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Tess 3rd Bday Pics and Party Invites

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I love hosting themed birthday parties for my kids and have always taken photos of them wearing their party outfits to use as part of their invitations. I also typically use them to have cute thank you cards made too! I actually had Tess's dress before we even had a theme for her party. I saw these dresses for too good of a deal to pass up so I bought each of the girls one quite awhile ago to have on hand for a Disney trip at some point ;)

The dress is actually from AliExpress and paid under $8 for it. It does run VERY small. I ended up getting Tess a 4t and Britt a 7 (this is a direct link...they also have a variety of princess ones too!). I also got her ears from AliExpress, they were under $2 (direct link here!)

We came home one morning from running some errands and Tess was in a GREAT mood so I figured I'd take full advantage and go ahead and snap some pics! I LOVE how these turned out. I think this is like a yearly thing for her because I ADORED her 2nd Bday Invite Pics too! 

My secret weapon this year was Britt. She got ALL the smiles for me! 

HUGE thanks to Sassy Graphic Designs for her BEAUTIFUL invitations! I struggled to find something to fit here theme and this was perfect! 

Lots more party related posts coming up!

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