7-Year-Old Gift Ideas: Best Gifts for Seven Year Olds

At seven years old, kids are starting to understand more and develop their tastes and interests, and the gifts you get them should definitely reflect that growth.

They’re at that age where they still appreciate a fun, playful gift but can also appreciate presents that speak to their developing comprehension, like books or art supplies.

Seven-year-olds can also participate more in group activities like board games or video games, which is a great opportunity for them to learn how to play with their older siblings or share toys with friends!

We’ll be taking a look at the best gift ideas for seven-year-old boys, girls, and both.

Many of my recommendations from previous gift guides will make wonderful gifts at this age as well so I highly recommend checking out all of my gift guides for each age to see the best toys for each age group and to find that perfect toy for the little boy or girl on your list:

I take my gift guides very seriously. I know we all have seen the generic gift guides floating around every year and it’s important to me to only suggest items that I have personal experience with and truly recommend.

Gender Neutral Gift Ideas for 7-Year-Olds

As kids get older they begin to learn about their own individual, unique interests. Many activities at this age can be enjoyed by both girls and boys. Seven is also a great age for spending time with peers and siblings.

It is considered the golden age of childhood and when each of my children have been seven they’ve really been the easiest to parent and I’ve seen the best bonding between them with their siblings.

Osmo Genius Starter Kit for iPad

This is a really neat gift for seven-year-olds who love puzzles. You plug your iPad into it and play games designed to build their math and science skills.

Perfect for your future scientist! My kids LOVE Osmo kits and they’ve been a great way to incorporate learning into screen time.

Check Prices for the Osmo Genius Starter Kit Here!

Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets

It’s fun and it’s also science. The Dueling Rockets are a fun outdoor game where you see who can make their rocket go the highest! Seven-year-olds can enjoy this one with their friends or siblings.

Stem toys are super popular and this set will get them excited AND have them burning off energy outside too.

Check Prices for Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets here!

Outdoor Tree Swing

Seven-year-olds love swings and this awesome outdoor tree swing is sure to make them smile! More than one child can fit on it, so they can have fun swinging with their friends.

We easily added this in place of a swing on our swing set and it has allowed for a nice variety in our backyard and kids play outside more frequently because they are eager to swing!

Check Price for Outdoor Tree Swings here!

Roald Dahl Collection 16 Books Box Set

For the seven-year-old who really loves stories, this Roald Dahl collection is perfect! It has all your favorite classics: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, Matilda, and more!

This is an excellent age to really start focusing on chapter books. And Roald Dahl is a fun writer to read aloud so these books are wonderful for you to read out loud to your child to help encourage their love of reading and confidence in their newer reading skills while also having quality time together.

An added bonus is that many of the books have a movie to watch as a family movie night after you finish the book! This is a wonderful gift idea for birthday gifts or even a Christmas gift that can be enjoyed together and allow for creating memories as a family too.

Check Price for The Roald Dahl Collection 16 Book Set here!

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Out of all the Roald Dahl books this is my personal favorite AND the movie to go along with it, in my opinion, is the best! If you’re considering a first chapter book I think this is a great option. Bust out the remote control to then watch the movie together – it’s one the entire family will enjoy!

Check Price for The Fantastic Mr. Fox Here!

Nintendo Switch

In second grade, a lot of kids start to get interested in video games. And because it’s both handheld and has TV hookup, the Nintendo Switch is a great console for the whole family!

I personally felt like the switch was the perfect “first system” and I like that majority of the games you can buy are rated “E” for everyone.

Check Prices for a Nintendo Switch here!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo Switch

If your seven-year-old likes video games, then you can’t go wrong with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch! If you decide to invest in a Switch then Mario Kart is a MUST HAVE. A great first family game that even mommy and daddy will enjoy playing together.

Check Prices for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch here!

Melissa & Doug Cheetah

How can you go wrong with an oversized stuffed animal like this awesome Cheetah from Melissa & Doug? At age seven many kids are very interested in animals and learning more about the world around them and this will make for a GREAT wow present!

Get ’em watching some National Geographic snuggled up with their new friend πŸ˜‰

Check Price for Melissa and Doug Cheetah here!

SpyX Micro Gear Set

For the little secret agent-in-training in your life, this gadget kit will make your seven-year-old feel like a real Spy Kid! My son still LOVES this set and he’s almost 12. He especially loves to spy on his siblings.

Check Price for the SpyX Micro Gear Set here!

Star Projector Night Light

Step up your nightlight game with this cool projector that lights up the room like the night sky. My kids especially enjoy using this in their bedrooms for “dance parties! We don’t use it as a nightlight, it’s purely just for fun time together.

Check Price for a Star Projector Night Light here!

Sleeping Bag

An outdoorsy kid needs their own sleeping bag. This one comes in all sorts of colors and is great for families who love camping!

It is also awesome for sleepovers. In our family, we do sibling sleepovers frequently and all of my kids love having their own sleeping bags.

Check Price for a Sleeping Bag here!

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 

For creative play, nothing beats a classic set of legos. This set comes with all sorts of colors and pieces and is perfect for seven-year-old boys and girls alike! It’s a great LEGO beginning set and awesome for kids who love creative play to invent their own creations and also great for fine motor skills too.

Check Price for a LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box here!

Bible Cover 

A perfect way for your seven-year-old to store and travel with their Bible! My kids love the pocket to store their bible highlighters and pens etc.

Check Price for a Bible Cover here!

Bible Safe Gel Highlighters

These Bible-safe highlighters are great for helping your child mark their favorite verses without ink bleeding through the pages. A perfect companion to the Bible cover.

Check Price for Bible Safe Gel Highlighters here!

185 Pieces Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set

Artistic seven-year-old boys and girls will love this all-inclusive art set craft kit that lets them explore different mediums and have so much fun getting creative.

Check Price for a 185 Pieces Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set here!

Monopoly Junior Game

Introduce your seven-year-old to classic board games with this kid-friendly Monopoly Junior game! Instead of top hats and boots, you get cute little animal characters. A great family board game and one that siblings can handle playing alone (and it’s WAY quicker than the regular Monopoly too)

Check Price for a Monopoly Junior Game here!

Kids Clear Lens Glasses

These kids’ sunglasses come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns for boys and girls for dress-up and imaginative play. BOTH of my daughters at 7 years old got super into wearing glasses and this set is a great way to allow them to have the glasses look without a prescription.

Check Price for Kids Clear Lens Glasses here!

Kids Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

This kid’s version of a FitBit is great for seven-year-old future athletes! Kids are able to track their steps along with knowing the time and other great features. I’ve tried other “fitbit” style trackers for my kids and this is by far the best one!

Check price for a Kids Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor here!

Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing

This hammock chair is a great gift for little girls who love to lounge with a book or a video game! We added this to Tess’s new treehouse room and she LOVES it.

Check Price for a Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing here!

Gift Ideas for 7 Year Old Girls

A seven year old girl is often very much still into dolls and Disney princesses. It’s also a great age to introduce Barbie as they are old enough to handle taking care of Barbie dolls and playing with them in a non-destructive way. Girls at this age are really all about friendships and beginning to foster relationships with their peers.

Barbie Crayola Color-In Fashion Doll & Fashions

When kids are younger I avoid any sort of coloring on toys but at seven years old kids are better able to be responsible and understand that some toys are meant to be colored on and are an exception to the rule of not drawing on anything other than paper πŸ™‚

This set is super fun to allow the creative, artistic juices to get flowing and to create fun looks for her favorite Barbies!

Check Price for Barbie Crayola Color-In Fashion Doll & Fashions here!

5-Minute Frozen (5-Minute Stories)

For the seven-year-old girl who loves Frozen, this fun 5-minute story collection continues the adventures of all their favorite characters!

Check Price for 5-Minute Frozen (5-Minute Stories) here!

Color Your Own Water Bottle

Such a fun project for an artistic seven-year-old girl who loves personalizing her everyday items. Plus, it’ll encourage her to drink more water! This is a FANTASTIC birthday party present to give as well.

Check Price for a Color Your Own Water Bottle here!

Kids Cooking and Baking Set

Your little chef will love this kid’s baking set that comes with an apron, chef’s hat, oven mitt, cooking utensils, AND an actual cookbook! My girls both love being more hands on in the kitchen at this age and they love having their OWN baking goodies.

Check Price for a Kids Cooking and Baking Set here!

Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack

A perfect gift for the seven-year-old girl who loves mermaids and all things sparkly! Girls at this age also love to bring things with them wherever they go. They cannot have enough purses or bags or little trinkets!

Check Price for a Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack here!

Unicorn Reversible Sequin Journal

Unicorns and sequins? Sign me up! Seven-year-old girls who love writing and drawing will love journalling in a notebook this pretty! (It comes in other designs, too!)

Check Price for a Unicorn Reversible Sequin Journal here!

Doll With Unicorn Sleeping Bag Set

For seven-year-olds who love dolls like American Girl, this one comes with some adorable unicorn-themed clothes and sleepover gear!

Check Price for a Doll With Unicorn Sleeping Bag Set here!

Squishmallow Official Kellytoy Plush 16″ Liv The Teal Leopard 

What little girl doesn’t LOVE stuffed animals? I dare you to resist the softness and snuggliness of the Squishmallow plushes yourself!

My girls love the 16 inch size because not only are they perfect for bedtime cuddles but also work well as a pillow! Great for sleepovers, movie nights etc. Also a fun (and cute) collection!

Check Price for a Squishmallow Official Kelly toy Plush 16″ Liv The Teal Leopard here!

Bunny Sequin Stuffed Animal

The sparkly sequins make this bunny super special! Seven year old girls love beanie boos and the “flippy” versions are my girls favorites.

Check Price for a Bunny Sequin Stuffed Animal here!

LEGO Disney Frozen II: Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation

For seven-year-old girls who love the Frozen movies, this Lego set is for them! They get to build their own jewerly box, complete with Lego jewelry, Elsa, and her magical horse!

Check Price for a LEGO Disney Frozen II: Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation here!

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Artistic seven-year-old girls will love this Crayola tracing pad where they can trace over other drawings and add their own flair! Perfect for budding artists and includes colored pencils.

Check Price for a Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad here!

Disney Princess Royal Collection

If your little princess loves Disney, she’ll love this doll set featuring 12 of her favorite Disney princesses!

These are “Barbie sized” dolls and my girls play with them more than they play with actual Barbies! Buying as a bulk set is a great way to save some money AND makes for a fantastic “WOW” gift.

Check Price for a Disney Princess Royal Collection here!

Barbie Color Reveal Doll Set

This Barbie doll set is a fun surprise because you don’t know what colors you’re going to get! Girls love surprise sets and this one is extra fun with Barbie.

I love that she has all “hard parts” meaning she is the perfect doll to take in the bathtub or swimming pool without worry about damaging her hair.

Check Price for a Barbie Color Reveal Doll Set here!

Kids Vanity Table and Chair Set

Seven-year-old girls who love to play dress up and pretend to wear make-up will enjoy this pretty pink vanity set designed just for them!

Check Price for a Kids Vanity Table and Chair Set here!

Princess Castle Tent

Make them feel like a princess with this awesome pink tent with pretty star-shaped lights!

Check Price for a Princess Castle Tent here!

Twisty Petz Kitty & Cat Customizable Bracelet Set

It’s a bracelet and also a toy! Seven-year-old girls will love being able to wear this kitty figurines on their wrists. This age is allll about accessorizing and these are fun collectibles too!

Check Price for a Twisty Petz Kitty & Cat Customizable Bracelet Set here!

Toy Storage Organizer Case

This toy organizer is perfect for seven-year-olds who like collecting little figurines like Shopkins! Now they can carry them around without the mess or worrying about losing pieces. (You’re welcome, Mom!) My girls LOVE Hatchimals and this case is perfect!

Check Price for a Toy Organizer Case here!

Gift Ideas for 7-Year-Old Boys

Seven year old boys continue to be fun to buy gifts for because they still enjoy toys and play and aren’t fully emersed in the land of video games quite yet πŸ˜‰

5-Minute Star Wars Stories (5-Minute Stories)

Does your seven-year-old love Star Wars? Then they’ll love these 5-minute stories that continue the adventures of all their favorite characters! Little boys and older boys alike (heck Dad will enjoy em too) will love these books:

Check Price for 5-Minute Star Wars Stories (5-Minute Stories)

Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower Track Set

Seven-year-old boys who love toy cars will love this Hot Wheels racetrack! It’s 2 1/2 feet high with loops and sky-high crashes!

Check price for a Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower Track Set here!

Superhero Capes with Masks

Something I adore about the 7 year old boy age is that they are still “little boys” and will still love playing dress up and pretend! This set is great quality and perfect for quick dress-up for those imaginative play moments. It’s great that it comes with multiple masks and capes which allows for multiple kids to dress up and play together.

Check Price for Superhero Capes with Masks here!

Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales

These ARE the droids you’re looking for! Seven-year-olds who love R2D2 and C3PO will enjoy these Lego Star Wars mini-stories!

Lego sets come to life in this awesome DVD that my girls enjoy just as much as my 12 year old son. It’s great to hear them all laughing together.

Check Prices for Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales here!

Ontel Magic Tracks

This is a super cool gift for the seven-year-old who loves race cars. The Magic Tracks are buildable, bendable, AND they glow in the dark!

Young boys will even love watching their older brothers put the tracks together and it can be a great sibling bonding activity.

Check Price for Ontel Magic Tracks here!

Imaginext Jurassic World Carnosaurus

Does your seven-year-old love dinosaurs? Then they’ll love these fun Jurassic World figurines featuring a carnosaurus and Dr. Malcom!

Check Price for Imaginext Jurassic World Carnosaurus here!

Dinosaur Race Track

If your seven-year-old loves racetracks AND dinosaurs, then this is the perfect combo! Great for motor skills too and working on patience as it takes time to assemble the track.

Check Price for a Dinosaur Racetrack here!

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle 

For your future astronaut, this Lego Mars spaceship is a fun project that sparks their imagination! A seven year old boy is likely to be very into LEGOS and the more kits the better.

Some kids enjoy creating their own LEGO masterpieces while others prefer following the detailed instructions with the kits.

Check Price for a LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle here!

Field Goal Post Set with 4 Footballs

Help your future football star practice those field goal kicks with this outdoor field goal set, complete with a tee and goal post! A great way to get your son playing outside and is excellent for when friends come over too.

It was a hit at our football themed birthday party for our youngest too.

Check Price for a Field Goal Post Set with 4 Footballs here!

These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For (LEGO Star Wars): A Search-and-Find Book

It’s like I Spy with Star Wars! Your seven-year-old will love searching the pages for their favorite droids. It’s great for developing those observational skills! I love to keep these in hand in the car for road trips to keep kids entertained.

Check Price for a These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For (LEGO Star Wars): A Search-and Find Book here!

Dog Man: The Supa Epic Collection (Dog Man #1-6 Boxed Set)

For seven-year-old boys who enjoy funny stories, this book series from the creators of Captain Underpants tells the story of a heroic dog man who fights crime!

My current 6 year old daughter is obsessed with these books too and they make for a great first read-alone “chapter book” because it’s a graphic novel so it’s easier to read and follow for this age group.

Check Price for the Dog Man: The Supa Epic Collection (Dog Man #1-6 Boxed Set) here!

Official Nerf Tactical Vest

Seven-year-old boys who love Nerf guns will enjoy this police-style tactical vest where they can store their Nerf ammo! It’s a great gift for this age because it combines the seven year old boy love of dressing up WITH the starting of NERF guns and battles.

Check Price for a Official Nerf Tactical Vest here!

I am always adding new gift ideas to my Amazon lists and they are THE most up to date way to track the must-have items I recommend for gift-giving and beyond!

Be sure to also visit all of my other gift guides to cover every age on your list:

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