Monthly Family Recap – November 2022

I celebrated my 38th birthday on Nov 1st! Mrs Charlotte invited me to lunch which meant a lot to me and we enjoyed Chicken Salad Chick. For dinner the kids and Zach went all out making me the sweetest cards and Zach made my fav – brinner!

It was a birthday treat to have the kids “battling” over who would get to sit next to me too – it’s something they used to always do!

Spear came home from school with a sweet note for me and made me a sweet card when he got home and also “gifted” me some of his “mickey ears” and a bracelet I’d already owned 😉

Britt wrote me a poem and the kids all did super sweet cards! It was a wonderful day!

Zach KILLED it this year though! He wrote me the super sweetest IG post, picked up nugget ice for me from CFA and then as his gift he gave me a day trip to Thomasville where gifts were waiting for me at several locations!

Summer and I spent a day together traveling to Thomasville for my birthday scavenger hunt and it was THE most thoughtful and sweet gift EVER! I loved it so much and had such a great time finding all my presents.

The gift also came with the option to swap out anything I wanted to swap which was so great because I didn’t have to feel guilt if I didn’t love something!

Mr Rusty was so sweet and reached out to me to let me know the cotton field at their land (a farmer rents it from them) was ready for pictures so we could go out there and snap a few – Mr Rusty even asked the farmer to wait a couple of days before picking for me!

We had our family pics at VSU’s campus this month which was very special for Z and I – Britt especially loved getting to walk on the campus! We celebrated after with some Mexican 😉

Kye and I visited Hester Morris Orthodontist with the hopes that he’d be able to start his Invisalign journey – however he still has a couple of molars that would be best to come down a bit before getting started. He also had a tooth that was twisted and needed adjusting so we went ahead and started that process.

His entire journey will take about 2 years from start to finish!

For his sideways tooth they applied buttons on the tooth and nearby teeth with “power chains” to help twist the tooth into place. Everyone was so friendly and informative and we had a great first experience!

He was in a good bit of discomfort so he stayed home from school and we had a lunch date. We ran into one of my college professors and it was great to get to introduce him to my oldest son!

Britt this month had to dress up like an idiom for school and she did “hold your horses!”

She had a fantastic month of volleyball and loved having so much family support her!

She ended the season with coming in 2nd place in the league and had an INCREDIBLE game with a moment Z and I will always remember where she had an epic save! We love getting to watch her skills develop doing a sport she loves!

Tess is able to wear one of my fav shirts from high school! She started asking a lot of questions about baptism and we gave her a book to help. We also had a big kid moment where she and I swapped out her baby hangers for adult ones.

Bless her heart as she struggled with some weird ear crud for 6 weeks! We had to do a third round of antibiotics to get it fully cleared up annnnnd she got a weird eye infection too – we did get a lot of quality time together at dr appointments though!

The kids had a day off of school due to a hurricane but that didn’t stop Spear, me and Tessie from heading to Thomasville for Spear’s ENT appointment. I had them add Tess onto the appointment just to get a solid look at her ear situation.

Tess and I snuck away that evening for some quality time just the two of us. We listened to her songs in the car and enjoyed Surcheros together as well as stopping into the jewelry store to browse a bit.

Spear had a big ENT appointment that concluded in the decision to get tubes put in his ears as well as to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. After YEARS of being ignored and dismissed by drs I was so thankful to finally be heard and listened to!!!

He did fantastic for his appointments and big sister Tess cheered him on!

We love pulling out the holiday books each year and I will forever keep them out even when my babies are grown!

Spear had a few behavior struggles at school so Zach and I made the call to check him out and have him take a nap. We just felt like he NEEDED it and sure enough it helped so much!

The dress up days started for Christmas time and Spear was so cute wanting to dress up like Santa – he wanted to wear all red and put “gifts” under the tree for us all!

One of my favorite traditions is decorating for Christmas. We get out all the ornaments and look through them all together and relive the trips they represent as we put them on the tree.

It was our last Christmas in our home and we were all eager to make it super special.

One of my fav things about Kye is that he truly cares about these kinda things. He gets into his Halloween costume character. He wants to decorate for Christmas. He loves family time and all the traditions!

Of course we always love finishing up the decorating and watching a Christmas movie while drinking hot chocolate together!

GMama and Big Papa moved into their new home in Oct and had us for dinner.

I love watching my babies together – the three big kids had a late night football game in the yard!

My diaper pail and changing pad have been a staple in our home for 13 years and it was time to say goodbye!

Lots of new house progress this month – getting ready for the foundation!

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