Football Birthday Party Ideas (Fear the Spear!)

Fear the Spear – Football Birthday Party Ideas

One of Spear’s first legit words was “touchdown” and he said it anytime he saw any sort of toy ball.

With his name being Spear…and our family being FSU fans…the “Fear the Spear” theme had to happen at some point and I felt like a 2nd birthday party was the PERFECT time for it!

I was VERY chill about planning this party. Football theme? It’s a BREEZE.

With Zach’s football history and love for the game I knew he’d be able to help in handling the activities and in helping think up cute theme related party ideas.

I just ordered anything that had anything to do with football and hunted down cute Florida State themed items to stick with the Seminole theming as well.

I also went super easy on the food…tailgate style with lots of trays and such which meant no cooking for Mama ๐Ÿ˜‰

Planning your own football themed party? Here are all the football birthday party ideas we used for Spear! All links will be provided at the end of the post!

football birthday party ideas

The Invites

Originally I wanted Spear to have a “fear the Spear” shirt for his party but the shirt we have is a 3t which would be massive on him and I couldn’t find a smaller one online so I thought it’d be super cute to have a little jersey made for our star player and used the pics for his birthday invitations ๐Ÿ™‚

football birthday party ideas

I was SO thrilled with his invitation! It came out so, so perfect:

football birthday party ideas

The Food

We had his party on November 23rd and made the decision to wait until after the party to decorate for Christmas.

I loved having the party earlier this year (his real birthday isn’t until December 1st) and not fighting the Christmas decor with the party decor!

The party food table is always where everyone gathers during a party and we had plenty of it! Loved the “Ready, Set, Eat” banner too that really brought it all together!

football birthday party ideas
football birthday party ideas

A go-to at every party I host is chocolate-covered pretzel sticks.

Kids love ’em. They are cute. They are easy. They aren’t crazy messy!

Field Goal Posts

football birthday party ideas

Brought in the Seminole Spirit with plates and napkins

football birthday party ideas

Apparently, these food items are a total “southern thing” but little smokies and sausage balls were a must-have for tailgating right?!?!

We labeled them as Pig Skins and Blitz Balls ๐Ÿ˜‰

football birthday party ideas

With four kids it took us long enough but this party? Finally got to join Sam’s Club and it was a good experiment to see what we thought about their party tray options…

Fruit tray? HUGE WIN! I felt like it was a good value too and was all items our kids all LOVED!

Touchdown Fruit Tray

We planned on getting chicken salad and croissants from Sam’s but they were out of the chicken salad and Zach couldn’t find any in town that was worthy ๐Ÿ˜‰ So we went with my FAV…Chicken Salad Chick FOR THE WIN.

There’s Always Next Year Sandwiches

Zach makes a killer chip dip…it’s literally just a big can of chili mixed with a box of Velveeta cheese in the crockpot. YUM.

It was perfect for our War Chant Cheese Dip!

football birthday party ideas

He also picked up some spinach and artichoke dip as well as some guac from Sam’s for some Field Turf Dip

football birthday party ideas

The kids went NUTS over Ring Pops as their Championship Rings

football birthday party ideas

Suckers are always a favorite too and shockingly the adults enjoyed these too!

football birthday party ideas

I loved this idea for another easy fun treat for the kids to enjoy!

Just grabbed some chocolate pudding and drew football stitching on them with chalk pens ๐Ÿ˜‰

football birthday party ideas
football birthday party ideas

The Cake

Our main dining table isn’t super big so I did put some food up on the buffet table too this party andddd it didn’t work out well as I don’t think anyone saw the food up there haha!

It is a big benefit that Kye’s room is a football theme (which we’re updating next year!) and he has a lot of football decor that worked great for the party decorations!

I went for cupcakes over cake for this party and I really think the field goal posts are just SO CUTE!

football birthday party ideas

We picked up this tray from Sam’s too and it was a FAIL. Not only did no one really see them but when we went to eat them after the party…they weren’t good. Now we know!

football birthday party ideas

In the tune of keeping it simple I also just did some fruit punch and sodas in our Hydration Station!

football birthday party ideas

The Activities

I am a big believer in that every party should have some sort of craft.

What if it rains? What if it’s too cold to play outside?

I love having a simple craft option available and this time we lucked out and had THE most beautiful weather ever so literally not a single person did the craft – which was FINE!

It became a party favor ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will still link the craft here and at the end of the post b/c it’s super cute and one that literally doesn’t require any adult help OR any other items than what’s in the packaging! It’s a good one to put on your list of great football birthday party ideas!

Something that WAS a super good buy was the adorable pom-poms. They were a total impulse purchase and they were a HUGE hit!

football birthday party ideas
football birthday party ideas
football birthday party ideas

Our main plan for activities for the party was to have the kids be outside and go through a Football Training – it worked out GREAT (sharing the details of the party fun tomorrow!).

We have had this field goal for years and it was nice to have a purpose for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also always have the child’s birthday slideshow playing during the party and we gave Spear his big gift from us that morning – a tackling dummy! Perfect for the party fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

football birthday party ideas

I got several blow up footballs too for the younger kids to play with!

His banner turned out SO CUTE – I LOVE IT!

football birthday party ideas

I like to use LOTS of balloons to help tie in theming at my parties!

I didn’t do any sort of photo area this party because we are usually in such a chaos that I don’t really take a ton of pictures with the photo spot anyway!

I got super cute little football cups for the toddler crew (in hopes of avoiding red fruit punch on my new carpet haha) and some fun football favors to hand out too.

football birthday party ideas
football birthday party ideas

Everything came together so great and it made for a super fun football-filled day!

I did keep all the party supplies because I feel like we will for sure do another football party theme at some point for something ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also put together a Pinterest board with all of my football party theme ideas here!

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