New Orleans Day 3

Our third day started with a quick Aflac provided breakfast in the room while we got ready to go on our tour. Aflac always hosts activities and when we go on trips we get to choose which one we want to go on. We went with a plantation tour and lunch! In the future I’m going to try to get more info on the bus riding situation in advance…after Ireland and ALL THE BUS RIDING I just really can’t stand wasting vaca time on a stinking bus and the travel time to and from the plantation was LONG. 

Oak Alley Plantation!

Seriously SUCH beautiful trees!

Zach randomly decided to try a (virgin, of course) Mint Julep. I had one sip and OMG had to get one for myself! SUPER yummy!

We had a tour guide of the home and it was interesting but to be honest it’s really not my sort of thing. I get kinda glossy eyed at museums and places that require a lot of retaining info on things. I prefer hitting highlights and getting the key points then moving on ๐Ÿ˜‰ Zach could probably tell you a ton of history about the plantation and the home and the grounds…but I can just tell you that Mint Julep was legit ๐Ÿ˜‰

Creepy. Dolls.

My mom had these when I was a kid and I want to get them done of my kids at Disney once we take Tab on his first visit ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

So cool how thick the walls were

We had lunch and walked around the slaves quarters. It’s all so sad but also so interesting. They had all the names of the slaves listed on the walls. 

It was also so interesting to read the costs for slave trade and what made them more valuable. I’d assume women would be less valuable b/c we aren’t as strong as men but because we can have children it made women more valuable! 

Right in front of the “Sick House” I had a bee fly into my mouth and stink my tongue haha 

The day started at 9 and we weren’t back until like 4ish. It def could have all been condensed into a few hours but it was relaxing and beautiful weather and we got ice cream (I was all about the treats that day for sure!)

It was our dinner-free night so we booked a ghost tour and had some time beforehand to get dinner in the French Quarter

Video of the views of our dinner!!!

You can NEVER go wrong with shrimp and grits!

It was funny b/c we were at a Brewhouse but don’t drink and it ended up sparking a great convo with our waiter who is early on in a recovery program. I can’t imagine working in that environment and how tough that must be to stay the course!

We got some treats for our horse and carriage ghost tour ride!

(and you know we hit up Walgreens)

Pecan Praline – the pecans = YUM

I had a hard time finding ghost tours that didn’t require 3 hours of walking or a TON of money. We settled on doing a horse and buggy carriage tour. We figured win win of getting to see the city in a romantic setting and hearing some fun ghost stories!

Got to pass by the original Cafe Du Monde!

Our ghost tour was not a whole lot of ghost stories. More of a “and that house is haunted” and some “oh over there that house is haunted.” But the driver was adorable and I totally adopted him as my new grandfather ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Building where they filmed many movies, including Runaway Jury which I loved!

Had to get a pic with the horse…

and grandpa ๐Ÿ˜‰

We each shared our spookiest moments from the ghost tour:



No, mine technically wasn’t any ghosts…but our brief ride down Bourbon Street was scary enough!

Zach and I are so thankful for these opportunities of TIME together!!!

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