35+ Best 4-Year-Old Gift Ideas: Girl, Boy, and Gender Neutral Gift Guide

I’m super excited to share with you the best gift ideas for the 4-year-old in your life. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Christmas, or just because, here is my gift guide to get you started!

Every age and stage of childhood is fun for different reasons and every parent has their favorite ages!

I LOVE the age of three and four! It’s a fun age of childhood in general, but also super fun to buy for at the holidays.

When kids first turn three they are finally able to play with “big kid toys” that have potential choking hazards for younger kids and by the age of four they are truly enjoying those items and have developed their favorites.

It’s an age where they have developed further in their gross motor, fine motor, and other developmental milestones and skills.

It’s also an age where favorite characters develop. As you can tell from my gift guides my family is big on Disney so most of the themed items are Disney or Pixar in some way.

I know many kids at this age love Paw Patrol and Superheroes and Thomas – just know your kid and what they’d like best!

I like to build on toys with my kids as they get older and add onto collections and purchase things that are compatible with toys they already own. So with that said, let’s dive in to the best 4-year-old gift ideas!

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4 year old gift ideas best toys for a four year old boy girl

4-Year-Old Gift Ideas - The Best Toys for 4 Year Old

This is a gift guide for both four year old girls and four year old boys.

I have four children but currently have three kids who are older than age four.

I have spent time going through all my old blog posts for each age and seeing what toys they received as gifts, which they loved best, and which have been continually enjoyed as they've gotten older (and passed down to siblings!).

Gift Ideas for Four Year Old Girl or Boy

Having so many kids though I truly do try to find gender neutral items whenever I can and I especially love toys and games that encourage my kids to play together.

That sibling bond is so important and I really find at around age 4 they are able to play solo with siblings, work out any issues they arise on their own, and know playing etiquette like taking turns etc!

While all toys can be enjoyed by both girls and boys, I like to split the list up into categories too based on what my own children enjoyed most.

Best Gifts for Four Year Old Boy

These are specific items that my son loved at the age of four and that I know many boys around this age enjoy!

Best Gifts for Four Year Old Girl

My girls have both always been pretty girly and they really got started around this age!

It's so fun and so easy to buy for little girls because there are so many inexpensive options for them.

I feel like my gift budget mostly goes towards my boys as their stuff is just so much more expensive!

Want an easy way to shop the items in this list? Check out my Amazon List Here! And simply click the items to add to your cart – shopping DONE!

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