Our Adoption Story – The Journey to our Son

A couple of years ago I was asked by Love What Matters to share our adoption story. Of course the journey to our son, Spear, is very special to our family and his adoption story… View Post

Spear’s Finalization Day Celebration: May 2021

Every year we recognize the anniversary of the day that Spear’s adoption was finalized. I understand that many people, both in and outside of the adoption community, find Gotcha Day to be offensive…and I understand… View Post

Finanlizatio​n ​Day Celebration 2019

Finalization Day Celebration 2019 Spear’s adoption was finalized on May 14th, 2018. I know many people have feelings and thoughts about celebrating “gotcha day” so I wrote a post about it (mostly so every year… View Post

Meeting Up With Mama E (Spear’s Birth Family)

I started writing about our meet-up with some of Spear’s biological family as part of his monthly update post for his 7th month of life and realized I just had WAY too much to say… View Post

Spear’s Adoption Finalization – Team Parker is COMPLETE!

Since the day Mama E signed over her parental rights (On December 3rd!) we’ve been in the post placement phase of Spear’s adoption. You can read what this stage of the process is all about… View Post