Tess’s 2nd Birthday Party

We were all super excited for Tess’s 2nd Birthday Party! I’m SO glad I picked the Nemo/Dory theme…after seeing Finding Dory in theaters Tess loved the characters even more than she already had from watching… View Post

Finding Nemo Birthday Party Ideas: Food, Decor & More!

Originally for Tess’s party I was brainstorming on doing an Elvis theme since the song I sing to her at bedtime is “Love Me Tender.” But once Tess watched Finding Nemo for the first time… View Post

Tess’s 2 Year Pics and Invite

I love to have outfits for my kids to wear that coordinate with their party themes! I looked all over Etsy and couldn’t justify shelling out over $50 for a party dress for Tess. I… View Post