Fire Truck Party Ideas: Food, Decorations & More!

Last year Kye mentioned wanting to have a fire truck themed birthday party and I’ve been SO looking forward to this!!! Fire truck party ideas are everywhere, so it was THE easiest party I’ve done yet as well as probably the least expensive. I feel like I’m turning into a well oiled party throwing machine πŸ˜‰

I’m so, so happy at how everything turned out! I feel like every party I throw becomes my favorite party ever, but this one really is at the top of the list!

Here’s how we put together this fire truck birthday party, from the decorations to the food to everything in between!

Food Area: I used the firetruck Kye got from Santa for Christmas as a centerpiece in the dining room then I made party circles to hang from the chandelier.

I have decided that probably every party I throw will be a sweets-only party. SO much cheaper, easier to put together, and cuter!


Suckers: I bought two packs of lollipops (total of $5) then used mod podge to glue party of the party printables on each one.

I repurposed the same green foamy type squares used for flower arrangements that I had used for Kye’s Golf Party and stuck the suckers in them and covered it all using some shredded red paper I’d already had bought for a diaper cake I made for Crissy’s baby shower. 

I thought they turned out cute and preschoolers LOVE some suckers πŸ™‚


Chocolate covered pretzel sticks with red sprinkles


Chocolate donuts




Chocolate covered marshmallows with red sprinkles


Chewy Lifesavers


“Dalmatian” cupcakes!




I made a red punch and MEANT to put out some water too but totally forgot!

Thankfully it was a smaller party so I think everyone knew me well enough to know I wouldn’t just have something sweet like that for the kids and everyone felt comfortable just getting some water themselves as needed πŸ˜‰

Cake Table!


I am IN LOVE with how his cake turned out! HUGE thanks to Heather (who also did his Woody cake last year, remember?). She matched the invitations PERFECTLY!!!


I used pictures from our little fire station photo shoot as decorations as well


Living Room: It wouldn’t be a birthday party without a banner, right? I LOVE buying party printable packs…makes life so much easier than having to make the banner myself and I think they always turn out so cute!

All I had to do was print, cut it out, hole punch that beast, and run the ribbon through! Bam!


As always I also had Kye’s birthday video playing throughout the party. We actually streamed it from my computer using Apple TV…I felt so tech savvy πŸ˜‰


Last year we had tornados on Kye’s party day…this year? We had one of THE coldest days we saw the entire winter season. Awesome.

We originally planned for several outdoor activities but decided to move them inside and I got creative at the last minute and added a few extra indoor activities for the kids.

I pulled out Kye’s car mat and picked through all of his toys to find all the firetrucks. And he has a HUGE firetruck puzzle so I stuck the pieces in a bucket and had that sitting out as well!


Craft Area: ALL of this was supposed to be outside. But with the weather, we moved it in.

Since we invited a MUCH smaller crew for this party, I was able to do more fun stuff for each kid. I made place cards for each child’s seat and had each of their activities/items at their spot!

I tried to arrange the seating in the best way I could to minimize mess and hassle for their parents πŸ˜‰


I LOVED the opportunity to use this fire truck. It was Kye’s FIRST truck ever…given as a gift with some flowers inside of it while we were at the hospital! My sweet brother, Ryan, and his fam sent it our way!


I found these really neat handmade wooden firetrucks and bought one for each “older kid” and decided to be supppper daring and have them paint it as a craft to take home!


Each firefighter also had their own fire extinguisher (which I assumed was MUCH bigger from the picture than it actually was when they arrived but the kids loved them anyway!)


They also each had a personalized color page!


Of course, each of them had their own fire hat as well!


How each place setting looked


Extra hats for the younger crew


Kye’s HUGE birthday balloon!


Kye’s fireman jacket


Outside: Even though we nixed our original plan for a firefighter obstacle course, we still decided to do the flames on the fence.

Zach drew the flames on red poster paper and a secret friend got them laminated for us at their school πŸ˜‰ I cut each of them out and Zach attached them to the fence! They turned out super cool and the kids had a BLAST using their extinguishers to “put out” the fires πŸ˜‰


Favors: When I saw these fire hydrant cups on Pinterest I HAD to have them! I just got one for each “big kid” and an extra one for Britt (which someone took so she ended up not having one haha). I cut out the “thank you” tags from the party pack, punched a hole in them, and attached them with cute ribbon. I also framed an invitation as well as other photos from our fire station visit!

I’m SUPER happy with how everything turned out! If you’re looking to plan a firefighter party you can see ALL of my ideas and inspirations for this party on my Pinterest board HERE!

Liking what you see and want to know where I bought it all?

Party Printable Pack: The TomKat Studio

Wooden Firetrucks: MarvsCars

Personalized Firetruck Coloring Page: Frostingandink

Fire Hydrant Cups: Birthday Party Express

Large Balloon (which, btw, is STILL inflated 6 weeks later!): Birthday Party Express

Fire Extinguishers: Birthday In a Box

Fire Man Hats: Local Dollar Store

If you’d like to see Kye’s past birthday parties:

1st Birthday Monkey Theme

2nd Birthday Golf Theme

3rd Birthday Woody Theme

And, yes, we are already making plans for his next birthday party πŸ™‚

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  1. Amy
    April 15, 2013 / 7:49 pm

    This is just so cute!! I will be using your ideas for my sons next birthday!!!

  2. Ranjan kumar
    April 22, 2013 / 6:33 am

    Balloons are one of those cheapest solid color birthday party decorations supplies that can do wonders for you. Hang them from the ceiling, let them float in the air, or fill them with confetti and have your guests blow them at midnight.

  3. Harry
    June 14, 2013 / 1:25 pm

    Wow amazing nice birthday party what a theme everything is perfect decorated. I like it I never think about this theme thanks for sharing it sure I also try this theme for my son birthday party. Kids love balloons so try this with lot of balloons. Reference: Postal Flowers Birthday Balloon Dublin

  4. Veronica
    April 21, 2019 / 6:26 pm

    Where did find the labels stop, drop and roll.

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