35 Themed Disney Nursery Ideas to Create a Magical Baby Room

35 Themed Disney Nursery Ideas to Create a Magical Baby Room

Designing a nursery can be one of the most exciting things to do while preparing for your little one! Many moms and dads-to-be start dreaming of that adorable nursery even before they start trying to conceive.

If you are a big Disney fan like our family, you may be thrilled to design a magical room and special space for the newest member of your family. 

Whether you are having a tiny prince, or princess, or are waiting to be surprised, these Disney nursery ideas are sure to give you some inspiration!

My goal for this post isn’t just to inspire, but to help bring the inspiration to life!

We all know how frustrating it is to find a cute photo online and then not be able to find the items to bring the look together. Have no fear – in this post, you’ll find both fun Disney themed nursery ideas as well as lots of easy-to-shop decor items to truly bring your magical baby room to life!

Designing a Disney Nursery

There is a huge range of how you can design a Disney nursery for your baby. 

You can make the theme completely obvious or go for a more subtle magic. 

With different movies and characters, it is easy to incorporate simple items you already have, paint and fabric colors, and a few special new items to bring everything together. 

Which of these Disney nursery ideas will be your favorite for your baby’s room?

Girl Disney Nursery Ideas

What little princess doesn’t deserve her own special place? A Disney-themed nursery will welcome her into the world in the most magical way!  

1. It’s a Small World for a Disney Baby Room

Perhaps not the most thought of when it comes to nursery themes, but this pink, teal, and gold-colored nursery will be a hit for all who walk through the doors.

This is one of those nurseries that has a more subtle Disney theme, probably only recognized by hardcore fans who take a ride on the boat every trip to Magic Kingdom or Disneyland.

The featured wall created with geometric patterns, a few clocks for decor, and a  quote referencing your new “small world” will have you well on your way to this nursery fit for a princess.

its a small world nursery
Photo Credit

Bring the inspo to life with these It’s a Small World details: Custom Name /// Clock /// Crib Sheets

2. Disney Nursery Ideas for girl – Disney Princesses

Castle murals, tiny golden crowns, sheer curtains, and hints of pink create a royal room fit for the newest Disney princess.

A few watercolor prints on the walls, princess dolls, or decorations can easily transform this from an everyday princess into a Disney princess nursery.

This room is sure to be enjoyed through years of tea parties and dress up.

disney princess nursery ideas
Photo and Shop via Etsy

Castle Name /// Princess Mobile /// Princess Custom Prints

And when your Disney baby grows out of having Disney nursery decor?

The princess-themed bedroom can grow up with her as we put together our oldest daughter with her very own Disney princess bedroom!

A great tip is to take along wooden letters when visiting the Walt Disney World theme parks so whenever she meets her favorite Disney princesses she can have a collection of their signatures to display in her room!

princess bedroom

Tour her princess bedroom here!

3. Minnie Mouse Nursery

Minnie Mouse is a fun theme that you can take a few different ways.

You could easily feel free to go all out on the pink polka dots make the big pink flowers, and bows, and embrace all things girl.

Or you could go more subtle and incorporate the traditional red Minnie Mouse with neutral colors. (Like we did when we hosted a Mickey and Minnie themed birthday party for our daughter!)

With so many Minnie Mouse crib bedding options to choose from this is a nursery that is easy to accessorize with any product you choose.

minnie mouse nursery ideas
Photo from Holly Bellomy

Minnie Inspired Basket /// Minnie Mouse Mirror /// Minnie Mouse Bedding

4. The Little Mermaid Themed Disney Nursery

Take your little girl under the sea in an Ariel-inspired wonderland!

Calming blues and greens with whimsical sea creatures and ocean designs will become an oasis for you and your little one.

If you already have a beach theme for your house this is an easy way to tweak something you already have to create a little more Disney magic.

the little mermaid nursery - mermaid themed nursery ideas
Photo Credit
the little mermaid nursery - mermaid themed nursery ideas

Crib Mobile /// Door Hanger /// Custom Mermaid Dream Catcher /// Let’s be Mermaids Sign

5. Disney Nursery Ideas – Beauty and the Beast

White furniture, antique frames, tea sets, and roses create a classic and vintage take on this favorite Disney movie.

You can easily keep it more classic with little odes to the princess such as a few well-placed dolls, quotes, and floral arrangements.

With antique pieces that can grow with your little girl, this is another room that easily grows up with your baby.

beauty and the beast nursery
Photo Credit

We own a vacation home at Disney World and even decorated one of our bedrooms in a “Be Our Guest” theme. Who doesn’t enjoy a nod to a classic?

Rose in Lighted Dome /// Music Box /// Tale as Old as Time Book Stack /// Custom Birth Announcement

6. Disney Themed Baby Room: Fantasyland

Pops of pink, Fantasyland prints, Disney figurines, artwork, and books take all of the magic out of Disney’s Fantasyland and create a beautiful room that you won’t ever want to leave.

The neutral base of this room allows the color of the prints, curtains, and decor to pop yet leaves the room soft enough it still feels like a nursery. This theme should not be counted out!

Plus how precious is the view of lying under yummy Disney snacks? Your little one will be counting until their future date with Mickey Pretzels and Dole Whip!

baby disney nursery ideas - disney world nursery disneyland nursery
Photo Credit

Mickey Head Pillows /// Cast Member Nametag for Wall /// Mickey Balloons /// Disney Snack Mobile

7. Tinkerbell Baby Room

Creating this DIY Tinkerbell lantern is the perfect finishing touch to your little one’s fairy-themed room.

With tones of green, pops of floral, and pixie dust artwork and figurines, this whimsical nursery is perfect for your newest little girl.

With a neutral green base, this could also be one that easily changes themes if your next baby is a boy.

tinkerbell nursery tinker belle nursery ideas
Photo Credit

Personalized Name Sign /// To Neverland and Back Sign /// Tinkerbelle Lantern

9. Baby Girl Nursery – Alice in Wonderland

This neutral themed nursery has a calming presence as soon as you walk through the doors.

Greenery, felt tea party accents and famous quotes grace the walls and furniture.

This more uncommon theme can be fun to put together with eclectic tea cups, tea party hats, and floral items you could collect over time.

alice in wonderland themed nursery - alice in wonderland nursery ideas
Photo Credit
alice in wonderland themed nursery - alice in wonderland nursery ideas

Quote Wall Decor /// Alice in Wonderland Crib Mobile /// Alice Teacup /// Alice Artwork

9. Disney Nursery Ideas – Moana

White and wooden furniture, bright pops of salmon and blue, green palm leaves, waves, and a geometric rug will bring this Moana themed nursery together.

Add some favorite characters, ocean or movie themed wall art, and it will become clear that this room is the new heart of your home. 

moana themed nursery - moana baby room

Tropical Leaf Banner /// Moana Wall Art /// Custom Oar /// Crib Sheet

I personally LOVE Hawaii and the Hawaiian culture and our fam had such a blast the year we dressed up as Moana characters for Halloween!

10. Frozen – Little Girl Themed Nursery

Light blue walls, snowflakes, black and white character silhouettes, ice-inspired lighting, and a loveable plush snowman turn your baby’s nursery into a winter wonderland fit for a princess.

This room can easily grow with them with its more subtle decor.

I also LOVE the idea of putting a child’s favorite dress-up clothing item into a custom frame. So beautiful and sentimental!

disney frozen themed nursery

Vase /// Soft Blue Swivel Chair /// Curtains /// Frozen Artwork

11. Boho Neverland – Disney Themed Nursery

With soft white sailboats, eclectic frames, a golden globe, and prints from the Mermaid Grotto, this boho Neverland nursery is a must see!

This is one of those rooms that will be fun to collect all of the different mementos and artwork that really help it come together to be that perfect atmosphere.

neverland themed nursery from disney peter pan
Photo Credit
neverland themed nursery from disney peter pan

Neverland Map /// Dream Catcher /// Peter Pan Print /// Wooden Arrows

We did an “Off to Neverland” theme for the master bedroom in our Disney Vacation Home and a very easy DIY project is to use wooden letters to spell out the phrase “Off to Neverland.”

Simply spray paint them to match the color scheme and hang on the wall to bring the theme together!

off to neverland bedroom

12. Baby Girl Nursery Idea – Mary Poppins

This is one of those themes that is not thought of very often but that comes together so well!

This nursery features a wall full of bright red poppies.

Hints to the movie include a spoon for the spoonful of sugar, a watercolor print of the character’s hats, and a giant penguin hamper.

Adding some kites to the wall is another cute way to incorporate this movie theme.

mary poppins themed nursery for baby girl

My oldest daughter when through a big Mary Poppins phase and loved it so much that we had a Mary Poppins themed birthday party for her!

I loved all the practically perfect details from this event and many could be used to incorporate into nursery designs as well!

Golden Spoon /// Mary Poppins Vintage Sign /// Floral Wallpaper /// Kite Decor /// White Lace Parasol

Boy Disney Nursery Ideas

Are you new parents or soon-to-be parents of a baby boy? A Walt Disney approved themed nursery will bring so much fun to your daily diaper changes and his naptime sessions!

13. Disney Nursery Ideas – Mickey Mouse

The black and white of a vintage Steamboat Willie nursery with pops of red and yellow is the perfect haven for your newest little man.

Subtle hints to the mouse including crib sheets and wall decor keep the Disney magic obvious without being over the top.

Mickey’s classic “oh boy!” quote will add to the excitement that there’s a new little boy coming to your clubhouse!

When we adopted our son we knew we wanted to put together a Disney-themed nursery for him. I adored this room so much!

mickey mouse themed nursery ideas
Our Disney themed nursery

One of our DIY projects was to use a vintage Mickey coin bank and spray paint it silver! It turned out so cute and can be seen on display inside the cube shelf!

Mickey coin bank /// Mickey head blanket /// Vintage yellow clock /// Modern Mickey Art

14. Toy Story for a Baby Boy Nursery

Make Andy’s room come to life for your little boy!

Stencil white clouds over baby blue walls to create the iconic wallpaper.

Grab the classic ring stacker and other fun toys that your baby will play with as they grow and stash them on shelves for functional decor.

Giant letter blocks spelling out your baby’s name will complete this room from a favorite movie.

Add in plenty of army men to add some fun touches to this adorable boy nursery!

toy story nursery ideas

Photo Credit

Toy Story is such a beloved classic. It was the theme for our very first family themed Disney costumes and we had a blast using the Toy Story theme for our oldest son’s birthday party!

15. Lion King for Your Little King of the Jungle

Twist the classic jungle theme and incorporate more Disney into your house by making your little boy a Lion King nursery!

Adding some Disney bedding, Simba and Nala characters, and a few quotes or even a mural can easily elevate the mighty jungle decor you already have and make it Disney ready.

Lion King Bedding /// Lion Toy Basket /// Hakuna Matata Art /// Jungle Nursery Art

16. Peter Pan Themed Boy’s Nursery

Your little boy will never want to grow up in this classic Peter Pan nursery.

Light blue walls, vintage maps, a wooden sailboat, and a stuffed crocodile transform this sailor themed nursery into the magical world of Neverland.

Some simple quotes and vinyl cutouts on the wall are a great choice to complete the look of this subtle yet clear nursery theme.

I especially love the way they hung curtains above the crib to give a pirate ship vibe! It reminds me of our oldest son’s pirate themed birthday party!

Lamp /// Big Ben Wall Clock /// Decals /// Height Chart

Peter Pan theming brings back such magical memories for our family and the Halloween that we dressed up as Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Wendy and Tinkerbelle!

17. Disney Nursery Ideas – Dumbo

Bring the big top to your home with this colorful circus nursery with a Dumbo theme.

Red and white curtains, balloons, colorful decor, and stuffed elephants bring the circus theme to life for your little boy. 

Letter Light /// Large Stuffed Giraffe /// Dumbo Custom Shelf /// Red Polka Dot Crib Sheets

18. Monsters Inc a Fun Disney Nursery Idea

Blues and greens bring a more modern feel to this Disney themed nursery.

Bedding, plush toys, and unique artwork create a fun monsters theme that will grow up with your son. Bold colors, Sullivan, and Mike Wazowski make this an exciting room that kids will want to play in.

Our family loves dressing up for Halloween with a family Disney theme every year – my personal favorite was the year we dressed up as the characters from Monsters Inc!

The colors are so fun and that translates in such an adorable way to this nursery inspo too!

Monsters Inc Nursery Bedding /// Monsters Inc Nursery Artwork /// Crib Mobile

19. Cars Themed Nursery

This minimalist spin on a Disney themed nursery is the perfect way to put a magical spin on your little boy’s room.

With black and white bedding, wall colors, and some simple car art prints and signs, you can have a nursery fit for Lightning McQueen.

This is a theme that is easy to add more color to or to keep as simple as you like.

baby boy cars themed nursery - lightning mcqueen bedroom
Photo Credit

Route 66 Sign /// Cars Themed Nursery Art /// Lightning Bolt Wall Stickers /// Checkered Hamper

20. Star Wars for a Baby Boy’s Room

Gray walls, white furniture, shadow boxes of the main characters, lightsaber displays, and movie quotes create this room fit for your Jedi.

Add some star stickers to the walls so they can travel through light speed into nap time and quickly create a room that your little boy will love for years to come.

We are a BIG Star Wars family and have done several of our own Star Wars themes. We even hosted a Star Wars birthday party for my son (and often reuse a lot of these ideas for May the 4th Day too!)

star wars themed nursery

21. 101 Dalmatians Themed Nursery

This is another uncommon nursery theme that is too cute to pass up!

White and black spotted walls and puppy decor make this adorable nursery come to life.

You can find Disney bedding to match this theme or keep it simple with black and white fabrics. I love adding in a bit of red touches too – you could even incorporate a firetruck to tie-in with the dalmation theming!

101 dalmations themed nursery for disney baby boy

Custom Dalmation Name /// Dalmation Spot Wallpaper /// Red Glider Chair /// Vintage Alarm Clock /// Dalmation Mobile

22. Good Dinosaur – Unique Disney Room

Take a peek at these dinosaur themed nurseries that can be as simple or intense as you desire.

Easily transform them into the Good Dinosaur with a few Disney lithographs of Arlo or even some cute plush of Spot and Butch. Dinosaur themes continue to be fun as your little boy grows older.

The Good Dinosaur is a special movie for our family as we watched it while in prayer over our decision to pursue adoption and the story really touched our hearts!

little boy dinosaur themed nursery
Photo Credit

Dinosaur Drawer Pulls /// Dinosaur Footprints /// Good Dinosaur Art /// Dinosaur Curtains /// Leaf Rug

23. Aladdin – Disney Bedroom Theme

Head into a whole new world with an Aladdin themed nursery for your newest prince.

Pops of gold and purple, mirrors, tigers, and a genie lamp will transport you to Agrabah. Add in some figurines or prints from the movie and your Aladdin theme is complete!

Magic Carpet Rug /// Mirror /// Yellow Pouf /// Aladdin Lamp

We loved dressing up as our favorite Aladdin characters for Halloween and incorporated our own magic carpet blanket which would also be a fantastic addition to the nursery idea!

24. Hercules – Baby Boy Nursery Idea

Create the perfect room for your tiny hero with a Hercules theme.

This room would be gorgeous with some darker colored furniture. The decor of yellow, blue, pegasuses, and Hercules quotes or prints complete the room with a more subtle ode to the world of Disney.

Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery

Don’t know the gender of your baby? Waiting to find out the sex until the baby arrives? Hakuna Matata!

There are still so many great options for Disney themed gender neutral nursery decor.

On a personal note, I was “Team Green” for our three biological babies and NOTHING compares to the first time your baby enters the world and you hear “It’s a girl!” or “it’s a boy!” Best surprise EVER. (Here’s why I think you should wait to find out the gender too!)

Looking for more gender neutral nursery ideas? I’ve got you covered!

And here are some adorable gender neutral baby shower ideas too.

Also be sure to add these gender neutral gifts to your baby registry.

25. Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery – Classic Winnie the Pooh

Classic or Vintage Winnie the Pooh creates a perfect calming nursery for your little boy or girl.

Maps or illustrations of the Hundred Acre Woods, adorable plush characters for mobiles or stuffed animals, endless options for bedding and decor, and more make this one of the easiest Disney nurseries to create.

This one can easily be reused as your family grows. And would be so neat to transition into a treehouse bedroom – like the treehouse bed my husband built for our daughter!

Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery - Classic Winnie the Pooh
Photo Credit

Vintage Pooh Plush /// Hamper /// Winnie the Pooh Bedding /// Winnie the Pooh Nursery Wallpaper /// Green Velvet Curtains

26. Adventureland as a Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery Idea

Create a more unique nursery for your little one with this Adventureland theme.

Tans, creams, and greens help you think of the Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise.

Prints of dole whips, a magic carpet or genie lamp, and a pirate’s ship complete this fun room that’s sure to be a hit.

I love this modern nursery with touches of my favorite Disney World attraction – the Enchanted Tiki Room!

Adventureland as a Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery Idea
Photo Credit

Adventureland Sign /// Palm Leaves /// Changing Pad Cover /// Adventureland Poster /// Disneyland Mailbox

27 Disney Villains – A Fun Twist on a Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery

While many often think of princesses for baby girl rooms, villains are not often considered for nurseries.

This can be a funky theme that will set your little one apart.

Make a fun mobile with Cruella, Scar, and Ursula, have some fun decor with Jafar and Gaston, and really embrace the characters we don’t usually root for.

Growing up the Snow White ride at Magic Kingdom would terrify me – maybe if my whole room was covered in the “creep characters” I would have considered them each a best friend rather than enemies!

Disney Villains  - Disney nursery ideas perfect for gender neutral Disney themed nurseries for magical inspiration!
Photo Credit

Villains Plushes /// Disney Villians Art /// Villians Painted Wooden Letters

28. Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery – Up

This movie makes for the cutest gender neutral Disney themed nursery!

Balloons give a blue or cream colored nursery pops of color.

The movie has perfect quotes about the new adventure you’re starting with a new baby.

Add a little yellow dog or house and your Up themed nursery is ready to go!

Up - Disney nursery ideas perfect for gender neutral Disney themed nurseries for magical inspiration!

Pillow /// Book Stack /// Our Adventure Book /// Up Nursery Themed Prints

29. Bambi for a Precious Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery

Soft woodland prints, dark greens, natural wood, and soft florals create a Bambi themed nursery perfect for a boy or girl.

Easily update a woodland nursery with some pictures, quotes, or figurines from the Bambi movie to put a Disney spin on this classic theme.

Bambi isn’t a main character we often think of and that’s why this is a great theme to incorporate Disney characters in a fresh way. 

Engraved Wooden Sign /// Bambi Print /// Bambi Planter /// Bambi Blanket

30. Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery – Jungle Book

Make a Jungle Book nursery come to life with wicker baskets, neutral carpeting, and a gorgeous jungle mural.

Faux plants, mirrors, a bird mobile, and books complete the final touches.

Wooden Rocking Chair /// Jungle Book Print /// Wooden Basket /// Jungle Leaf Basket /// Jungle Wallpaper

31. Finding Nemo – A Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery

You can easily turn an under the sea ocean themed nursery into a Disney nursery by making it into Nemo’s oasis!

Ocean colors calm you as soon as you walk in the room.

Character silhouettes or illustrations add fun pops of colors to the walls and plush sea animals add a cozy element.

We did a blue room for our daughter’s nursery and incorporated under-the-sea as well as mermaid vibes. Blue is such a calming, relaxing color!

In addition, we also hosted a Finding Nemo themed birthday party and had so much fun incorporating cute details that would also work great for a bedroom (like the hanging jellyfish!)

Nemo Alphabet Poster /// Coral Curtains /// Just Keep Swimming Art /// Shell Pillow /// Nemo Bedding

32. Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery – Disney Dogs

This sweet puppy nursery is adorable with its neutral colors, soft dog elements, and simple patterns.

Adding some watercolor prints of Disney dogs can take it to the next magical level and add that perfect touch!

disney dogs gender neutral disney themed nursery
Photo Credit

Dog Crib Mobile /// Tan Checkered Blanket /// Disney Dog Print Art /// Dog Rocker

 33. Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery – Mickey Mouse Gang

This minimalist Fab Five nursery features simple black, white, and gray, with the only hints to Disney being the sketch drawings of the characters matted and framed above the crib.

You can easily add more color and Disney theme with some plush characters to tie in Mickey, Goofy, and the rest of the gang.

A great tip is to register for some of the fun items as baby shower gifts! I especially adore the growth chart that serves a double purpose of helping kids know when they’ll be tall enough for each Disney ride!

mickey mouse gender neutral disney  nursery
Photo Credit

Custom Name /// Mickey and Pals Art /// Mickey and Gang Mobile /// Height Chart

34. Vintage Disney – Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery

This vintage themed nursery featuring classic movie posters framed above the bed, a bright retro green lamp, and some soft character plushies create a simple nursery with a bit of magic.

This one could be fun to create by visiting thrift stores and hunting down a variety of collectibles to feature.

You could even pick up children’s books at yard sales or bookshops as a great addition to bring in the vintage vibe!

Mickey Mirror /// Vintage Mouse Ears Holder /// Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sign /// Vintage Movie Posters

35. Lilo and Stitch as a Unique Gender Neutral Disney Themed Nursery

Mini surfboards, Hawaiian artwork, pictures from the movie, and some Lilo and Stitch plush easily create another one of the more uncommon themes for a nursery.

You can make this one pop with bright colors reminiscent of Lilo’s dress from the movie or keep it more calm to focus on the ocean.

Stitch is my youngest son’s favorite Disney character and he would have loved having this bedroom. However he had to settle for a Stitch themed birthday party instead 🙂

Bamboo Surf Board /// Personalized Stitch Plush /// Wave Wallpaper /// Hawaiian Prints /// Ohana Wall Art

How do I create a Disney themed nursery?

With so many different Disney nursery ideas, you are sure to pick the perfect theme for your new bundle of joy.

Whether you want it Disney or subtle magic, you can use these months to create the perfect room for making memories with your new baby.

Are you going to create a gender neutral Disney themed nursery or do you know what you are having?

At the end of the day this is your special space with your special baby and a wonderful way to celebrate is by using one of these Disney nursery ideas!

Explore different colors, add an inspirational message, some amazing quotes, simple wall decals, which will make this room feel like the perfect fit for your new family member. 

Over 35 Disney nursery ideas that are perfect for your newest magic maker. Find boy, girl, and gender neutral Disney themed nurseries for magical inspiration!

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