35+ Best 3-Year-Old Gift Ideas: Girl, Boy, and Gender Neutral Gift Guide

Is a toddler in your life about to turn 3 years old? Then you’re in luck, because today we get to talk about the best 3-year-old gift ideas for a girl, boy, or both!

Three is one of my favorite ages as a parent!

Kids at this stage are really coming into their own personalities and unique styles and their own interests.

Along with the imaginative play that really develops at age two, the age of three brings lots of pretend play which opens up TONS of options for new toys and gift ideas.

I love building on toys my kids already own so a lot of what I recommend as gifts for a three year old are things that go along with items they may already own as a two year old or one year old. Let’s dive right in and talk about the best 3-year-old gift ideas!

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3 year old gift ideas girl boy gender neutral gift guide

3-Year-Old Gift Ideas - Best Toys for a 3 Year Old

These are the best toys for a three year old!

I know many gift guides like these will say items like Mr Potato Head or Paw Patrol stuff or Stem Toys...but I'm big about only sharing things WE have loved and if they aren't items my kids have enjoyed then I'm not including them on the list! (We own several Potato Heads, for example, and they NEVER get played with and we've never watched Paw Patrol).

Perfect for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or a just-because present ๐Ÿ™‚

While all toys can be enjoyed by both boys and girls, I like to break my lists into categories.

Gift Ideas for a Three Year Old Boy or Girl

I have both sons and daughters and have found that my children often stick to gender stereotypes when it comes to their favorite toy items, but I also gravitate towards buying neutral items when possible to make it easier to pass them down to siblings too!

Best Gifts for Three Year Old Boy

At three years old boys are SO FUN and wild and adventurous and it's an age where my son started showing more interest in imaginative play.

Of course all of the gender neutral items above are excellent for boys or girls and many of them have color options if you want something more gender specific, but these items are ones I consider more "boys toys":

Best Gifts for Three Year Old Girl

Just like three year old boys - three year old girls start getting more interested in imaginative play and very involved in pretend play too.

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  1. amanda
    November 6, 2019 / 10:55 am

    I got the pretend makeup set for my daughter based on your rec when she was 3 and she STILL loves it 2 years later! ๐Ÿ™‚

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