8 Year Old Gift Ideas: Girls, Boys, and Gender Neutral Gifts

At 8 years old kids are still very much in that golden age of childhood where they are developing their own interests and talents while still enjoying pretend and imaginative play. They are not quite yet in the pre-teen stage of life and are still very much KIDS who love to be kids. So when it comes to 8-year-old gift ideas, you can count on thinking like a kid!

I encourage you to seek out gifts for this age that help them hold onto childhood for as long as possible. Don’t rush your little ones to grow up too fast and help them to stay connected to and develop more interest in the childlike toys, games, collectibles and items that bring them joy!

I take my gift guides very seriously. I know we all have seen the generic gift guides floating around every year and it’s important to me to only suggest items that I have personal experience with and truly recommend.

I am a mother of four with two boys and two girls (you can follow all of our family fun on Instagram!) and gift-giving is my personal love language so I take pride in my gift purchasing skills and hope this is a helpful list for others looking for that perfect present!

We’ll be taking a look at the best gift ideas for 8 year old girls, boys, and both. I also highly recommend visiting my additional gift guides as many of the gift suggestions will make wonderful gifts at this age as well:

8-Year-Old Gift Ideas: The Best Presents for Eight Year Olds

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8 Year Old Gift Ideas: Best Gifts for an 8 Year Old Girl

8-year-old girls are SO fun to buy for as they are maturing where they have their own hobbies and interests but are not to that teenage point of thinking they are “too cool” for playtime or being imaginative.

Eight is still very much part of the golden age of childhood like the age of seven is and this is a great age for lots of birthday present ideas that any 8 year old girl will love!

Enchanted DVD

Eight is a fantastic age to start pulling out the old school movies that we enjoyed to now enjoy with our kids in a new way. I watched Enchanted with my girls and it was a HUGE hit and instant favorite! Perfect for a girl’s night together and also easy to create their own movie activity event too.

Check Price For Enchanted DVD Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

Frozen 2 Color N Style Purse

My daughter received this as a birthday gift and it was a huge hit. I tend to shy away from any sort of activity kit that may encourage kids to color or draw on objects (I’m a big no on the bath crayons for example as I don’t want my kids to think drawing on the wall is okay!) but at the age of 8, a child is able to understand boundaries and rules in place.

This purse is so fun for a little girl to decorate and the kit includes everything she needs to do it on her own. The kid-made purse is a nice size and of great quality to actually use as a purse as well!

Check Price For Frozen 2 Color N Style Purse Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

Folding Gymnastics Balance Beam

My daughter LOVES gymnastics and this balance beam is perfect to practice her skills at home. I love that it folds up for easy storage and is lightweight enough for her to get it out on her own without me having to help set it up. She can use it to practice and then easily put it away!

Check For Folding Gymnastics Balance Beam Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

Barbie and Toddler Student Flippin Fun Gymnastics Doll

If your daughter likes both Barbie and gymnastics this is a great combination of both. The Barbie is very flexible to do gymnastics routines and the beam “works” for allowing the doll to do her own stunts!

Check For Barbie and Toddler Student Flippin Fun Gymnastics Doll Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

Doll Travel Bed Carrier 

Eight years old is a great age to introduce an American Girl doll. Even if your little girl hasn’t had a baby doll, girls of this age often still find great joy in the American Girl style of dolls, making them great gifts for an 8 year old girl.

My girls have enjoyed American Girl dolls much more than they ever played with their baby dolls at younger ages. This carry case is PERFECT for the 18-inch doll size and doubles as a storage space for the doll and makes a great “bed” for her too.

Check Price For Doll Travel Bed Carrier Here!

Doll-Sized Pet Cat with Carrier

If the eight-year-old girl on your list enjoys playing with American Girl dolls she will LOVE accessory sets to go with them and often accessories can be a great “wow” gift at a low price. My girls love collecting these pets for their dolls and they come with so many great little items too!

Check Price For Doll-Sized Pet Cat Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

Matching Doll & Girls Dress

Doll and Me outfit sets are a fun gift but the quality can sometimes be questionable. My girls have this set and it’s held up great and is perfect to wear for Valentine’s Day or any girly outing!

Check Price For Matching Dolls & Dress Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

Twisty Petz

Accessories become so much fun at this age and Twisty Petz are a fun collectible item that converts from cute little animals to adorable bracelets and other accessories girls can wear. This is one of those trends that is really popular among elementary school age girls and they will have fun trading with friends!

Check Price For Twisty Petz Here!

Unicorn Robe

Robes make excellent 8-year-old gift ideas for kids (boys and girls alike). As a mom, I always appreciate a gift that is practical and useful instead of something that collects dust. Around this age, modesty becomes more important and kids start to understand the need for privacy so a robe is a great gift for eight-year-olds!

Check Price For Unicorn Robe Here!

Osmo – Super Studio Disney Princess

There are many add-on kits for the Osmo and my girls have LOVED this Disney Princess add-on. It is a very affordable option for Osmo and is a great gift idea to give an 8 year old who already owns the Osmo base set.

Check Price For Osmo- Super Studio Disney Princess Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

18 Inch Doll Clothes | Gymnastics Leotard with Mat and Gold Medal!

I’m sharing a few of my favorite pics for “American Girl Doll” clothes that I have had great success with from Amazon. Often Amazon items can be tricky to know what is truly good quality and what is pure junk and these have all been HUGE hits for us! For my gymnast daughter, this set for her doll was a great gift (and went along nicely with the balance beam we got for our daughter).

Check For 18 Inch Doll Clothes | Gymnastics Leotard with Mat and Gold Medal Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

Rey Inspired Costume

If your daughter loves both dolls and Star Wars this Rey costume for her doll will also be a huge hit! My kids love to play Star Wars together and it’s fun to have her doll be able to join in!

Check Price For Rey Inspired Costume Here!

Velvet Hair Scrunchies

I LOVE that the scrunchie trend is BACK. I have fond memories of rocking a scrunchie on my wrist when I was eight years old and now my 8-year-old daughter loves to wear multiple scrunchies at times. This scrunchie set has held up GREAT for us and the colors are a nice variety while the storage pouch is also great quality. This is a gift that will get a lot of use and enjoyment for a long time to come!

Check Price For Velvet Hair Scrunchies Here!

Beanie Boos

When we were kids Beanie Babies were THE thing and now our girls are collecting the next generation of Beanie Babies…Beanie Boos! My girls call them “sparkly eyes” and they are always asking to browse through the different adorable animals to add to their ever-growing collections. Even if the eight year old girl on your list doesn’t own several already, she is sure to love them!

Check Price For Beanie Boos Here!


I think I have Hatchimals on just about every gift guide post I’ve written but that is because of how much my girls LOVE to play with them and how excited they continue to get every holiday when they receive a new Hatchimal set. They do NOT actually like the original larger-sized Hatchimals. The little ones though? They FLIP OUT over! These can vary in price but often go on sale make great gifts for 8 year old girls!

Check Price For Hatchimals Here!

Expandable Gymnastics Bar

This bar has been one of the best investments we’ve made for our daughter. She has it set up in her room and uses it multiple times a day. It is an excellent way to practice her gymnastics routines in the comfort of our own home and allows her the opportunity to stay physically active even if it’s too cold, too hot, or too wet outdoors. It’s also crazy to watch her skills and her little body move in ways I didn’t think the human body could do!

This bar is excellent quality, easy to set up, and can fold for storage (although to be honest we’ve always let her just leave it set up in the middle of her bedroom because she uses it so often). Would make an excellent big gift for an 8th birthday present or 8 year old at Christmas!

Check Price For Expandable Gymnastics Bar Here!

8 Year Old Gift Ideas: Harry Potter Favorites

If you have a Potterhead in your house like I do, then these birthday gift ideas for an 8 year old girl are fantastic… and most of these would make great gifts for any eight year old as well!

Hermione Wizard Training Wand

My oldest daughter LOVES all things Harry Potter and especially loves any sort of Harry Potter pretend play. She had a toy wand that broke and I searched the internet to find a replacement. I found these and THEY ARE AMAZING. Instantly one of my favorite 8 year old girl gifts as well as a present to give to others. There are several different versions of the wand so you can easily add to your child’s wand collections.

Our 16-year-old babysitter even loved playing with these wands with our kids. The wands interact with each other and help teach you spells while also having friendly spell casting competitions with other wizards.

Check Price For Hermione Wizard Training Wand Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe Child Costume

Even without reading the reviews on this robe, I will tell you to size UP. You’d much rather a child be able to grow into their dress-up clothes rather than grow out of them quickly. As my kids get older the days of dressing up are less and less but even older kids enjoy playing pretend when it comes to Harry Potter.

My kids use these dress-up costumes regularly and they have held up great – would also be good to wear when visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal!

Check Price For Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe Child Costume Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

Real Talking Sorting Hat

This was a random find I happened to see at a store one day and snatched it up. It is excellent quality and truly a TALKING sorting hat. Again perfect for any Potterhead and a great collector item as well as a fun play item too!

Check For Real Talking Sorting Hat Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

Harry Potter Hedwig

I searched high and low for the perfect Hedwig for my daughter’s Harry Potter collection and this one was, by far, the clear winner. It is a puppet that makes sounds too!

Check Price For Harry Potter Hedwig Here!

8-year-old gift ideas girls

Marauder’s Map Guide to Hogwarts

Yes, another Harry Potter gift idea! I should make an entire gift guide of Harry Potter gifts huh? This is another one I’ve purchased multiple times for multiple gifts for several 8 year olds the last few years. It is AWESOME and the invisible ink and light up wand are a huge hit – plus it’s a super affordable “WOW” kinda present!

Check Price For Marauder’s Map Guide to Hogwarts Here!

Magic School Uniform

I looked through TONS of Harry Potter-inspired doll outfits before deciding to purchase this one and it hasn’t let us down. I ended up also buying it for my second daughter for her doll and my girls LOVE the set. It includes a cute little wand and “spellbook” too. Perfect for Harry Potter playtime!

Check Price For Magic School Uniform Here!

Harry Potter Pillow

This pillow is a LOT larger and a LOT better quality than I had anticipated it being and it’s become a focal point in my daughter’s Harry Potter themed bedroom. It’s super cute and a great gift that could be used for decoration but also practical uses like for travel or even to sleep on in the bed too as it lays perfectly flat with no itchy attachments or awkward additions that would prevent it from being comfortable. According to my daughter this is a super comfy pillow 😉

Check Price For Harry Potter Pillow Here!

8-Year-Old Gift Ideas: Best Gifts for Boys

8-year-old boys are such fun! They are at that sweet spot of childhood where they still enjoy toys and playing and aren’t “too cool” for imaginative play or childhood playtime activities yet! As they begin to develop new skills and better hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills the options for excellent gift ideas for an 8-year-old boy are truly endless.

Electronic Digital Target for Nerf Guns

When you think of eight-year-old boys you probably think of Nerf guns. I’m pretty sure the two go hand in hand! At this age, most boys probably already have several nerf style of guns and getting fun accessories for their nerf collection can make for great “wow” gifts without annoying their parents who are probably tired of picking up all the soft foam bullets all over the house 😉

This target is a perfect present for a toy guns-loving kid and is a great way to practice their aim and entertain themselves during times when their younger brother or younger sister is tired of getting attacked!

Check Price For Electronic Digital Target for Nerf Guns Here!

Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Another great gift idea for an 8-year-old boy on your list is an over-the-door basketball hoop. This works great in any bedroom to allow for a way to get that energy out and have some physical activity even inside on a rainy day or during cold (or super hot) weather where outdoor play may not be an option.

Check Price For Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop Here!

Large Throwing Foam Plane

Often we tend to assume kids will enjoy sophisticated games or higher-level toys and will be drawn towards complicated toys and gifts with lots of small pieces and parts to assemble. But sometimes? Simple is better!

We actually had a neighbor who accidentally flew his foam plane into our backyard and ALL of my kids LOVED it and begged to be able to keep it. Since that experience, these large foam planes have become a favorite gift for me to give to other kids on their birthdays or at Christmas time. A lot of fun in an easy-to-assemble package that lets kids be kids!

Check Price For Large Throwing Foam Plane Here!

Slingball Classic

If your eight year old loves sports, then the slingball classic just might be the perfect gift. Young boys and old boys alike will enjoy this competitive twist on the game of catch. Perfect for a backyard game during the summer or to toss in your travel bag for a trip to the beach or a camping trip too!

Check Price For Slingball Classic Game Here!

Nerf N-Strike Elite

This little nerf gun is a HUGE hit and one of the best gifts I’ve given to little boys for their birthday or Christmas. It is so affordable that it makes an excellent stocking stuffer gift as well.

My son has SEVERAL nerf guns but really loves this one as it’s small and easier to use for quick attacks on his sisters and can go undetected when he’s being sneaky!

Check Price For Nerf N-Strike Elite Here!

Snap Circuits

Eight-year-olds are developing more critical thinking skills and boys often especially enjoy learning how things work.

This snap circuit set is the perfect way to keep him entertained and engaged for a long time and incorporate STEM learning in different ways at home rather than just in the classroom at school.

Check Price For Snap Circuits Here!

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 

Boys at this age typically love to build with Legos and each child may have their own preference on specific LEGO sets. My son loves Star Wars sets (especially vehicles) but does not love the movie scene sets.

With so many specific lego items it’s a safer bet to gift a generic lego set as a present to a Lego-loving kid. Even kids who enjoy a building kit of themed sets will have so much fun using their imaginations to create! Need some Lego inspiration ideas? Here’s a great STEM activity using Legos!

Check Price For LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Here!

Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase

What kid doesn’t love magic? This beginner magic set is perfect to learn simple tricks and be able to put on a magic show for the family without investing too much money before knowing how into it he will be. It’s also a great set to minimize frustrations as he learns new magic tricks.

Check Price For Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase Here!

Gender-Neutral 8-Year-Old Gift Ideas for Any Girl or Boy!

Even as kids get older gender-neutral gifts are still a super popular option for gift-giving, and many 8-year-old gift ideas work for any child. Often boys and girls enjoy the same things and, of course, kids who have siblings of the opposite sex are more likely to enjoy toys and gifts that their siblings enjoy, even if they are more traditionally geared towards the opposite gender.

A wonderful perk of purchasing a gender-neutral gift for an 8-year-old is that it can be passed down to younger siblings in the future and many of these gender-neutral 8-year-old gift ideas can be enjoyed with older siblings too. As a mom, I always appreciate any opportunity for my children to play together and bond closer with their siblings.

As kids grow up and get closer to that pre-teen stage of life they do start to merge more in their interests which can often make gift-giving a little trickier as you want to find something unique and different. Something fun and exciting that the 8-year-old doesn’t already own!

Gender-neutral toys are always a hit and help avoid any sort of gender stereotypes! Here are some 8-year-old gift ideas that fit the bill!


Today’s tech world for kids is overwhelming with options. I LOVE these old-school handheld games. Not only because they bring back memories from my own childhood but they also get kids offline. It’s ONE game. No multiplayer.

No worries about pop-up ads. No concerns over content or messaging. Just simple, classic FUN. And, yes, even your gaming kid will love it!

Check Price for Handheld Player Here!

8-year-old gift ideas

Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils Kit

Art supplies are always a hit with kids and I have recently discovered these twistable colored pencils. They are game-changer. No more sharpening and no more worrying about pencils or crayons breaking or lids to markers getting lost!

My older kids love the way the colored pencils allow for drawing fine lines but also can be used to color as well. This art kit makes an excellent gift as it also includes paper and a carrying case – plus it’s a very affordable price point perfect to keep on hand for a last-minute 8-year-old birthday party gift!

Check Price For Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils Kit Here!

8-year-old gift ideas

Kids Waterproof Camera

This is an excellent “first camera” for kids who are interested in taking photos (or silly selfies!). I love that it comes with a waterproof case that is also very durable. Great to protect the camera from the inevitable drops and falls but also adds the fun element to be able to take the camera underwater! Excellent to take on trips too.

Check Price For Kids Waterproof Camera Here!

8-year-old gift ideas

Osmo- Genius Starter Kit

Osmo makes excellent kits for kids starting at preschool age and up. Another wonderful screen-time option that gets kids learning rather than just gaming.

Must have either an iPad or a Fire Tablet but this set includes the Osmo base to get you started! The Genius Starter Kit is aimed for kids ages 6-10 so a great gift idea for an 8-year-old boy or girl that’s also educational!

Check Price For Osomo- Genius Starter Kit Here!

8-year-old gift ideas

Q&A A Day For Kids: A Three-Year Journal

The age of 8 also brings with it hints of the pre-teen and teenage years to come. Kids often start to pull away a bit and become more private with their thoughts and ideas.

I love this simple journal to use as an excellent way to stay connected with your child. Easy, quick questions that will get them thinking and having some self-reflection and can help strengthen your bond. A great time to look through it together is during the bedtime routine. You may even learn more info about yourself that you didn’t know too!

Check Price For Q&A A Day Here!

8-year-old gift ideas

UNO Dare Card Game

Games are excellent gender-neutral gifts for kids of all ages and even simple card games can provide hours of fun. My mother-in-law purchased this spin on traditional UNO for a recent family trip and the cousins all loved playing it together!

Makes a good gift for a boy or a girl and would also be a great stocking stuffer at Christmas time. Adults enjoy this one too and it makes a great family time gift.

Check Price For UNO Dare Card Game Here!

8-year-old gift ideas

Apple IPAD

If your child doesn’t already have their own tablet, 8 years old is a great age to introduce one as they are more responsible and better able to understand, and obey, boundaries when it comes to screen time limits.

I prefer an IPad over the Fire. We’ve owned both for our kids and the IPad is WAY more user-friendly and a lot easier to set up with parental controls!

Check Price For Apple Ipad Here!

8-year-old gift ideas

IPAD 10.2 Case

Along with the iPad it’s essential to purchase a kid-proof case! These cases have held up FANTASTIC for our kids. I love the handle for easy carrying and especially that it can bend to serve as a stand for the ipad too. Plus the variety of colors makes it easy for us to know whose is whose so we can quickly grab and go. Perfect protection when flying on an airplane or when taking a road trip.

I also highly recommend purchasing a pack of these glass screen protectors to go with it too!

Check Price For IPAD 10.2 Case Here!

8-year-old gift ideas

Rectangle Trampoline With Enclosure Net

When my oldest daughter turned 8 she begged for a trampoline to be able to practice her gymnastics moves at home. I did a TON of research and took my time looking at each shop option and ending up choosing this trampoline for two reasons: 1) the high weight limit and 2) the rectangle shape! The shape is great for doing stunts as there is SPACE!

I never thought to purchase a rectangular trampoline but it also fits so much easier in our backyard. We’ve owned it for several years and it’s still in fantastic condition and is THE most used item by our kids. Definitely tops the list of 8-year-old gift ideas that can be enjoyed by everyone, and for a long time!

—-> I love it so much that I have an entire blog post devoted to how we chose our backyard trampoline here!

Check Price For Rectangle Trampoline Here!

National Geographic Kids Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab

Eight years old is a great age to be able to handle a slime kit on their own with very little help from Mom so it’s the age where I actually allow slime to enter my house 😉 A science kit or hands-on activity kit makes a great present and is a great tool that lets kids learn about science by creating their own slime!

I know I often see crystal growing kids on holiday gift guides as a highly rated gift but personally? We found the crystal growing kit we tried to be not-so-fun and more of a hassle and frustration than it was worth! So I stick to the slime kit when I’m wanting to give this sort of gift.

Check Price For Slime Kit and Putty Lab Here!

8-year-old gift ideas


We LOVE having family game nights together and are always looking for board games that are geared toward a “big kid” but also can be played and enjoyed by a “little kid” too. This game is SO FUN and a great way to spend quality time together as a family.

Literally, I’m 36 years old and it’s MY favorite family game. There is no reading involved but it still requires enough strategy to keep it entertaining for us all and is a super fun game.

Check Price For Kids SEQUENCE Game Here!

8-year-old gift ideas

Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone: The Illustrated Edition

My oldest son is not super into Harry Potter but my oldest daughter is OBSESSED (and I think that’s why my son probably isn’t as into it) so therefore most of the Harry Potter gifts I recommend will be listed under the “girl gift idea” category but, obviously, they’d be great gender neutral gifts for any Harry Potter loving 8 year old.

Eight is a great age to begin reading the Harry Potter novels and I cannot recommend the illustrated books enough! I am eager for them to make the full set but the first books are beautifully illustrated and make a wonderful gift and a great way for a child to read the beloved series for the first time.

Kids at eight years old are often very into graphic novels and having the illustrated version of the book helps bring the details to life. A heads up that the fourth book (and movie) starts to get pretty dark and heavier as the characters begin to get older. If you haven’t read them yourself it may make a great read to do together or even as a family!

Check Price For Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone Book Here!

8-year-old gift ideas

8 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas: Final Thoughts

I hope these 8-year-old gift ideas help you find the perfect present for your next birthday or holiday! I am always adding new gift ideas to my Amazon lists and they are THE most up-to-date way to track the must-have items I recommend for gift-giving and beyond!

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