Tour of Our Home: Britt’s Princess Room

If you’re looking for princess bedroom ideas, this segment of the “tour of our home” series covers our daughter, Britt’s, princess themed room!

You can see Britt’s nursery here and the Mermaid Room here!

When we first moved into our home we planned on the downstairs bedrooms always being used for the youngest children in our home.

That meant that for several years we didn’t utilize the upstairs rooms at all (one was the original play room and the other was a guest bedroom).

As we’ve added more children, the older ones have moved upstairs.

When we had Tess, Kye moved upstairs first. And now that we’re preparing a nursery for Tab, it’s Britt’s turn!

We allowed both Kye and Britt to have some freedoms in choosing the theme for their upstairs room.

They chose the theme, Mommy and Daddy decided how to best achieve it.

Britt wanted a princess room.

While this isn’t a bedroom she’ll be wanting forever, it’s one that she will LOVE for many years still to come so it was worth it to us to go ahead and go all out princess with it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hopefully these princess bedroom ideas make your little girl’s dreams come true too!

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Princess Bedroom Ideas: Walls and Furniture

We went with a light pink for the walls and it is a perfect shade.

It’s hard to tell in photos but it’s not TOO pink or TOO bright.

If/when she does phase out of princess stuff, I think she may still like the color and it could be switched up to a different theme pretty easily. 

We kept her same furniture (PBK) and reused many of the elements from her old room.

We used these white shelves in Kye’s nursery and have had them in her room ever since.

Zach painted a frame that was used in her mermaid room (and was originally Katie’s grandmothers and then used in Casey’s wedding!) and we added ribbon to it. I got excited to find some perfectly matching pieces at the Target Dollar Spot that tied it together and I printed off several photos of Britt with some of her favorite Disney characters.

She got to pick which 15 pics made the board and she was so funny when choosing. She was all about having photos of herself ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

princess bedroom ideas

She’s growing up and starting quite the jewelry collection so I passed along some necklace storage I had from my Stella and Dot days!

This little table was in Kye’s nursery and then our guest room and now it’s the perfect spot for her princess castle!

I love the nice big closet she has! I know as a teen she’ll appreciate it!

We kept a dresser from the guest bedroom (used to be in Kye’s nursery) and put it in her closet.

It gives added storage and added shelf space! I couldn’t bare to part with her personalized mermaid print so we stuck that on the wall in the closet too!

Princess Bedroom Ideas: Decor!

Again, the dresser is from her Mermaid room, the chair is from her nursery.

I bought the mirror at TJMaxx and love it!

I also found the prints on and got them all for under $30!

We got the frames at Ikea and I love how they turned out.

This room was a lot trickier to decorate than I had anticipated.

Most princess stuff you find is SO cheesy or it’s like really the most with tons of bling and such.

I wanted her room to have a princess feel but not be cheapy looking either.

It’s a tricky balance and I loved these prints because they provided that balance I was looking for.

I also got the lamp and shade at At Home.

Eventually, I’ll probably do something different on her dresser space…I struggle with these super long dressers and what to put on them haha! For now though, it works!

princess bedroom ideas
princess bedroom ideas
princess bedroom ideas
princess bedroom ideas
princess bedroom ideas

Donald will always be her main man ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

(And yes…video monitors in my kids rooms..FOR LIFE ha!)

princess bedroom ideas

The “You Are My Sunshine” pillow was a gift from my mom to me many years ago and Britt loves it!

princess bedroom ideas
princess bedroom ideas
princess bedroom ideas
princess bedroom ideas

The little space leading to her window is probably my favorite in the room!

princess bedroom ideas
princess bedroom ideas

Princess Wall Art!

I saw a similar idea in a Disney group I’m in and had to make it happen for Britt’s room!

The decal was done by the amazingly talented aNn Monograms. Unfortunately, she’s not on Etsy anymore, but you can find a similar one here!

I found the crown hooks at Kirklands on super clearance and Zach painted them to match.

The wooden letters are from Hobby Lobby and we have been taking them on our recent Disney trips to have all of the princess/female characters sign them (Britt has been SUPER choosey about who gets to sign…the only boy allowed has been Donald ha!).

They turned out better than I had even imagined and it’s the perfect spot for her to hang all of her princess dress up clothes!

And the window spot is also perfect for her vanity (again, thanks to aNa Mongrams for personalizing her vanity!)ย 

Zach really loves the symbol used in Rapunzel and wanted to find a way to work it into the decor of the room. I ended up ordering it as a clock from Society 6!

The Princess Bed

The reason the rest of her room is a little bit understated with the princess bedroom ideas?

Because her BED screams princess room loud and clear haha!

We did NOT like Britt’s bed AT ALL in her Mermaid Room (it was from Ikea and we won’t be buying a bed from there again) so we knew we’d have to make a change.

Why not just go all out with the whole princess theme, right? The bed itself is actually from Walmart.

We got it on clearance and don’t mind that it’s not top quality.

We know she won’t be wanting a castle bed forever ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

I know I’m going to get a ton of inquiries about how to make this bed.

I get SO many emails asking for instructions for many elements of our playroom.

Zach just really, really has an amazing talent and awesome eye for this type of thing.

He literally built all of this with no instructions or any sort of guide to follow. He did a lot of measuring, and remeasuring.

He created the entire design (we looked together at inspiration photos!) and he put it into action.

It’s actually all done with plywood which is much lighter and easier for him to handle with his back issues and concerns but he still had to have help for many elements of it. 

Typically the way Zach and I work together is I have an idea (often Pinterest inspired ha!) and he makes it come to life.

This was one of the times where he really went above and beyond all expectations.

The door? The crown cut out on the door? The windows?

The fact that the front panels in front of the bottom bunk open to make for easy sheet changing? Seriously he’s got mega talent!!!

princess bedroom ideas
princess bedroom ideas

Her princess bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids (I use their credit card to buy furniture then pay it off in full and then use the rewards I earn from them to get the bedding FOR FREE).

I’m glad I didn’t pay for it because you really don’t even notice it at ALL with how awesome the castle is around it!

We wanted to get Britt a bunk bed because she has said for a long time now that someday she wants Tess to share her room with her.

While Tess isn’t old enough to even try that yet, we could see them wanting to sleep together and like the idea of Britt having bunk beds to allow that to happen if it’s desired and it works out.

I loved that this bed has stairs going up to the top.

Not only is it safer than a ladder but it makes changing out the top bunk sheets WAY easier for me.

The bottom of the bed is a drawer that is meant to be a trundle. We instead have all of Britt’s stuffed animals and dolls in it ๐Ÿ™‚ 

princess bedroom ideas

Whenever I buy anything for our home I always find items that have the max amount of storage possible. I love these drawers on the sides of the steps!

princess bedroom ideas

The one negative about her bed is that she isn’t able to have shelving or a desk area like Kye has in his set up (but the advantage is that she has WAY more floor space to play).

It was important to me for her to have shelving space.

I like that Kye can read in his bed and wanted the same for her. We found this shelf at Ikea and Zach installed it along the wall and it works perfectly!

It’s also a great spot for her to have her princess decor on display where she can see it and enjoy it…but it’s not seen by anyone else viewing her room ๐Ÿ˜‰

She LOVES her new room!!!

So thankful for her Prince Charming Daddy who made all of her dreams come true!

Want to see other rooms in our home?

Our complete home tour is here!


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    September 3, 2018 / 1:44 am

    Do you have a link for those Disney princess prints?? I would love something like that for my daughters room but canโ€™t find any I like as much as these.

    • September 9, 2018 / 7:40 pm

      I found them on but have also seen them pop up on Groopdealz!

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        Hi, I have searched Jane. Com for the prints but couldn’t find them. Do u have a link at all?

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