight for her toys after her special birthday breakfast of donuts 🙂

Ready for church!

After church we did our normal routine of a quick lunch and then naps. We set up all of Tess’s gifts to surprise her after nap time. A LONG time ago Casey and I got an unbelievable deal on these Radio Flyer Coasters. Y’all. We paid $24. $24. Probably the best deal of my life to date!!! In hindsight I should have saved it for Christmas but it’s big and took up a lot of room in storage so birthday present for the win! Leading up to her birthday I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO GET MORE GIFTS. So unlike me! I just knew I had the coaster and other gifts kept slipping from my mind haha. Third kid probs?! 

The tricky thing buying for a third child (especially one with an older sibling of the same sex) it that we just already have soon much. I found that great gifts for her ended up being things we already owned that needed replacing. Some of our toys we’ve had now for almost 8 years and the favorites get worn out! We had some dvds that were scratched so that made for a good gift too 😉 

We let Tess come out and surprised her with her gifts! She went straight for the coaster and in typical chill mode parents of three kids fashion we just watched her do it and didn’t even think to help her out haha

Here’s a video of her seeing her gifts and taking her first ride!


The first time doing it she let go (as you can see) but still rode down fine, the second time she again let go and this time busted it. Parenting fail haha She continued to then be pretty afraid of the thing and it took her awhile to warm back up to it! It’s neat though because it doubles as a slide for toy cars! So even if she doesn’t use the coaster part as much, she enjoys that aspect of it and it’s been a great addition to our playroom!

Kye and Britt both made special cards for Tess

She was much more excited about opening on her real birthday than at her party! I think the party got her warmed up and I think the smaller group helped too 🙂

Of course she also has two of the best present opening helpers around!

Yes, a giant calculator. Perfect gift for a two year old, am I right?!?

Tess’s current favorite animals are cows so she got a plush and a noise making cow book to go with it 🙂

Tess LOVES Britt’s Little Live Pet Bird so the big kids got one for her from them (it’s not age appropriate so I just took away the “food” that comes with it and it’s fine)

Calculator…a cup…whatever you can wrap up and call a gift!

Sweet card from Grandpa and Grammie!

She LOVED the farm animal look and find book they got for her and the Nemo pillow!

All of her presents! One happy birthday girl!

For family birthdays we let the kids pick where they want to go to eat. Since Tess isn’t old enough to even really enjoy going out to eat we fixed her what we think is probably her favorite meal. Mac and cheese, peanut butter bread, sausage, corn on the cobb, and blueberries. For her birthday treat we bought a box of Cosmic Brownies. We had SO MUCH cake left from her party that it didn’t make sense to do another cake! Kept it cheap, simple and yummy 🙂

Here we are singing happy birthday!

If the birthday girl wants to rock an army helmet for her special day then so be it 🙂 She looks cute in ANYTHING!

It’s so hard to believe that this precious girl is already TWO. She has filled our lives with such joy since the moment she entered the world. I constantly catch myself watching her and just thanking God for the blessing that is TESS!!!


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