My Favorite {Infant} Things

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Sometimes we just need to keep things simple! Here is a quick list of my infant “must haves” and favorites:

Babywise is, obviously, my most essential item. I pretty much mail out a copy of the first book to anyone I know who gets pregnant. Or at least I try to! If you’ve never read the book – read it. If you have an older child it’s not too late! There is a -wise book for EVERY age and stage!!!

Swaddles are vital to a sleeping baby. I can’t imagine how horribly babies slept before they were invented. With Kye I always used the Swaddleme brand but Kelly and Rachael got me into the Miracle Blankets and I love them! A must-have item on a baby registry!


I don’t know how we survived so long without a video monitor. It’s strange to think that when Kye was an infant we couldn’t see him. No wonder we went in his room more than we should have and he didn’t sleep nearly as wonderfully as Brittlynn does!!! Being able to see the baby (and the toddler…you bet your butt I still have a video monitor on Kye!) makes it SO much easier to ignore them when they cry because you know they are okay.

Sleep training involves a little crying and, while it’s never easy, it helps to be able to see the baby. We have the Summer Infant Day and Night Video Monitor (they no longer make my same one sad!) and it’s wonderful. When we’ve had issues with it (after almost three years of use) they have been very helpful and have sent new cords for free!

To probably no one’s surprise, I’m not a baby-in-a-sling kinda mama. Each pregnancy I get a sling. So far none of my babies have used them. I tried once with Britt to figure it out and it was too complicated for me haha. Obviously, since I don’t carry her around all the time and I have a two-year-old, I have to put her somewhere. I LOVE my bouncers and playmat.

I didn’t buy anything fancy. Literally, we got the cheapest bouncers (yes, I have two…one on each end of the house for each access) and she uses the same playmat Kye did. During awake times it’s great to have somewhere for her to go when I need to finish up with dinner, discipline Kye, or poop πŸ˜‰ Since she is so young, I also do her independent playtime on her playmat. She loves it!



As a nursing mother, I couldn’t survive without my boppy. I have BIG babies (they aren’t born big…but my milk makin’ self produces LARGE infants) and they are heavy. I can nurse her while holding her but the boppy helps so much to support her and allow me to relax. I’m also thankful I invested in Milkies. They allow me to store up the milk that leaks while I nurse. I then mix it with pumped breast milk and have well over 200 ounces already stored in the deep freezer! I have so much I don’t think I’ll be able to use it all!!!


Now that I have two kids we needed to get a double stroller. I LOVE our stroller. We used it for the first time this past weekend and omg worth every single penny. Zach couldn’t get over how light it was and how easy it was to maneuver! I’m hoping once Britt goes to the amazing 4 hour schedule that I’ll get to use it more often for some walks. I highly recommend the City Mini Double!!!


Kye was born in the spring and his room was SO hot. Plus he loved sleeping in dang fleece swaddles that were even hotter. And he puked all the time. So he basically lived in a diaper. It annoyed my mama to death haha πŸ˜‰

With Britt being born in the winter and us not even buying any fleece swaddles I dress her every single day. Plus I think something about a naked baby girl is bothersome?!?! She still pukes constantly but I just clean it up! I personally like the packs of onesies you can get from Carters and the matching packs of pants. Kye wore them too. I think they look comfortable and still cute, Plus I love how tight they are to show off those baby rolls πŸ™‚ At night we use zip type sleepers and still swaddle her. It helps her know the difference between night and day!

We bought the SAME tub Kye had and use it with Brittlynn (The First Year’s Infant to Toddler tub). We don’t use Kye’s actual tub b/c I just felt like that was something she needed to have new. I love it. It’s really the perfect tub and it’s not very expensive either! I highly recommend it!

Since I’m a mom on the go we invested in one of the TOP breast pumps on the market. Like it was over $300. And, like the stroller, it has been worth every penny. Really it’s priceless. I have used that thing in my home, in different states, on airplanes, and across the globe. It’s amazing. It’s fast, efficient, comfortable and hands-free. I use all the Medela products (except storage bags…Lansinoh makes the best milk storage bags and they are cheaper!) including their bottles. They are all great and I really think this pump will last me for ALL my babies!!! I own the Medela Freestyle.

When we do give Brittlynn a bottle we love our bottle warmer. It does a great job and worked so well with Kye that we bought the same brand again. It heats formula, breast milk, and even baby food (although I never heated baby food in it). It’s The First Years Babypro.


I am passionate about SIDS prevention so two of my new favorites (since I didn’t know about them with Kye) are the Angel Care Monitor and Britt’s crib mattress cover. If you didn’t read my blog post about the mattress cover then I URGE you to read it here! And please, please, please pass along the info! It could be life-saving!


Those are my top infant favorites! Really with an infant, you don’t need much and I learned that especially with the second baby. These items are things I use on a daily basis and am so thankful to have. What are your favorite things? 

13 must have baby items

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  1. Danielle
    February 24, 2012 / 2:38 am

    I'll have to come back and do some major rereading whenever I get knocked up. πŸ˜‰ Β I'll have all your "parenting tip" blogs bookmarked. Thanks for sharing! I'll return the favor whenever you get your link-ups going!Β 

  2. Laura
    February 24, 2012 / 2:47 am

    I LOVE my " Ultimate Crib Sheet". It is sooo much easier than changing an actual crib sheet that goes around the mattress. It's waterproof and breathes well. I have two and used them with both my babies. So great for my older one who was a spitter-upper and we had to change the sheet so often.

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