Cali 2: Pebble Beach and Road Trip!

Day 1 had been so awesome that both of us were even more excited for the rest of our plans! We enjoyed our night in Monterey Bay and woke up the next morning to load up and head out!

First stop: Panera for breakfast (gah how I love me some Panera)

One of Zach’s #lifelongdreams is to play golf at Pebble Beach. When I was planning the trip I thought Pebble Beach was in Florida for some reason haha but once I found out it was in California I made some magic happen πŸ™‚ Zach was really looking forward to sharing the experience with me. When we talked about the day I pictured a nice ride with beautiful views and being very relaxed. Well. The ONLY bad weather day of our trip just so happened to fall on the day of Zach’s life long dream day. It was FREEZING and WET. Neither of us were very prepared for that!!!

People were SUPER nice (well mostly anyway…quite a few poked fun at Zach’s lack of rain gear) and someone gave Zach a nice Pebble Beach umbrella and told him he could keep it!

Checking out the practice facility

We went into some of the shops and thought we’d get Zach something more comfortable for the rain but omg cheapest rain suit was $350. While in the shop a man in front of us kept adding things to his bill which totaled over $4,000. We felt pretttttty out of place with that crowd!

Even though the weather wasn’t the best…it was still SO BEAUTIFUL. I can see why it’s rated as the best course in the US! 

It’s not everyday that you can watch mama and baby seals while at a golf course!

We were with another couple and their family. It was so neat talking to them as they lived nearby and had just such different lives than we do even though we are all the same exact age. They were there celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary and paid to bring her parents out (from Florida) to play golf as a thank you gift for hosting their wedding. They couldn’t believe that we have three kids while they are newlyweds! 

From seals to surfers!

Best. Wife. Ever. πŸ˜‰

I knew when we arrived that my hair wouldn’t last long so we invested in a hat to keep me somewhat presentable and Zach would have something to take home πŸ™‚

Even with the weather we had a GREAT time! I’m so thankful I got to experience something so special that Zach loves so much πŸ™‚ 

We couldn’t get over how fancy everything was and we felt so fancy in our rental car bahaha! When they brought it around from Valet they let us keep the key ring. I mean high rollers right here πŸ˜‰

They even let us use their facilities to shower and freshen up for the rest of our day! I came out of the stall from changing and this much, much older woman walked by me with a towel around her waist. I was caught completely off guard b/c who walks around with their boobs just on display like that right? But then I realized she was probably in her 60s and her boobs looked 10 years younger than mine do. So I got it haha!

We didn’t have any lunch and were STARVING by the time we headed out! It was almost 4 by that point and we just wanted to GRUB. We’ve both heard a good bit about In-N-Out Burger (I know it’s a Kardashian family favorite haha) and wanted to try it while we were in Cali so we decided it was the perfect opportunity! When you are starving nothing is better than fast food right?

Oscar was a big fan of our touristy ways of ordering πŸ˜‰

YUM. Their “special sauce” was the JAM

Had to have a milk shake to go to begin our road trip!

We talked to several people during that day about the best route to get to Santa Barbara that night. Our original plan was to go down the coast the entire way. I read a lot about it prior to our trip and heard there are tons of amazing spots to stop and take in the views. But. TONS of people we talked to said it’s a car-sick inducing drive. Zach and I have been lost driving in the mountains before and it was the worst car sickness I’ve had (even Zach was sick) we didn’t want to risk it. Getting sick and miserable trumps beautiful views anyway! Plus it would have taken us longer to get there so we figured out a quicker route that still took us through some gorgeous scenery. 

We just couldn’t get over the amazing landscapes California has to offer!!!

First time seeing an oil field!

Road trip snack time!

A true southern boy with his coke and peanuts πŸ˜‰

Once we hit the coast we pulled off to take in the views at sunset. SUCH perfect timing! 

This looks safe right?

We lucked out in a big way and just so happened to pull off an exit into an area that had a beautiful walkway and gazebo. So romantic! 

We had a blast on the road trip! It was a LONG day but we jammed out to some tunes. We found out that day that later in the week we’d be seeing Mayor Hawthorne live so we wanted to get a taste of his music. We are so not cool anymore b/c we don’t know ANYTHING about what’s currently popular. When I saw his name on the line up I had no idea who he is but he seems to have several music videos with some well known celebrities in them so he must be “someone” πŸ˜‰ 

When we planned the trip I booked us one night in Santa Barbara. The hotel was literally across from the beach and was a great location. The room was pretty basic but it was just a one night stay! We got settled in and Zach went on a hunt for dinner πŸ™‚

So proud of his picture takin!

I loved the cute details in the room

We settled in for dinner and some How I Met Your Mother…and omg worst pizza of our LIVES. Not that any of y’all will be necessarily wanting pizza in Santa Barbara but if you ever do, do not get Rusty’s. I’m usually pretty easy going about pizza (I mean our go-to is Little Ceasars and we consider Papa Johns to be “fancy pizza”) but this was beyond my abilities to consume haha!

At least I had lots of Mt Dew to wash it down with and my favorite person to laugh about how awful it was! Even bad moments are made good with him by my side!

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