40+ Best Gift Ideas For a 1 Year Old: Boy, Girl, and Gender Neutral Gift Guide

Looking for great gift ideas for a 1 year old? Let’s talk about the best toys for one year old boys, girls, and both!

Shopping for a one year old can be a very stressful process.

At such a young age it’s hard to know what items the child will actually play with.

You read countless gift guides urging you to shop but what happens after you click the link?

Will the toy be well loved? Cherished? Enjoyed so much that it gets passed down to future siblings and possibly even future generations?

As a mom of four kids I’ve had LOTS of experience when it comes to toddlers and toys. Today, I’m sharing THE best gift ideas for a 1 year old and what I recommend as the perfect gifts for one year old girls as well as one year old boys!

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gift ideas for a 1 year old boy girl 1 year old gift guide

Best Gift Ideas for a 1 Year Old - One Year Old Gift Ideas

Buying a present for a one year old? Not sure what to get for your baby's first Christmas? Your nephews or nieces first birthday?

I'm a firm believer that all toys can be played with and enjoyed by both genders, but I also firmly believe that boys are more drawn and enjoy certain toys and that girls are also more likely to be drawn to certain types of items too.

I'm dividing this list into sections based on gender neutral, boys and girls!

I'm also including my own personal info on each item, why we love it and why I think your little ones will too 🙂

Best Gifts for One Year Old Boy Or Girl 

These are the best gift ideas for a gender neutral gift. Perfect for to make sure the new favorite toy will be easy to pass down to future siblings without worrying about having something be gender specific!

I personally aimed to purchase a lot of gender neutral items for my first child, knowing that we had more babies to come down the line and many of these items are still played with 10 years later by my last baby.

Best Gifts for One Year Old Boy

Having a little boy is so much fun! Both of my sons were more naturally drawn to sports related toys, vehicles, and tools. My girls enjoyed these toys too but when given a choice my children all stuck to more gender stereotypical toys.

Best Gifts for a One Year Old Girl

Just like with the boy toys, these toys can be played with by either gender. However, my girls were both more drawn to "typical girl toys" even at just a year old. Dolls, purses, everything pink and girly and they were after it!

Want to shop all of my recommendations in one place? I’ve created a One Year Old Gift Guide on Amazon here!

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    November 5, 2019 / 9:13 am

    Wow, that’s a wonderful list. The best toys for 1 year olds are something that will keep them entertained for hours and also develop their essential skills at the same time.

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