Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas: Food, Decor, and More!

For Kye’s birthday this year we decided to have a party! And not just any party… a Star Wars birthday party!

The past few years he has celebrated at Disney World and now that we own a home down there we’ll most likely be doing all future birthdays at Disney so this very might as well be Kye’s last birthday party (insert tears here).

I actually talked to him a good bit about doing a Disney birthday again but he said “I just want a party from you Mama.” He LOVES my parties and that just makes my heart SO happy. It makes all the work, time, and effort well worth it to see my children so happy and to know it’s something they truly love and enjoy so much!

Of course he got to choose the party theme and chose… shocker… Star Wars!

Originally published April 20th, 2018

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Kye’s Star Wars Themed Birthday Party

The Decor

The awesome thing about planning a Star Wars birthday party is that there are SO MANY options out there. TONS of ideas. TONS of affordable options. TONS of AWESOME stuff!!!

The food area:

star wars birthday party

When I went to make this banner I didn’t realize how MASSIVE it was but I loved how it came together!

Kye is very much a hero personality. He likes the good guys so I tried to be sure to focus a lot on the positive characters!

And when we did use the “bad guys” we made sure to set it up where it was kinda  good vs. evil situation!

We had big plans to defeat Kylo Ren at the end of the party but why not let a pinata double as party decor?

(Update for 2021: I can no longer find the Kylo Ren pinata! To me this is weird, but maybe it has something to do with how the last movie ended? In any case, here’s an awesome Death Star one instead!)

star wars birthday party

Since Star Wars stuff is so easy to come by we spread out all the decor throughout the living areas of our home!

I LOVE having a fireplace hearth. We always have a birthday banner on our mantle and have the kids sit at the hearth to open gifts.

Kye wanted to add a few of his own decor touches…hence the toys on the mantel πŸ˜‰

I randomly found these posters on clearance at Walgreens awhile back and plan to have them framed in the Star Wars themed room at our Disney Vacation Rental Home!

I LOVED the original trilogy touches, especially with these balloons πŸ™‚

star wars birthday party
star wars birthday party

I also always get my children a BIG birthday balloon for their birthdays. Our whole family LOVES Chewbacca and BB8 so I couldn’t pass either of these up!

The Food

I always enjoy doing themed food for birthday parties! I think it’s a fun chance to get creative!

For this party I found free printables for food labels so I was VERY limited in what I could do food-wise. I wanted to use all the labels I could so I did the opposite of what I typically do. I usually pick the foods then think up a themed way to name them…but this time I had the names and then had to choose foods to fit!

More than any other party I especially wanted to pick foods that Kye LOVES. He was SO pumped for the fun party treats and I didn’t want to let him down πŸ˜‰

Lemonade for “Jedi Juice”

Grape Soda for “Vader-Ade”

Bagel Bites for “Jabba the Pizza Hut”

star wars birthday party

Pigs in a Blanket for “Hutt Dogs”

star wars birthday party

Buffalo Chicken Dip for “Falcon Ship Dip”

I always think fruit is so pretty and adds color!

Berries on Kabobs for “Obi-Wan Kabobi-I’s”

star wars birthday party

I found Chocolate Teddy Grahams for “Edible Ewoks”

star wars birthday party

Fun colored fruit flavored Twizzlers served as “Light Sabers”

star wars birthday party

Rolos for “Hands Rolos”

star wars birthday party

Popcorn for “Padawan Popcorn”

Pecan Rolls for “Princess Leia Buns”

star wars birthday party

Star Crunch for “Death Star Crispies”


Fudge Rounds for “Wookie Cookies”

star wars birthday party

Every single party I find a way to work in some chocolate covered pretzel sticks πŸ˜‰

This time I added blue and red sprinkles to serve as our “Sweet and Salty Sabers”

Donut holes for “Death Star Donuts”

star wars birthday party

Kye LOVED all the decor and labels but his favorite was the label for the silverware that says “Use the Forks”

star wars birthday party

I tried to incorporate both old school Star Wars as well as the most current stuff!

The birthday cake STOLE THE SHOW!

We did a two layer cake and used Kye’s BB8 cup from Disney as the topper. It turned out PERFECT!

star wars birthday party
star wars birthday party

The Activities

The overall theme of the party was Star Wars but the secondary theme was Jedi Training. For Kye’s 8th birthday, he did Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios and really, really loved it so we thought it’d be fun to create our own Jedi Training activities for the party guests to enjoy!

star wars birthday party

Can’t be Jedis without light sabers! Zach and Kye had a BLAST creating these for all the guests to use and then take home as part of their party favor!

star wars birthday party
star wars birthday party

I cannot sew. Like at ALL. But I wanted all the kids to have their own Jedi Robe so I made it happen πŸ™‚

star wars birthday party

I used toilet paper rolls and black card stock along with Storm Trooper printables to create targets for the Jedi’s to practice shooting laser guns πŸ˜‰

I love a good photo back drop and this was not only the easiest we’ve ever done but also the one the kids were all the most excited about!

star wars birthday party

I like to have photo props for the kids to use and always display them along with the party favors!

More of Kye’s toys served as his decor πŸ˜‰

I had a Jedi Training Certificate for each child along with a goody bag to fill when it came time to destroy the Kylo Ren pinata!

star wars birthday party

I also found these super cute BB8 candy bracelets and figured, why not? What’s a little more candy!

star wars birthday party

It was a HUGE hit of a party!

Majority of the party guests are not Star Wars people so I don’t quite think all the details were very appreciated this time around by the guests…but Kye? He LOVED every single aspect of it and THAT made it all worthwhile!

We are a Star Wars family and my other kids have all said they want this same exact party for their birthdays now too πŸ˜‰

star wars birthday party

Star Wars Birthday Party: Where I Got Everything

Throwing a Star Wars Birthday Party (or ready to celebrate May the 4th?)? Here’s where I got everything to make this party happen (links take you directly to items/printables whenever possible):

Cake: Lorin’s Adventures in Cake

Free Printable “May the Force Be With You” Banner (as well as Door Signs and other activity labels): All Things with Purpose

Free Printable Food Labels: Over The Big Moon

Free Printable Jedi Academy Certificate: Any Given Moment

Instructions for No-Sew Simple Jedi Robes (tunics): Mom Endeavors 

Free Printable Storm Trooper Faces (for targets): Clean and Scentsible

Customized Birthday Invitation: Printadorable

BB8 Balloon: Amazon

Black Star Wars Balloons: Amazon

Chewbacca Balloon: Amazon

Treat Bags: Amazon

Party plates, cups, napkins, photo back drop, and photo props: Oriental Trading Company

Lanterns, Posters, Hanging Decor, Pinata Filler: Target

Pinata: Karuzza Eventos

Light Sabers: Pool noodles from Dollar Store with masking and electrical tape πŸ™‚

Want to see other parties I’ve thrown for my kids?

All the party fun is coming up Monday! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see all of my fun party inspirations and on Instagram to see our many Disney travels as well as daily family fun πŸ™‚

May the Force be with You!

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