2012 Year in Pictures

When I have talked about 2012 I tend to say “it was a rough year for us.” And it was rough. Sometimes physically, sometimes financially, and a whole lot emotionally. I really can’t remember a year where I was SO READY for it to end and a New Year to begin. “Bring on 2013!” I thought over and over. I mean it has to be better than 2012, right?

Well. I sat down yesterday to go over 2012. To go through all the pictures I took during that year and pick out my favorites for my yearly end-of-the-year picture filled post. Typically I choose just ONE picture to represent each month from that year. Not this year. This year I couldn’t help but pick more than one for most of the months. Because…2012 was an awesome year. 

What did I just say? Yup. It’s worth repeating: 2012 was an AWESOME year! I said it and I believe it. Looking back through the year how could I not think it was awesome?!?! Look at sweet baby Brittlynn go from a newborn to a toddler…watch Kye’s smile become just cuter and cuter as each month goes bye. See all the trips we enjoyed…all the FUN we had and the LOVE we shared. How could I have been so ready to toss it aside? To let myself remember it as “that rough year”? Shame on me. Shame on me for letting a little negative darken a whole lotta positive! 

I’m thankful for this yearly blogging tradition of mine because it has TOTALLY changed my outlook on 2012 and has taught me a valuable lesson. We say “find the good” but we so often don’t. I’m thankful I took the time to find the good…because there was a TON of good to be found and it helped me to see that there is ALWAYS going to be SO MUCH good in life. No matter what the struggles may be, there is GOOD. It’s up to me to push the gloom aside and let that good be my focus 🙂

Here is a review of some of my favorite moments from 2012 with links back to many of the blog posts I wrote as well! Enjoy 🙂


The only month with just one picture…because I had a SUPER new baby and we pretty much lived in pjs. I love this of my happy babies 🙂 


Valentine’s Day

We took our first vacation as a family of four! We visited the zoo in Jacksonville 🙂


We had Kye’s Woody Birthday Party!

We had my favorite photo shoot of the year!

Kye turned three years old

Britt turned three months old

We ALL got to be part of Casey and Jordan’s wedding


Kye had his surgery

We celebrated Easter (probably my favorite family coordinated outfits!)

We took Britt on her first visit to Satellite Beach, Fl (where she got to experience Bagel World and the beach for the first time!)

Zach and I went to Toronto with Aflac


We celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a mother of TWO babies!

Zach and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on the trip of a lifetime to ITALY!


Britt turned 6 months old and we had a photo shoot

We celebrated Father’s Day on our annual family golf outing

We visited Disney with the Parker clan and got to eat breakfast with Mickey!

Kye had the best time with his cousins at Magic Kingdom


We visited St Augustine as a family and enjoyed the beach

and celebrated the 4th!


We celebrated Daddy’s 28th Birthday

We had amazing photos done of our entire Parker family!

We visited Orlando for a week of relaxing together


Britt turned 9 months old

Kye, Zach and I had a BLAST at Magic Kingdom


We tried and tried again to find our perfect family pumpkin

We enjoyed Trunk or Treat (Kye as Woody and Britt as Jesse with Zach and I as Barbie and Ken)

And had SO MUCH fun trick or treating!

We celebrated my 28th Birthday

And Zach took me on an awesome “UOT” trip as my birthday present

Kye had a Thanksgiving Feast at school

We enjoyed Thanksgiving Day together


Britt enjoyed our family tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree

The kids loved getting to meet Santa

Brittlynn turned ONE!

We had a snowflake themed party to celebrate Britt’s special day

Zach and I enjoyed our pre-Christmas getaway to North Carolina

We enjoyed lots of Christmas traditions together

Some of us participated in the annual Cat Creek Classic

We had such a wonderful Christmas

And ended the year getting to play in the snow!!!

2012 was a year filled with blessings. The greatest blessing of all though was my sweet little family. My husband. My son. My daughter. I am surrounded by true love on a daily basis and I thank the Lord everyday for the opportunity He gave me when he gave me them!

I’m so excited for 2013!!! We have so many wonderful things planned (or in the works) and I know it’s going to be such a fun year together!

You can look back at my yearly picture posts from years past: 2011, 2010, 2009! It’s so fun to see all the wonderful things we were up to back then and to try to imagine the adventures to come 🙂 I’m thankful to finish out 2012 with a HAPPY post to end it on 🙂 After seeing my pictures from the year, how could I not be happy about it?


  1. Katie Roberts
    February 7, 2013 / 7:41 pm

    My favorite blog post I do each year is when I look back over the entire year in photos. It's a reminder of how blessed we are through the whole year. And how FAST babies grow up! 😉

  2. Anonymous
    February 8, 2013 / 3:11 am

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  3. Rondra T. Aaron
    February 9, 2013 / 6:16 am

    What a wonderful and blessed year you had! Beautiful family pictures!!!! You have soooo inspired me to attempt coordinating our outfits especially for holidays.

  4. Robyn Mullican
    February 10, 2013 / 10:36 pm

    I always LOVE these posts!!! They're both my favorite to do and read. I agree with you, though – you guys did have an AMAZING year!!

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