Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party Decor

I love the age of 3 as it’s when kids are really able to fully express both their desires for a party theme and their excitement for the theme and party!

Tess was very funny when we were deciding on a theme.

One night at dinner I kept throwing out ideas and asking her questions and she said “UGH. I DO NOT CARE!” Zach said “Alright, that’s it then! Just get some cake and ice cream and call it a day” haha!

But, with time, Tess decided she wanted a “Mickey and Minnie Party.”

I loved the idea and figured it’d be a breeze to plan. Mickey and Minnie?

I mean they are iconic figures! However, it was more difficult than I’d anticipated. First of all you rarely find anything party related with BOTH Mickey and Minnie.

And secondly, Minnie is ALWAYS in pink. I’m not hating on the pink dress version of Minnie…but when I think Mickey and Minnie I think the classic characters in their matching red, black, white and yellow. Pink Minnie just doesn’t fit to me.

So I did what I could and the party leaned a tad more towards the Mickey side than Minnie but that’s okay πŸ˜‰

I love that BOTH of my girls chose more masculine characters for their third birthday parties and that they BOTH chose CLASSIC characters too! (You can see Britt’s Donald Duck party here!)

I love how Tess’s party came together! You will find links to where items are from at the bottom of the post so be sure to scroll all the way through πŸ™‚

The favor table! I struggled the MOST with what to do for favors and ended up using baggies where you couldn’t see the contents because I caved and bought some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed junky toys to fill ’em with and I didn’t want non-theme fitting items being displayed πŸ˜‰

Zach displayed them in the shape of a Hidden Mickey πŸ˜‰

The kids decided what we bought for favors. Kye actually gave the most input and Tess agreed so bubbles and stamps were the winner along with a little candy too!

I always love to display the party invite and the pics I took of the birthday kid in their birthday outfit as easy party decor!

(You can see all the pics of Tess here!)

Even though we always have Tess’s party have a swim element, I like to have indoor activities planned to in case of rain or just something fun to have!

We had to play some Pin the Nose on Mickey!

Gift area, complete with a banner!

I also always like to have a craft (kids of ALL ages enjoy crafts!). All of the kids got to decorate their own Sorcerer Mickey hat!

Color pages are always good to have on hand as well!

The birthday girl got her own special chair πŸ™‚

I didn’t do much of anything outside since the swimming portion technically didn’t start until after the party (and we had a HUGE storm happen that morning) but I did stick some themed placemats out in case anyone wanted to eat outside.

The party room!

I had the idea to do a fan design on the mirror and I was really shocked how awesome it turned out! Zach put it all together and we ended up hot glueing the fans to the mirror.

They came off fine with no problems!

Funny sidenote but this Minnie is Britt’s and she loved it when she was younger and still a finger sucker and you should have seen how gross one of Minnie’s gloves were!

I guess Britt would chew on the glove! A good washing and it all came clean πŸ˜‰

I wanted to keep things simple and classic and went with polka dot cupcake liners and sixlets for the toppings…

I also found some adorable Mickey head shaped sprinkles so I did that as well on some of the cupcakes to mix it up a bit!

The big kids helped me by decorating the cups! We used white pricing stickers and of course, had to put the plates on display in Mickey formation πŸ˜‰

Our family LOVES to find Hidden Mickeys around Disney World (well actually we look for them everywhere we go!) so the kids suggested including our love of Hidden Mickeys into the party theme.

We cut out Mickey heads and all helped to hide them around the party area for people to find. We had roughly 20 total and it was fun hiding them and seeing if people noticed πŸ˜‰

I feel like at this point in the game I have a solid system down for my parties and they all run very smoothly when it comes to food and party prep (now the actual party itself can get pretty crunk with all the kids running wild ha!).

It didn’t take much to come up with the food we’ve have. I don’t bother with guesstimating how many people will come, I just do roughly the same amount of food every party. Sometimes we have TONS left, sometimes we run out of stuff. It all just varies!

This was my favorite πŸ™‚ Two strawberries + one blueberry = a Minnie bow!

I did half peanut butter and half pb&j and these were called “Mickey’s Magical Sandwiches”

I love this recipe for a crock pot buffalo chicken!

I copied myself on this food tag πŸ˜‰ I did a “Donald’s Cheese and Quackers” for Britt’s Donald party (and I think we did the “Hot Diggity Dogs too”) but wanted to reuse it.

This time I made a FABULOUS cheesy dip: here’s the recipe!

See the Hidden Mickey?

I also copied this same banner that I’ve done for a few parties (and got the original idea from Robyn who did it for Tess’s baby shower).

It’s SUPER simple to make! You just get three dollar store table cloths and lay them out on top of each other.

Cut strips up, hang the banner where you want it, then braid the three layers part of the way down for a nice hang effect. Kye and Britt actually were HUGE helpers in making this happen!

More Hidden Mickey!

I tried to get some supplies from Ali Express this year and a lot of them turned out awesome but there were also some fails…like this balloon haha! The ear portion wouldn’t inflate very well!

Throwing a party? Looking for items I used for this event? Here ya go!

  • Invitations: Sassy Graphics Design
  • Mickey and Minnie Balloons:Ali Express
  • Banner and Mickey Head Printables (including favors) FREE: Kristen Duke Photography
  • Food Tent Printables (Free!): Homeketeers
  • Pin the Nose on Mickey, Party Favors, Mickey Head Hanging Decor, Cupcake Wrappers, Sixlets: Party City
  • Party Hats, Foam Stickers, Favor Bags, Mickey Head Sprinkles: Walmart
  • Tess’s Party Dress: Ali Express (she’s wearing a 4t, runs VERY small)
  • Tess’s Party Ears: Ali Express

Want to see other parties I’ve thrown for my kids?

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Details of the event coming soon!

mickey and minnie birthday party

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