The BEST Amazon Prime Day Deals

The BEST Amazon Prime Day Deals

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE a good deal and Amazon Prime Day is basically a national holiday in my book! I clear my calendar so I can spend the entire day (or two) hunting all the best deals.

In years past I’ve shared the deals as I find them via my Facebook Page or Instagram and this year I wanted to make it easier for people to find things as well as make it quicker and easier for me to share the bargains as I find them.

I will be updating this post throughout the entire Amazon Prime Day EVENT. So check back frequently to catch all the deals as they happen!

Often during Prime Day items will sell out so I apologize in advance if you miss a deal. Anything that’s a RUN deal I’ll do my best to share via Instagram so be sure to follow me there.

I will be updating THIS BLOG POST as well as THIS FACEBOOK THREAD the most frequently! It’s the easiest places to share to be sure to be following BOTH spots! Refreshing this post as well as following that thread are your best bests! You can directly visit the Facebook thread here:

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I earn a small percentage of purchases made through links I’ve shared, I love helping others find good deals and appreciate the support so much. Thank you!

I’m also doing my best to share deals that are NOT on Amazon as well! TONS of epic sales and discounts going on and I’m super pumped for them alllllll.

Sign Up for an Amazon Prime Account

The ONLY way to take advantage of the PRIME DAY DEALS is to have an Amazon Prime Account! Amazon Prime accounts come with many perks including free prime shipping, access to Prime Video, Prime Reading, Amazon Music, and more!

Learn more about Amazon Prime and join the membership here!

Shop Now or Wait for Black Friday?

It’s a struggle of what to do: the deals are great now…but will they be BETTER for Black Friday?

Most retailers have already extended their return policies. Amazon now has returns allowed through January.

As you shop, check the return policy. If an item is on sale or part of a deal and the return window is past Black Friday/Cyber Monday then BUY IT NOW! Why wait? If the price goes lower…you can always return!

This has been my method for many years and truly…I very rarely end up returning much. Typically the deals I find end up being just about the same on Black Friday, if not even lower now than then or it’s only a slight difference where I don’t find it worthwhile to do the return.

Keep your receipts and keep good record of the price you paid and keep price comparing! Many hot toy items tend to sell out closer to the holidays as well so my rule of thumb is get it when you can!

Non-Amazon Deals during Amazon Prime Day Event

I have found over the years that competing retailers take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day Event and jump on board with their OWN deals. Often ones that are even better than what Amazon is offering.

I will be linking to deals ACROSS the board and NOT just to Amazon specific items. It never hurts to price check and compare and to check for items that are out of stock on Amazon and may be in stock at a competing site, often for the same price!

Target is often a HUGE competitor when it comes to price comparing as typically they match the same prices as Amazon but if you are a Redcard holder you save even more with that extra 5% discount!

I love that Target offers the ability to have a Redcard as a debit card rather than credit card. Learn more about the Target Redcard HERE!

Prime Day Deals – Toys

Amazon Toy Deal: $10 off when you spend $50. Shop Eligible Toys HERE!


Some of My Picks:

Target Toy Deal: Spend $50, save $10 on Toys AND Spend $100, Save $25 on Toys. Shop all Eligible Toys HERE!

Some of My Picks:

More Toys

Another great gift for toddlers! My kids had this toy push behind walker and it held up great and is $10 off!

This steering wheel set is something I use to keep my kids busy and happy during independent playtime and it’s a KILLER deal right now. Will sell out!!!

Chalk markers on sale with a bonus clickable!

Got a Nerf loving kid? Here’s TONS of bullets perfect for the next Nerf Battle

Anything Disney is a win for us! We have this Green Toys Stacking Cups set in the standard version and wish I’d gotten the Mickey instead!

We used this tent and tunnel set as a ball pit for YEARS! It was fantastic!

A gift I always recommend for babies and toddlers is a ball popper and this one is part of the Prime Day event!

I really want to grab this for Spear! He is ALL about construction and construction vehicles so this is a must-have for him!

ALL of the kids have had this camera – it’s a great “first camera” and can withhold a good bit of dropping too 😉

I bought this toy cooking set for Spear last year because he’s always loved playing with the pots and pans in the kitchen and it’s STILL a huge hit a year later!

Green Toys are AWESOME quality! We love this boat as a bath toy!

My kids saw this and asked for it! Good deal and hoping it’s something they’ll all enjoy together!

Tess got this doll house last year for Christmas. Perfect size for Barbies (and other dolls) and it’s MASSIVE!

This is the lowest price ever on this microscope!

I almost pulled the trigger on this last year and regretted it – Karaoke Microphone

Dot and Dab Markers Set – lowest price EVER. Even Spear loves these!!!

I saw this awhile ago and have had it saved in my cart for Spear! Such a cute Bubble Leaf Blower!

Mrs. Charlotte has two of these ride on tractors at her house and they are THE favorite toy! Especially with the toddlers.

Prime Day Deals – Electronics

Chromebook Deals! Kye has this on his Santa list!

On sale AND an extra $10 off clickable on this Osmo Creative Kit – a great beginner kit to get your kids started!

Considering a Ring Doorbell? This is a STEAL!

I’m also looking for get Kye some off brand “air pods” and had these saved in my cart – they are a great price and I’m going to pull the trigger!

Had a friend text me and say that THESE are supposed to be really awesome too!

A MUST have for us: Our Kindle Paperwhites!

Yall these have been a game changer and I am in LOVE with mine! SUCH a steal right now!

All new Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

Save an additional $100 on this Apple MacBook Air!

Great writing tool for writing and drawing on iPads, especially if doing virtual learning!

THE best gift I’ve EVER gotten for Zach was AirPods! A rare deal going on that may sell out quick.

A Great way to Stream ALL the things is with the Firestick

Light Box Trace – I’ve never seen these before but Britt will LOVE IT!!!

Prime Day Deals – Video Games

Kye has a Nintendo Switch so I’m always on the hunt for games for him!

Nintendo Switch Deal – This WILL sell out QUICK

Nintendo Switch Games

Prime Day Deals – Entertainment

Amazon Get 3 for the Price of 2 Entertainment Deal – This is a GREAT time to stock up on books, dvds, cds and more! Shop all the eligible Get 3 for the Price of 2 Deals HERE

TIP: Order three books that are all close in price to maximize the savings!

Some of My Picks:

Target is matching this deal with a deal of their own – Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Books, Movies, Music and More. Shop all the eligible items HERE!

Same tip as above…order three items that are close in price to maximize your savings. When price comparing, don’t forget to factor in your redcard savings!

Some of My Picks:

Prime Day Deals – Beauty

I LOVE these silk pillowcases and sleep on one every single night!

Yup, I shave my face! I was nervous at first but now I LOVE it! I use these razors and they work great (and can be used multiple times too).

Elf has free shipping on all orders

Target has the best deal on this BEACH WAVER for great curls that last! I use it on my girl’s hair and it is SO fast and easy and the curls stay great. I love using it on mine too for a quick out the door cute look!

Prime Day Deals – Clothing

Under Armor Deals for the whole family – Shop ALL of the Under Armor Deals HERE

Every Year Zach buys DRESS SHOES on Prime Day! TONS of Mens Shoes Deals HERE!

Up to 30% off Women’s Fashion – Here are ALL the Deals in the category!

More Clothes Deals:

My hands-down FAVORITE sunglasses include an extra coupon!

Prime Day Deals – Home

KILLER steal on this coffee machine. PLUS bonus 40% off! This will go quick!

We bought this pressure washer (and paid more for it) awhile back and Zach uses it regularly for stuff around the house and was just saying last weekend how awesome it is!

I’m in the process of replacing ALL of my plastic hangers – best price right now I’ve ever seen on my velvet ones!

We JUST bought this safe at full price – perfect for storing all those important documents (we store the kids allowance money in it!)

All Bissel Floor Deals!

Awesome steam mop

I just started using packing cubes when I travel and this set is on sale but will sell out quick!

With lots of people doing learning time at home this daily calendar set is great!

Instant Pot! Grab one if you don’t have it!

Great deal on a wireless combo charger for phone and watch!

Crazy epic price on a Shark Vacuum!

Kye needs new bed sheets so it’s one of my “must get” items over Prime Day and these look like the winner!

We use these food containers for ANY meal on the go. School lunches, eating in the car, eating in restaurants, eating at the theme parks. They have held up AMAZING and are so easy to stack in a cooler too!

I’m hardcore about vitamins for my kids and these are the Vitamin D drops they use every single day!

Prime Day Deals – Games

Our absolute favorite family game is Sorry and it’s a great deal right now!

We have this Apples to Apples game too and love the Disney spin on it!

Spear LOVES playing with a set very similar to this fishing game set – great for eye hand coordination and great for siblings to play together too!

I used to LOVE playing this game with kids I babysat for and now love playing with my own kids too!

This is a GREAT family board game, and easy for little ones to follow too. BEST price EVER and it’s a Target deal! Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

Prime Day Deals – Gift Ideas

We LOVE our Nixplay frame and they are on SALE today!!! This is the perfect gift for grandparents! Super user friendly and easy to use and excellent quality.

This is my go-to gift for new babies. I print off photos and fill it ahead of time! Even my older kids still enjoy looking at them and these soft albums are great to keep in a quiet bag for church too.

I bought these Under Armor Water Jugs for EVERY guy on my list last year. They are AWESOME and today is a GREAT deal on them!

Got a Harry Potter lover? I’ve heard AWESOME things about this game (just look at those reviews!) and am pretty sure my little HP Lover needs this game!

Prime Day Deals – Baby

My kids ALL use sound machines to sleep and we’ve been transitioning them from ones that stopped working to these and they are AWESOME!

Shop ALL the Car Seat Deals HERE

My Personal Favorites:

Got a baby celebrating their first Christmas? SUCH adorable holiday pjs!

I used some version of this car seat for ALL of my babies as infants!

I use this one when my kids transition from the infant to the toddler seat

Need Gift Ideas for the Kids on Your Lists?

Here are my blog posts with my kids favorite presents, what they’ve actually played with even after Christmas morning, and what I consider the BEST toys and gifts for each age:

Looking for More Amazon Must-Haves?

I have TONS of lists of my favorite Amazon items…all organized in categories to make shopping a breeze. Check out my Amazon Page here!

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