Tess Summary of Month 22

This is a summery of Tess’s 22nd month from May 1st – May 30th. She was 21 months old during this month!

toddler girl at table


Tess is very “feast  or famine” when it comes to eating, which is normal for kids her age.

I don’t stress it but do find it super fun when she asks for certain things over and over.

Like slices of cheese. Girl LOVES her some sliced cheese.

So much so that I had to kinda hide it in the fridge 😉

I’ve heard that toddlers like to dip food. This was NOT true of my other two but Tess does like to dip!

First popsicle!

And first ice cream cone (bring on summer fun!)

This makes me laugh!

Sneaky child got into the candy jar and got (and opened) a sucker on her own! 

I noticed Tess kept climbing up on the chairs to sit at the table.

She’s our oldest child still in a high chair but I just wasn’t in a rush for the transition.

We went ahead and switched to a booster and she’s done really well!

She LOVES sitting with the big kids!


Still the occasional sleeping in car, and still the child who requires very little sleep in the crib.

She will wake and stay happily in her crib but the new thing she does is completely strip her bed.

I’ve never had a child do that?!? But it ALL comes off! 


Tess loves to “starfish” in the bath and it’s so cute!

She will lay in the water and roll around over and over. Swim lessons were def a great thing for her as she LOVES the water now!

Check out the long hair!


That third kid likes to give me a new experience in many areas.

She’s my first in many ways, but this whole obsession with putting things up her nose is NOT COOL.

THE week during Zach’s bed stay situation leading up to back surgery I had a lot going on…and Tess decided that would be a good time to cram three kernels of corn UP HER NOSE.

I was able to see one of them in her nostril and got her to blow and grabbed it.

But the other two were so far up there I couldn’t see them but I knew they were there b/c her nostril was flared and she was in pain.

I was SUPER proud of my genius mom moment.

I took her in the bathroom and used a saline spray.

I sprayed it up her other nostril and held her head over the sink. I had to do it pretty hard to get the kernels losoe but out they came!

I thought the experience might teach her a lesson. Nope. Sure enough that night when I put her to bed she put the ribbons from her friend straight up her nose. So weird?!?!


Tess’s fits zero percent bother me.

I’m not sure if it’s b/c she’s my 3rd kid snd just stuff doesn’t phase me like it used to or if it’s b/c Britt’s fits were so rough that Tess’s seem like a breeze.

She typically gets more pouty than anything. Not usually very loud about it, just kinda lays down and then gets over it. 

She has become harder to console  at home though when she pitches a fit.

She will cry and cry for a LONG time and comforting her doesn’t usually help.

My friend Laura recommended a calming bottle and it does help! I got the instructions on how to make it here 🙂 

Britt wanted her nails painted so I painted Tess’s for the first time too!

She was NOT as into it as Britt was as a toddler. She wanted to run off and play so I didn’t try to make them look neat 😉

Tess is obsessed with our cat, Zeke.

She chases him everywhere and loves to cuddle with him and pet him. He does really good handling it all, especially since he’s 12 years old!

Tess really enjoys coloring and especially enjoys making the crayons and markers into lipstick 😉

She loves to sit in things that are child sized. She will randomly sit in her movie chair and will always want to sit in it for movie time. If I forget to put her in it she will drag it over!

First time sitting in a regular swing and she did great with it!

She also loves to put on big kid shoes

Along with the nose cramming, Tess is also my first “climber”. She’s quiet and sneaky and quick!

It’s so fun to see Tess with Carter. They are hilarious together and one day this month he got to hang with us for a few hours. We went on a walk and Tess kept trying to hold his hand and he kept saying “No Tessie.” So funny!

End of the year teacher gifts crept up on me and with everything going on I didn’t have time for my normal online shopping 😉 Tess and I had to go to a local store to get everything and oh my goodness. It’s one thing to take a toddler to Publix or Target where you have things you can distract them with and where there are shopping carts to contain them…but at a single store?!?! It was ROUGH. 

Snack cup and Sucker at 10 am. Desperate times people!

I also did the unthinkable and did our entire month’s worth of grocery shopping WITH Tess. We survived but omg it was def a crazy experience I hope not to have to repeat! So thankful to have a daddy who is no longer confined to the bed!

More From This Month:

  • Tess can say everyone’s name in our whole family
  • She is SUPER good at finding birds
  • She likes to eat yogurt with a fork
  • She asks me to kiss her toes when I tuck her in 
  • On 5/12 I was going to the bathroom and she came in and then said to me “bye bye love you mmmmmah!” It was the first time she said “love you” on her own!


Sibling Comparisons: You can see Britt from Month 22 here and Kye here! I do think Britt and Tess are starting to look alike! 

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