Finding Nemo Birthday Party Ideas: Food, Decor & More!

Originally for Tess’s party I was brainstorming on doing an Elvis themed birthday party since the song I sing to her at bedtime is “Love Me Tender.” But once Tess watched Finding Nemo for the first time I knew we had to change the theme to a Finding Nemo birthday party!

She LOVES Nemo and even started sleeping with both Nemo and Dory because she loves them so much. It was a great theme for a summer party and with the release of Finding Dory it made it super simple to find supplies that fit the theme (not always easy when doing an older Disney movie theme). 

I’m SO happy with how this entire party came together. So many great ideas! It was a very busy time for our family but it all worked out and made for a perfect day for our precious girl!!!

P.S. If you’re looking for more party themes, be sure to check out this roundup of the best party themes for kids!

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Finding Nemo Birthday Party Decor

We used a lot of orange and white for Nemo and blue and white for Dory! The netting and balloons turned out even cuter than I’d pictured and were a fun detail!

Finding Nemo birthday party
Finding Nemo birthday party
Finding Nemo birthday party

I used photos that I took of Tess in her outfit as decorations along with Nemo books and toys (Dollar Store had a ton of little figurines!)

Finding Nemo Party Ideas: The Food

We had some much fun making the Finding Nemo and Dory themed party food! Most of these are super easy and only require basic ingredients you can find anywhere!

Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Sandwiches. All you need is a jellyfish cookie cutter!

Spinach Dip and Chips as “Seaweed Dip” 

Fruity Fish Bites!

Cheetos as Coral Reef

Shark Tooth necklaces

I made my Pampered Chef Bread Tube with Spread (Zach wanted to color it yellow to look more starfish like)

Gotta have shark bait! (Swedish Fish and Goldfish mix that included Dory!)

Rock candy for more coral reef!

Green grapes on a skewer for seaweed!

I loved the idea of cutting string cheese to look like octopus especially with Hank being in Finding Dory. It was trickier than it looks on Pinterest though to make it work!

I always do chocolate covered Oreos and Pretzels for parties…I LOVE how these all turned out though! I bought blue melting chocolate (Hobby Lobby) and used graham cracker crumbs, small white sprinkles, and gold fish to complete the look!

Finding Nemo birthday party

With the rest of the frosting and fish, I did some chocolate covered pretzels as “fish sticks” ๐Ÿ™‚

Blue Hawaiian Punch served as P. Sherman Punch ๐Ÿ™‚

Finding Nemo birthday party

I couldn’t find Squirt soda anywhere but did find Crush (Turtle names from Finding Nemo)

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory Cake!

I cannot get over how ADORABLE (and delicious!) the cake turned out! It was simply PERFECT!!!

Finding Nemo birthday party
Finding Nemo birthday party
Finding Nemo birthday party
Finding Nemo birthday party

More Finding Nemo Decor!

Finding Nemo birthday party

The birthday banner turned out great, too!

Finding Nemo birthday party

I always put together birthday slideshows for each of my kids on their special day, I think Tess appreciated hers more than any child has yet! You can view the full video here ๐Ÿ™‚

Finding Nemo birthday party

Finding Nemo Themed Birthday Activities

If you have access to a pool, the activities basically take care of themselves because it basically becomes a pool party! What says Finding Nemo more than to just keep swimming? ๐Ÿ™‚

In the event of rain I did want to make sure to have a few activities if swimming wasn’t an option! This ring toss game was a perfect back up plan ๐Ÿ™‚

Finding Nemo birthday party

We’ve been working to complete our outdoor kitchen area, we hung these new towel hooks just in time for the party. Aren’t they so cute?!? They are from The Noteworthy Nest!

Each of our kids always has a special birthday balloon and Daddy surprised Tess with a HUGE one for her special day ๐Ÿ™‚ A simple craft is a great way to keep the kids busy! 

Finding Nemo birthday party

The kids each got a wooden fish to color and decorate and then keep!

Finding Nemo birthday party

The photo wall area was probably my favorite. I took green streamers and made the seaweed. Then I just found images of the characters online and printed them off and cut them out. I attempted to make my own jellyfish lanterns but I failed MISERABLY so I found an amazing seller who worked with me to get them to me QUICK. They turned out awesome and I love that our house wall color works so perfectly for the “ocean” backdrop ๐Ÿ™‚

Finding Nemo birthday party

Can’t have a photo backdrop without some props! These were masks made to look like the main characters, but I just unattached the elastic and hot glued them to sticks to make them easier to use!

Finding Nemo birthday party

Easy fish tank!

I’m pretty hardcore on budgeting, especially for parties. But I broke the bank on the party favors this time around.

I was going for easy and was thinking more about price per person for the favor rather than on the actual amount I was paying for what the favor was.

The cookies were ADORABLE and a HUGE hit but it was the first time Zach’s ever been disappointed in me for my spending on something. It was a bummer and I felt a lot of guilt and we won’t be having such fancy cookies in our house again anytime soon! 

Finding Nemo birthday party

I am SO happy with how everything came together for this Finding Nemo birthday party! The food was VERY simple but so cute and I love when the theme flows so well throughout all the details and cool ideas.

If you’re looking to put together your own Finding Nemo or Finding Dory Party ideas here’s where I bought all my supplies to make this one happen ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Party Supplies and Details:

Invite: Lucky Pixel

Tess Dress: Disney Store

Tess and Britt’s Bows: Muffin Tops and Tutus

Orange and White Dot Party Supplies: Target

Jellyfish Lanterns: All Themes Possible (no longer on Etsy but you can find similar ones!)

Nemo and Dory Masks: Ariel’s Custom Designs (no longer on Etsy but here are some similar ones!)

Food Name Tags: RBH Designer Concepts (here are some similar ones!)

Jellyfish Cookie Cutter: Amazon

Cake: Lorin’s Adventures in Cake

Shark Teeth Necklaces: Oriental Trading

Birthday Banner: Printz N Things

Shark Toss Game: Oriental Trading

Dory Balloon: Walmart

Wooden Fish to Color: Oriental Trading

Cookie Favors: Yaya’s Sweets and Treats

Inspired to do your own Finding Nemo/Dory party? You can see my “Pins-perations” here!

finding Nemo birthday party

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