Spear Summary of Month 16

This is a summary of Spear’s 16th month of life. He was 15 months old during this month and it covers the entire month of March, 2019.


Spear loves to grub! We do three meals a day, no snack time.

He does very well with this routine. He typically has breakfast at 7:30, lunch at 12:30 and dinner anywhere from 5:00-6:30 depending on our evening.

We are working on giving him silverware. He’s done well with it and enjoys holding it…even if he doesn’t always use it!

Our struggle with Spear isn’t throwing food. It isn’t tossing his cup. It’s taking off his bib. He constantly removes it and it drives me crazy.

Zach traveled a lot this month and it was a bit of a struggle for this solo mama!

As a treat I took all the kids out to eat Mexican food. I earned that queso ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spear was cracking me up. Not only did he LOVE the chips…but he kept stealing my rice. It was so funny.

He would reach for my plate and pull it a little toward him and then grab some rice. He loved it and I think he loved it most because it was my food ๐Ÿ˜‰

While solo parenting I took all four kids to Publix for the first time and they did AWESOME.

It was also Spear’s first time having a cookie from the bakery – and “driving” in the shopping cart. Total big kid status!

Instant fan!

Another big first for Spear this month in the land of food…his first piece of candy!

All my kids have enjoyed a sucker after their survival swim lessons and with Spear I just held off. But at his graduation? Totally earned it!

He had NO CLUE what it was (and smart mama chose a light colored one so no staining) and when he figured it out he was super pumped!


Spear continues to rock out on the sleep.

He has a morning nap from 9ish till 11ish then an afternoon nap from 1ish until 4ish.

He sleep so solid that I often have to wake him!

Not gonna lie, I LOVE IT. Thank you Lord for my high sleep needs child ๐Ÿ˜‰

Current Schedule:

  • 7:00-7:15: Up for the day
  • 7:30: Breakfast
  • 8:00: Independent playtime (30 min) if not taking Tess to school
  • 9:00: Down for nap
  • 11:00: Up from Nap
  • 11:15: Independent playtime (30 min) if not picking up Tess from school
  • 12:30: Lunch
  • 1:00: Naptime
  • 4:15: Up from Nap
  • 4:30: Independent playtime (30 minutes) if not twice already
  • 5:30ish (sometimes at late as 6:30): Dinner
  • 6:40: Bath then storytime and prayer
  • 7:00 Down for the night
sample schedule for 15 months old

Other Things This Month:



Even cooler? I not only saw it…but caught it on camera!

I am not allowed to say exactly what I was working on (it’ll go live soon) but I was doing some campaign collab stuff and had to take a BILLION pics of Spear.

So while I was chasing him around snapping the pics he just so happened to let go of the coffee table and take his very first step!

I just kept snapping and totally got the pic! Whoop whoop!

He isn’t walking. He hasn’t taken a million steps. But he’s got those first ones out of the way!

And he’s choosing to cruise more than crawl now and getting faster at cruising and doing that thing where he crawls with his knees off the ground…so walking is coming! I feel confident!

Spear’s Lip Tie

When I went to Spear’s 15th month well check I talked to them a bit about Spear’s lack of speech.

He says some words but not as many as they’d like to see at his age.

If he doesn’t have a decent explosion of vocabulary by his 18th month visit we’ll discuss possibly getting some speech services for him just to help!

I’m not overly stressing it but y‘all know I’m hardcore about just making sure I do EVERYTHING I can to help my kids.

The pediatrician recommended having Spear’s lip tie looked at by the dentist whenever I took the older kids in for their next appointment.

I’m so glad I had them check and that I got this picture of it! It’s def a very tight tie.

It’s unlikely it’s causing issue with his speech. However, a lip tie of this magnitude will probably have to be snipped/lasered later in life anyway (for braces etc) so why not have it looked at now?

It may not help at ALL with his speech…or it could totally make the difference and really give him the ability to start talking more frequently!

toddler summary the 16th month what to expect

First, the dentist charged me for just GLANCING in Spear’s mouth. Seriously. $80 just for this quick glance. After I was already paying for my other THREE kids to have theirs cleaned.

Second, the dentist doesn’t do these often and didn’t seem all that confident about it.

His plan was to have another dentist over to observe and for us to hold Spear down while they snip it.

Ehhh. The more I thought on it, I just didn’t feel comfortable with that game plan.

I’m SO thankful for the internet and my crew on Insta. Y’all helped me out BIG TIME.

I was able to find a Facebook group all about lip ties and I asked where the closest specialist is to our area.

Everyone chimed in and HIGHLY recommended a dentist in Jacksonville. I called and just thought I’d see how long the wait was to get in.

They could get us in by the end of April, which wasn’t too bad at all. So we’re going that route.

I trust this dentist as they’ve come SO highly recommended AND I love that they SPECIALIZE in this type of thing! I will be updating soon with how it all goes!

Survival Swim

Spear graduated from survival swim lessons this month!

You can read the entire post about it here.

I’m SO PROUD and you can really see his skills in this video:

It also worked out so great that the big kids were able to be there to cheer him on ๐Ÿ™‚

Church and Bible Class

Spear does SUPER well when I drop him off at bible class and he’s learning to really “pat pat” his Bible.

He’s not so great during actual church services so pretty much every Sunday he ends up in the nursery.

So thankful for all the helpers at church to make sure he’s learning and having fun and occupied so Zach, myself and the big kids can focus on worship!


Spear is just a “rashy” kid. He tends to get little rash spots from time to time.

This one on the back of his neck seems to be lingering a bit though, I’m assuming it’s from the rubbing of his bib when he rips it off his neck to throw it?

spear rash

Bath Time:

Spear continues to LOVE bath time! He loves to splash and now that he’s a little swimmer he loves to dunk his face into the water to make us cheer for him ๐Ÿ˜‰

Independent Playtime:

It continues to go well in the pack and play and he’s at a solid 30 minutes.

He always fusses at first but then will happily play the rest of the time! And he’s great about helping clean up!


We had a basketball game for Kye and some time prior to the game so Spear got to play a bit on the playground.

I’m always so impressed with how brave he is! He went down the slide all by himself!

Mommy Date:

Spear and I had our first date just the two of us this month!

I felt REALLY bad about leaving Spear for our ski trip and then our Universal trip. I hated to leave him out of things, but knew it made sense for him not to come.

So I wanted to make sure I got a bit of quality time just him and I!

We went to Chickfila for lunch and had such a fun time together.


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