Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Tips for traveling while pregnant I have been through pregnancy three times and have had the experience of traveling during each pregnancy. Of course, your health and safety (and the health and safe well being… View Post

Reasons to Keep Gender a Surprise at Birth

Why keep the baby’s gender a surprise at birth? Let’s discuss the benefits! Zach and I didn’t find out the sex of any of our three biological babies while I was pregnant. We both agreed… View Post

Keeli’s Baby Shower

I LOVE helping to host baby showers for ALL babies but especially for 2nd (or 3rd or 4th…) ones. I feel like ALLLLL the attention is always given to the 1st born baby and the… View Post

Preparing Children for New Baby

As a parent a big reason many of us choose to have multiple children is because we want our children to have the bond that siblings create. However, once we actually become pregnant with that… View Post

It’s Baby Time!

After my emotional day yesterday Robyn was SO sweet and suggested we go have some fun! We walked the mall and got dinner (and I got my nails redone!). I came home and had a… View Post