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Easter Bunny: Try #2

Friday, April 9, 2010

I was pretty disappointed with Kye's Easter Bunny experience at the mall this year and I was excited when our hotel had the Easter Bunny visit on Easter! We did NOT celebrate Easter on Easter as we're waiting to celebrate with Mom in Melbourne in a couple of weeks but how could I pass up a free chance for pictures with a CUTE Easter Bunny? On our way to head over to be with the family we ran into the bunny and couldn't resist trying one more time!

This time Zach was holding Kye so he didn't give him a chance to cling to him. He just handed him to the bunny and stepped away...

not happy about it
Daddy gave him a candy which helped
the best we could get...
Oh well!!!  I mean if you think about it who would want a HUGE, fuzzy, creepy rabbit holding them?!? At least he likes Santa...that's the one that really matters to me anyway :)

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