Family Aladdin Costume Ideas

Family-themed Halloween costumes are always SO fun to put together and this year we decided to be part of a whole new world by coming up with family Aladdin costume ideas!

I love costumes that are both themed, easily recognizable and comfortable! We always do a mixture of DIY family Halloween costumes as well as purchase items to complete the looks. Here’s our family’s costumes for Aladdin:

	family aladdin costume ideas

Family Aladdin Costume Ideas: Aladdin Costume

Can’t have Aladdin family costumes without having the main street rat himself! I love that even as a teen he is still into dressing up and helps come up with our family costume idea each year.

aladdin costume - 	family aladdin costume ideas

Aladdin Costume Pants /// Aladdin Costume Hat /// Aladdin Costume Sash

Kye completed the look by wearing a tan t-shirt and we used a plain purple t-shirt to cut it into a vest!

Aladdin Family Costume: Jasmine Costume

A friend listed this gorgeous Jasmine dress for sale on Facebook and it’s actually what sparked the idea for our family Halloween costume theme this year!

Tess loved getting to play the part of Princess Jasmine and the wig was among her favorite features as it made her feel truly like she was Jasmine!

family halloween costumes aladdin - princess jasmine costume

Princess Jasmine Costume Dress /// Jasmine Headpiece /// Jasmine Wig

Family Aladdin Costume Ideas: Genie Costume

For many years anytime October rolls around my sweet husband starts getting nervous about what silly character he’ll be dressing up like for our family Halloween party.

This year the group costume went easy on him as I volunteered to be the more “silly” character. He was able to embrace his inner Robin Williams by dressing up like the genie! Genie is always listed among favorite characters and Zach played the role of the big blue Genie quite well (tall husbands come in handy!).

Genie costume hat /// Genie Costume Sash /// Genie costume cuffs

Zach already owned navy blue pants, a long-sleeved light blue shirt, and bright blue shoes. He did add some extra magic to his costume by shaving his beard into a goatee 😉

Aladdin Costumes: Jafar

I took one for the team and volunteered to play the part of Jafar. And honestly? It made my day! I had so much fun with it! Who doesn’t love being a little bit evil now and then, right? I kinda love my new look 😉

aladdin costumes for family - jafar halloween costume

Jafar Headpiece /// Jafar Cape /// Jafar Sash /// Jafar Facial Hair /// Jafar Snake Cane

I also wore a long-sleeved black shirt tucked into some black wide-leg pants to complete the look of this iconic Disney character. I had so much fun with all the costume accessories and props too! Come follow me into the cave of wonders 😉

Aladdin Movie Costumes: Rajah

My girls are besties and so are Jasmine and her pet tiger, Rajah. This was both a super easy costume as well as a super comfortable one for my oldest daughter, Britt. The pj outfit was a fun way to be a tiger without having a little kid type costume feel.

Rajah Tiger Costume

Disney Aladdin Family Costume: Abu

Last, but not least, Aladdin has to have his sidekick – Abu!

Spear was so excited to get to be a monkey and I love that this costume is one he could run around comfortably in and that the cute brown pjs were a great option for his monkey costume as well as something he could wear well beyond the Halloween season.

The truly only real effort I had to put into the costume this year was cutting Aladdin’s vest out of the t-shirt and attaching Abu’s hat to the ear headband. Easy and no frequent trips to Hobby Lobby required!

Abu Brown Pajamas /// Abu Costume Hat /// Abu Monkey Ears and Tail /// Abu Tan Shoes

More of Our Aladdin Costumes for the Whole Family

As always, we had so much fun putting together our family costumes. Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar, Genie, Rajah and Abu may not have won first prize in the costume contest but we gladly took home that 2nd place 😉

Oh, and our magic carpet deserves a shout-out too for really helping us bring the Aladdin family costume together. You’ve never had a friend like me!

We love Disney family Halloween costumes and this theme would also work so well for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! It’s a great idea for something comfortable to wear for all family members while walking around the parks.

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for more family Halloween costume ideas? Here are all of our family Halloween costumes over the years:

family aladdin costume ideas - inspo for your next family Halloween party. Aladdin, Genie, Jafar, Abu, Rajah, Magic Carpet and Jasmine!

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