Moana Family Costumes

This year we got a LOT of wear out of our family costumes! Every year we love to do a Disney theme for our family and ALL of the kids were super pumped to do Moana!  

Typically I like to go with less popular themes but with Moana being the “IT” costume choice this year it made it extremely easy to find all the pieces and parts to put our costumes together. 


 Britt’s Dress


Kye’s outfit is actually PJS 😉


Tess was ALL about staying in character with her oinking 😉

Her Mask is by Twin Monkey Embroidery

family dressed up in Moana theme for halloween. text reads: family diy Moana costumes

I was Moana’s Grandmother 😉 

Shirt by Magically Made Tees



And no one could forget Hei-Hei!

Mask (we glued on big eyes and put the mask over a hat!)


Our past family costumes:

Toy Story

Monsters Inc

Peter Pan and Crew

The Incredibles

Fab Five!

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