Spear Summary of Month 14

This post covers all of Jan for Spear which was his 14th month of life! He was 13 months old during this month. 

Eating: Spear continues to be an excellent eater. He LOVES his morning oatmeal and I’ve been adding stuff to it to help give it an added health boost!

To make his oatmeal here’s what I do:

  • 1/3 cup of quick oats
  • organic whole milk
  • warm for 28 seconds
  • add a spoonful of whole plain greek yogurt (helps cool it off)
  • mix in a dash of elderberry syrup
  • a packet of young living kidscents mightypro
  • a few drops of vitamin d 
  • a pinch of organic wheat grass
  • a pinch of flaxseed meal
  • a pinch of wheat germ
  • Since he’s had a bit of a cough (and is over age 1) I’ve also been adding a bit of honey!

I put together this quick video to show how I make it too:

He LOVES his morning oatmeal!

The messier the tastier 😉 

When the big three and I were away for the weekend Daddy and Spear had a lot of quality time and went out to dinner together. Zach had THE best time! I was pretty jealous of their fun night and especially for the fact that Spear had his first taste of ice cream!

I’ve been hardcore cleaning out our kitchen (and it’s SO FUN, seriously I’m on a ROLL) and Spear has been taking advantage of this opporunity to raid the cabinets. I’m trying to clean and he’s trying to snatch up everything he can and eat it before I realize he has it bahaha. He enjoyed the subroll! 


7:00-7:15: Up for the day. Breakfast with whole milk in sippy

8:45-9:00: Down for nap

11:00-11:15: Up from nap

12:00-12:30: Lunch with Tess

12:45-1:00: Down for nap

3:45-4:15: Up from nap

6:00ish: Dinner with family

After dinner – bath

6:45-7:15: Down for bed for night

Sleep: Spear has had the crud for like 4 months straight at this point. I’m SO OVER IT. I bet money he has allergies but I don’t think you can test for that at this age? He’s always got a snotty nose. Always. 

He wakes up most of the time with a dried crusty nose. Thankfully he’s still sleeping great! Kid LOVES his sleep. Which is a total savior for me when he’s fussy and not feeling great. 

Other Stuff This Month:

We have been hardcore working on house stuff so Spear has been along for all of that fun and excitement 😉 I harcore cleaned out our old fridge to be able to have it like new for the Disney House and Spear had so much fun playing in it! 

He also helped Daddy install all the new appliances!

Zach kept sending me pics of Spear when the carpet was getting installed. Spear was ALL ABOUT IT. With our house stuff going on we’ve really learned that Spear is super into tools. Zach will be using loud tools and Spear will not show any fear at all and instead will keep trying to grab the tools to use them himself. Spear just sat at this spot and watched the guys installing the carpet on the stairs for over an hour! He was in a trance. And that’s saying a lot for Spear as he’s usually hardcore go-go-go. 

This is a total real-mom kinda moment that I think most people would be too embarrassed to share but, hey, gotta keep my slogan going right?

So as mentioned I’m very focused on cleaning out the kitchen. I’m going cabinet by cabinet and cleaning everything out. Tossing stuff. Donating stuff. Taking stuff to Disney House. Cleaning every single item and then reorganizing it all in a better way. 

As I’m doing this Spear is following me around and playing with things/getting into stuff. Basically is mission is to slow me down and never allow me to get done with it all bahaha. As I was cleaning off some appliances I heard him in the cabinet and thought “oh such a cute pic!” I took the pic and it is super cute…

But then I saw blood. And I was like what the heck. I couldn’t figure out where the blood was coming from!

Spear had SLICED HIS FINGER. I’m guessing it was on the chopping tool that he somehow got the cover off of while playing. So yes, I had total mom guilt. But guys. LOOK AT THAT SMILE. The kid literally sliced his finger. Like I had to bandage it up and it was bleeding everywhere. Yet he NEVER cried. I was literally right next to him the entire time and he didn’t make a PEEP. And he must have cut it early on enough to spread the blood around while he kept right on playing!  He’s so crazy tough yall!!! It’s mindblowing!!!

Spear has been fighting crud on and off for awhile and he is not only my most snotty kid but also my rashy kid. Kye was the same way. He’s get rashes very easily as a toddler and the benefit of being a more seasoned mama is I don’t freak out about it like I would have back then! 

Spear is at a stage where he throws his friend out of his crib pretty regularly. What’s cute about it is that when he’s awake and playing he’ll find the friend and immidately lay down and snuggle with it. So sweet!

Real talk about Independent Playtime. I’ve slacked BIG TIME. With the holidays and our house in upheavel it just hasn’t happened. I tried to get back to it this month and it went horribly. Then Spear got even sicker in Feb (posts to come) and I now just plan on waiting until after we get back from skiing to really get hardcore about independent playtime. I’m basically going to follow my advice in this post to get him back on track!

Kye started playing basketball this month! The sport itself is pretty inexpensive but oh my goodness we are dropping some DOUGH on babysitters! Most of Kye’s games are at 7:30 at night which just doesn’t make sense to try to take Spear. Not only would he be overtired (he goes to bed at 6:45) but he’d be a nightmare to deal with! So thankful we have several awesome girls who do a great job with him (and an easy gig for them since he’s usually asleep the whole time). 

Spear was able to go with us to one game this month as it was a Sunday afternoon game. He did really well just hanging out and watching his big brother!

Spear doesn’t yet stand unsupported very often. If he does it’s very brief. He still is quick to crawl everywhere and will pull up a lot and cruise some too. He is getting the hang of the pushing toy! He starts swim next month and for Britt swim really helped get her walking. Since Spear and Britt are the same birth month I assume the same will be true for him too!

The deep-v cracks me up!

Spear is super into brushing his hair. It’s so stinking adorable and anything he finds he thinks it’s a brush. Pretty sure we’ll have another hair-obsessed kid on our hands 😉 

Sidenote: Yes, those are ALL the blog books I’ve had printed behind him. This is a hint of what our house looked like while waiting on carpet install!

That morning messy hair is my fav! Spear LOVES this drawer. He loves to get out all the pans and put them all back in. Whatever keeps him entertained 😉

He is also LOVING the playroom! He will just play and play in the ball pit and loves to stand up and then crash down into the balls!

Spear really loves books and reading and I have to give the credit to Zach on that. Zach is SO GOOD about sitting and reading with him. I’m always so busy and Zach is great about taking that time together during his tuck-in routine with Spear at night. Most nights Zach handles putting him to bed since I get my Spear snuggles at naps!

Yay for a new book and adorable giraffe toy from Aunt Katie!

I adore that cute baby belly!!!

Spear is slowly starting to be more and more able to actually play together with the kids. He and Tess play very well together and she and Kye def enjoy Spear time the most. Tess will ASK to go play with Spear which makes my mama heart so happy. I’m not wishing the days away but I am excited when he’s old enough to REALLY have those friendships with his siblings (and yes, this is another look at our hosue during all the carpet fiasco!)


You can compare to his siblings here: Kye 14th Month Summary, Britt 14 Month Summary, Tess 14 Month Summary

More pics of our handsome boy from this month!


13 months old summary

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