Tour of our Home: Spear’s Nursery

Zach and I love putting together each of our children’s nurseries. It’s so fun coming up with a theme and then making it happen!

This room is so special to us. We had such a long wait for Spear and his room gave us something to focus on during that time and to help remind us that God would be blessing us with a baby, the perfect-fit baby who was meant to be ours!

I will never forget the moment I read the email saying Mama E had chosen us to be her son’s parents. I instantly started sobbing and raced into this nursery and sat on my knees just crying and thanking God for this opportunity. Now I’m here with this gift from God and will always cherish the wait that brought us to him ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve never known the sex of our babies while I’ve been pregnant so Kye and Tess’s nurseries were both gender neutral and Britt’s I waited to decorate until after she was born (um that was a terrible idea haha). Spear was the first baby we’ve had when we knew he’d be a boy so it made it extra special designing his nursery!

You can see the room tours for all of our nurseries and the rest of our home here ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Yes, Spear is 6 months old and I’m just not sharing his nursery…but it does make for some cute baby pics of this boy who LOVES his room!

We really wanted a modern space with a touch of Mickey. We’ve been a Disney Family for a long time now yet haven’t ever done a bedroom with a primary Disney theme (Britt’s princess room is probably the closest we’ve come).

I’m pretty picky about my Disney Decor. I don’t like a LOT of it. I think small, simple touches are where it’s at so we went with grays, whites, blacks and pops of red and yellow to give the Mickey vibe.

Zach’s biggest project in this room was the wall behind Spear’s crib! He cut all the pieces of wood himself and painted and stained them and then hung them all in the pattern.

It turned out SO awesome and I love that it’s neutral and modern enough to transition into a non-nursery room as well when the time comes!ย 

We put a clock above the door in all of our nurseries. It’s just easier if that’s always the location so we consistently know where to glance when we need to know the time. With little babies we’re constantly watching the clock for nap time so we don’t miss that sleepy window so a good clock is very valuable.

We also always have a chair in our nurseries. A spot to hold baby before bed, in times when we go in and hold them during a nap to help them go back to sleep, and a place to read books and snuggle. 

Zach’s grandma made a quilt for Spear that we have on the chair and it fits the vibe of the room so perfectly! Katie also made him a beautiful blanket that matches super well so I trade them out often and use that chair for a lot of Spear’s pics ๐Ÿ™‚ 

We have used the same crib with ALL of our babies. I love that it folds down on the side because I’m super short and reaching in there (especially once the mattress is lowered) is a STRUGGLE!

For save sleep practices we don’t use any sort of bumper but did still want a cute crib skirt. I really wanted a pop of red on that wall to bring in the clock and keep with the Mickey touches but didn’t want a SOLID red crib skirt. A blog friend recommended doing a custom black skirt with button details and I think it turned out super cute! 

The sheets are among my favorite touches in the room! They are SO perfect and just bring that fun Mickey vibe without being overboard about it. 

The area I struggled the most with was the corner by the chair. I actually really struggled with where to arrange all the furniture and took forever changing everything up and trying to figure out what I liked best.

I do like how it all ended up flowing and going together in the space and am super happy with how the corner turned out too even though it took some time and thought to make it happen!

I really love this chair! It’s fake leather which just really goes so perfectly with a boy’s room and that modern touch. I love the design of it and shape and it’s still pretty comfortable too!

Zach and I found the yellow clock when we were still very early in the design process and once we got things rolling I was rather frustrated by it because it’s SO DEEP. It actually opens up and has storage shelves inside! I was worried the depth would make the corner feel cramped but it all worked out and I ended up being really happy with it and I really love the touch of yellow!

And yes, it’s a second clock in the room but I don’t even know if it’s correct in the time because it’s purely there for looks haha The fun shape and color really reminds me of Mickey’s House back when Disney had Toon Town!

My dad and step mom were on a Mickey hunt for us when we told them our theme plans for the space and they found some really awesome Mickey pieces! I didn’t want to over-do the Mickey touches in the room so a lot of the Mickeys they found are on display in our playroom since they also look great in there!

We loved this large Mickey head bank they found in their antiquing adventures and Robyn had the genius idea to spray paint it! It looks SO awesome in silver and really flows so great with the room! We got a display box for him to put him in and struggled to find one that he’d fit haha!

The last addition to the corner wall is this small print I picked up on a whim after we’d chosen Spear’s name. Bryant is his first name and it means “strong” so I thought it was just so perfect for his room!

Excuse the bit of mess in the closet…that’s what I get for waiting 6 months to post this right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Whenever we have a baby I always like to put cube storage in their closets along with a bookshelf and I’ve re-used the same hanging storage system in each closet as well (you can’t see either the hanging storage nor the bookshelf in these photos). 

For Spear’s room I loved the staircase style of storage so I was able to put some quick-access baskets out too. I keep his sleepers and sleep sacks in those so I can grab them quickly as needed! I also picked up this super cute hamper that I store extra baby blankets in! 

Blackout curtains are a must-have for our babies’ rooms to help keep their rooms nice and dark for sleep. I went with plain black curtains but added silver curtain hold backs and also LOVE the arrow curtain rod. We also purchased this after knowing Spear’s name so I couldn’t pass up the arrow!

The inspiration for our nursery idea was actually this vintage Mickey phone. I LOVED it and thought it was just SO perfect! Dad and Audrey went on a hunt for us and found this guy and he’s SO perfect. It’s exactly what I was hoping to find and imagining! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. 

In our adoption journey to add Spear to our family we did a puzzle fundraiser. Long story short but the actual puzzle ended up being an epic fail so I got a poster made with the same design and framed it. On the back I wrote every persons name who donated to our adoption fundraisers.

I love that Spear will have this to look at and see how many people prayed with us, for us and helped us get him in our arms!

When Spear and I went to Disney World for his first visit we met this sweet family who also had a blend of bio kids and adopted and one of their daughters came up to me and said she wanted to use her spending money to purchase a picture frame for Spear to have in his room. SO. SWEET. This is the frame I chose with her and I LOVE looking at it! Such a thoughtful gift ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I had a tough time finding a lot of ideas for our nursery because I wanted it to be both modern andย Mickey Mouse and most of the Mickey stuff I found was just very obvious Mickey.

I searched through a lot of “modern boy nurseries” and drew a lot of inspiration from there. When I saw a boy’s room with the words “Oh Boy” I knew it was the PERFECT finishing piece to Spear’s room!

Not only is it awesome because, duh he’s a boy, but also because it’s Mickey’s catch phrase ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I’ve used this same touch lamp in each nursery and it’s so great at night for diaper changes not to have to turn on a harsh light. I struggled a good bit with what pattern to get for a diaper changing pad cover and LOVE the stripes!

We are SO in love with this entire room and how it all came together! Our adoption journey took much longer than the time of being pregnant would take so we had a LOT of time to really put thought and effort into each detail and it was such a fun project during our wait for our precious boy! 

Zach and I may be super content in being done with babies but man I feel like we’re in such a great groove of designing nurseries that it makes me sad not to have this experience again!

Each nursery we’ve put together has been more awesome than the ones prior ๐Ÿ˜‰ Spear lucked out!ย 

Want to see a video tour of this room? Be sure to watch this video…give it a thumbs up on YouTube and we’d love for you to leave a comment and subscribe to our channel! 

Looking to find elements of Spear’s nursery? Here’s where we bought everything:

Clock Above Door: Target

Sheets: Modern Burlap

Crib Skirt: Etsy

Chair: Ikea

Tall Lamp: Target

Classic Mickey Stuffed Animal: Disney Store

Yellow Clock: Ikea

Strong and Brave Sign: Hobby Lobby

Hamper: AliExpress

Arrow Curtain Rod: Target

Black Out Curtains: Zulily

Oh Boy Letters: Hobby Lobby

Stripe Diaper Cover: Amazon 

Tall Dresser and Changing Table: Ikea

You can also check out all the other rooms in our home here ๐Ÿ™‚ 

If you’re already following me on Instagram then you’ve had a sneak peak at this room since we first started working on it! I post live updates of our family throughout the day, everyday so it’s the place to be! 

We love our boy and he loves his room!


  1. GiGi
    June 19, 2018 / 2:39 am

    He is just a dumpling oozing sugah!!! Can't wait to meet that lil boy!!! Loved the room..

  2. Alee Koney
    June 19, 2018 / 4:17 pm

    I love it! Look at the hidden mickey even in the "step out in faith" poster!! So cool!

  3. Wendy Jacobs
    June 19, 2018 / 6:00 pm

    I'm relatively new to your blog. You've probably linked info about the touch lamp before, but where is it from? I didn't see it in the list of this room's stuff. Thanks so much!

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