Spear Summary of Month 7

This is a summary of Spear’s 7th month of life which spanned the entire month of June. He was 6 months old during this month!

Eating: Well. The day arrived. It was truly time for me to get my butt in gear and start feeing Spear some solids! I really put it off as long as I could haha. It’s not my fav and it’s def a stage that makes me glad to be DONE with babies moving forward. One last that I’m not getting teary eyed about for sure!

With all my babies I’ve always used Take and Toss cups for their sippy cups. I’ve always been happy with how they’ve held up, how easy they were for the kids to manage, and never had any major issues regarding spills or anything. But I’ve had SO MANY people swear by the Munchin 360 Trainer that I wanted to try it this time around. Last kid…might as well try out the latest and greatest while I can right?

I swear this cup is like invented by aliens. I don’t get the science behind it or how it actually works or how the baby can actually get the water…but it’s cool and really doesn’t leak. Right now he’s still learning how to hold it and drink from it and often it ends up on the floor (which I’m not huge on picking up over and over).

I’m a big fan of Baby Led Weaning (here’s my post on it!) when it comes to introducing solids. I decided to start with avocado this time around and he was an instant fan! I plan on putting together a post covering Spear’s solids soon regarding what order I introduced what and more info on how Baby Led Weaning has worked for him. But so far, so good! 

If you’re looking for the perfect high chair…I also have this post on why I LOVE our boon for baby led weaning!

The upside of Spear eating solids is that it gives him something to do while we’re out to eat places. We don’t eat out often but when we do it’s nice to have something to keep him happy, busy and occupied! I’ve used this place mat since Kye was a baby for when we go out to eat and it’s still a winner to me! It appears the manufacture no longer makes this exact one but this one is very similar 🙂 

Sleep: Sleep continues to go well with Spear. He’s still in a sleep sack and is still a thumb sucker. He most often ends up on his belly for sleep which doesn’t stress me out. Once babies can roll from their back to their belly it’s fine to just let them be! While I ALWAYS put him to sleep on his back, I never go in and move him if he ends up in a different position. 

Something unique about Spear is his go to bed routine. He cries every single time we put him to bed. I never really thought about it until we had a sitter one night and she said she kept laying him down and then picking him back up because he would cry and she felt like he wanted her! It was super sweet but I explained to her that he’s just a cryer at sleep time.

Spear VERY rarely cries at any other time but every single time we start his nap or bedtime routine he starts crying. And it’s a specific cry that is only at those times. Once we leave the room he stops almost immediately and is off to sleep. Sometimes some babies just HAVE to fuss a bit before falling asleep, it’s just part of their natural cycle. I believe Britt was a bit like this as well (and ironic that they are both my high sleep needs babies!). 

Most of the time he’s wide awake when it’s time to get up but ever so often I’ll get to ease him awake and I LOVE seeing that sleeping sweet boy!

He’s SO precious when he wakes up. EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m greeted with a HUGE grin!

He is still napping well on the go when we travel, I’m interested to see if that continues with some big trips coming up as all of our babies reached ages where they wouldn’t sleep in the car yet were too young to really watch movies to be entertained!


This month we added in solids! I’m so glad it’s summer so I could do the solids immediately after his liquid feeding, I know once school starts I will have to rework it some:

7:00-7:15: Up for the day. 6 oz formula bottle. Solids.

8:45-9:00: Down for nap.

11:00-11:15: Up from nap, 6 oz formula bottle, solids

12:45-1:00: Down for nap.

3:15-3:30: Up from nap, breastmilk bottle (typically 8 oz), solids

4:45-5:00: down for nap

6:45-7:15: up from nap, bath, nighttime bottle (8 oz formula) then straight to bed for night

More about Spear this Month:

We drove to Jacksonville this month to meet up with Mama E and Spear’s biological siblings 🙂 You can read all my thoughts and feelings from that day in this post!

This month we pulled out our pack and play and finally set it up in the dining room so Spear could get rolling on independent playtime! I have an entire post about how we do independent playtime here 🙂  He did super great but it’s tough to be consistent in summer time (glad it was summer for starting solids…not glad for the independent playtime ha!) especially with three other kids running around and him being able to hear them and wanting in on the action!

We also got out our jumperoo this month and I’m SO glad we did! Spear LOVES it and took to it RIGHT away and was jumping like a crazy child and would even “jump” his legs anytime he wasn’t in the jumperoo!

It also comes in handy when the big kids want to jump in the pool and I need to be out on the porch with them and yet need to watch Spear at the same time and want him to stay COOL!

I mentioned this in Spear’s 6 month well visit post but he finally started sitting up a bit!!! SO EXCITING!!! 

To help practice with the sitting up situation I really worked at putting him in the Bumbo and it was perfect to have it set up in front of our mirror in our room while I get ready and he can watch me and himself 😉 

It’s also been great practice for him with object permanence! He is really noticing when things fall away from him!

While sitting up my have been a slow-go I have a feeling we’re on the verge of crawling. He’s ALL over the place! He may not actually be crawling but he’s def MOBILE!!! And look at him on all fours!!!

When I left the room he was at the top corner of this picture on the blue ocean playmat…came back within a few minutes and he went from that corner to this spot!!!

I don’t always notice his little changes but seeing him in his baby tub makes him look HUGE and check out all that fuzzy hair that’s getting thick too!!!

We can make a sink tub work too 😉 But not for long!!!

I was a tad nervous at the start of summer about how our pool time would go with an infant but it’s been SO GREAT. Spear has done SO awesome! He sits contently in his infant float while I’m able to keep a good eye on the older kids! 

While I had MAJOR reservations regarding taking Spear to Disney over the summer I’m SO thankful I did!!! Having him meet Stitch and seeing their INSTANT connection made it all worth it! 

He met Stitch twice…both here and here 🙂 

Siblings: Spear is soaking up the summer days with his siblings. I LOVE what the time at home has allowed for them to have together. TRUE quality time! I know I keep mentioning how I stressed a bit about having to be at home so much this summer due to Spear’s schedule and this has been a HUGE benefit of having to be at home: there is a LOT of down time for that real connecting!

It’s been especially great to see Britt and Spear really bond. She’s been the slowest to bond with him and honestly I truly think it’s just that she’s gonna be like her mama and not be that into babies haha Now that he’s getting a little older, he’s getting more personality and is just more FUN than a newborn that lays there and sleeps all the time! 

I adore these 🙂 

Tessie still sneaks in her time too but the other two have really stepped up and soaked up that Spear time!

Brotherly love – nothing sweeter!


Sibling Comparisons at 6 months old:




Videos of Spear:

I got so many extra bonus cute pics of my sweet boy this month so here’s some photo spam for you 😉 I just can’t get enough of his sweet smile!!!

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