Trying to Conceive a Girl

Trying to Conceive a Girl

I seriously do NOT believe people who have one kid and are pregnant with their second and say “I don’t care what the sex is!” How could you have a baby boy and not want a baby girl??? How could you have a girl and not want a boy???

If Kye had been a girl then I’d be DYING for a boy right now. I LOVE that Zach has a son and I love that he will carry on the family name. Since I have a boy already, OF COURSE I want a girl!

If this baby is a boy I will be very, very happy. I think brothers (especially two hott brothers like you know Kye and #2 will be haha) would be so neat and Zach wouldn’t mind it one bit for sports reasons. Plus I already know everything there is to know about a boy – and we have ALL the clothes.

I also feel like if Blitzen is a boy it’s God’s way of making sure we continue to have more children. I have seen SO many couples say that they want lots and lots of kids but then they have one of each, the “perfect” family, and don’t want to mess that up ya know?

So many people think it’s hilarious to tell me they think I’ll have all boys. Why would you say that? Just because you KNOW I want a girl at some point? I mean really! Honestly, if we have four boys that is okay with me. I then know that it’s God’s will for us to adopt.

I am not meant to be an all-boy mama. I’m very girly and feminine and need a Barbie-Princess of my own. Plus I see adult mother-daughter relationships and I need that. Someday Kye (and all my other potential sons) will grow up and get married and belong to their wives.

You know the saying: “A daughter is a daughter for life but you lose your son when he gains a wife.” SO true.

I’m 100% fine with the idea of my daughter being adopted, if that’s God’s will then we’ll roll with it! However, I’m also going to do whatever I can to try to spin the odds in my favor for a girl when we try to conceive.

I’m my moms little girly girl for sure 🙂

Back in September, when I went off the pill, we decided to try for that month and October but only do the tricks I heard about to get a girl.

When we started trying in March, we still did some of the tricks but not all of them. At that point we were just ready to get pregnant and the little tricks aren’t worth it to me to face months and months of unsuccessful conception.

When “researching” for ways to conceive a girl I read some CRAZY stuff and half the stuff I read contradicted other things I read. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money or do anything too crazy so I picked a few of the ideas that I thought made sense and were doable.

Mom actually gave me the idea to look for tricks when she moved to Valdosta and gave me one of my childhood jackets. She told me it’s an old wives tale to hang an article of clothing of the sex you hope to have in the closet of the older sibling. Who knows if it works but I stuck that junk in Kye’s closet and it’s still there now!

Isn’t this jacket too cute?!?

When I tell people that we tried “girl tricks” they want to know what we did, so of course I will share! Take into mind that this is stuff I found on the INTERNET. We all know the internet is in no way 100% accurate and I’m not saying these tricks actually work. I’m just saying I gave them a shot 🙂

I know there are a lot more hardcore ways to try to predict the gender of your baby. The Shettles Method (which I’ve heard has a high success rate), tracking basal body temperature, The Babydust Method, and more. I didn’t want to do anything fancy and didn’t read any books…I just did a few simple things to help but know if we are meant to conceive a girl, we will have a baby girl. If meant to be conceiving a boy…then a boy it will be!

I know gender selection is very controversial and I’m not trying to stir up any controversy here. It’s okay to do little tricks! In the end all that matters is a healthy baby to us 🙂 

I also want to recognize that being able to get pregnant is a gift I do not take for granted. Pregnancy is a blessing and many women don’t get these chances that I’ve been blessed to have. Please don’t take these tips as thinking I don’t appreciate my ability to conceive a child! 

Here are the “tricks” we did to conceive a girl when trying to get pregnant:

  • Things I read said to lower my intake of both salt and potassium. I’m not a big salt eater anyway, so I didn’t overly worry about this one


  • It also said to have more calcium and magnesium. Supposedly girl sperm “swim” slower than boys but are also stronger. Calcium and magnesium are supposed to thicken the “water” so boy swimmers will have a harder time swimming through it while girls will be able to keep going. I took a calcium and magnesium vitamin from about August until March and could tell a difference in the “water down there.” (I know it’s gross, I tried to say it as non-grossly as possible!!!)


  • Since boys do swim faster… if you conceive your baby on or after your ovulation date then you most likely have a boy (which was true with us for Kye!) And since girls are slower, if you conceive before your conception date you’re most likely to have a girl. When we tried in Sept/Oct we would try EVERY DAY (which I read it supposed to help make a girl but I think it’s the main reason we didn’t get pregnant…hello lower sperm count!) but stopped trying the day of my ovulation. When we tried in March we did it every other day. I used an ovulation test and they actually are positive BEFORE you ovulate. If you read the instructions it says a positive test means you will be ovulating within the next 48 hours. I was actually in Atlanta (without Zach) on my true ovulation days but we did it both of the two days prior and got pregnant during that time!


  • Drinking lots of juice is supposed to help you conceive a girl b/c the strong acid content makes it harder for the weaker boy sperm to survive but since the girls are stronger they can survive it.


  • Missionary position is the best position to make a girl because they are slower and it’s more of a direct shot for them getting there! The deep penetration gives them that extra little push 🙂


  • Supposedly it’s also best for the woman not to fully enjoy the baby making act while having sex. By reaching that pleasure moment (again I’m TRYING to let ya’ll know what I’m saying without actually saying it…is it working?!? Can you follow?) it supposedly makes it more likely that the girl swimmers won’t make it since they are slower and something about the extra “water” and movement of such water pushes them back.


  • It’s said that a wild and crazy time makes a boy while a sweet, romantic situation creates a girl. Reading all of these tips makes it OBVIOUS that I would have had a boy first and we probably would keep on producin’ boys if all of this is true haha.


Those are all the things we tried…I did find LOTS of other advice out there but these were ones I felt comfortable with doing (or not doing…) and didn’t think they were too crazy. I also thought the reasoning behind them made practical sense and knew it wouldn’t hurt anything by trying them!

Just because we did these things I do not think I’m in any way for sure having a girl this time around. We won’t know until December whether or not they worked! 🙂 If you do the Chinese Gender Chart it says the baby will be a boy – so we can also see how accurate that junk is too!

Did you try anything to conceive the sex you wanted? Did you do any of these things and get a girl without even trying for it? I’m interested to hear everyone’s take on this!!! You all probably think I’m nuts and can’t believe I talked Zach into all of it haha!

Update: Our tricks may or may not be the reason behind it…but our 2nd baby WAS A GIRL! We then continued to have a third baby, also a girl, and adopted our fourth baby (a boy!). 




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  1. Alyssa
    September 5, 2019 / 3:36 pm

    Thanks for sharing!! We are starting to try for our second and want to try all of the girl tricks! Hopefully these help!

    • September 5, 2019 / 8:28 pm

      Crossing fingers 🙂 Def can’t hurt to try!

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