Monthly Family Recap: February 2020

Monthly Family Recap: February 2020

Everything we were up to in February!

Family Fun:

Zach went skiing at the end of January with some friends and I tried to make the Saturday of solo parenting as fun as possible for the kids!

We used some of Kye’s CFA gift card collection to get some breakfast and play!

I figured out a genius #momhack with Spear where I let him play in the playground area but when he kept trying to go out the door I let him know if he left the area again he’d have to sit in the high chair.

Buckled him in for a few minutes and he didn’t try to escape any more after that!

Kye got the cookies and cream milkshake with his gift card and OH MY WORD it’s delicious.

I tried a sip when we left and then I had to turn around and go buy one for myself…and one for the girls to share too!

When Daddy came home he brought us ALL a gift which meant SO much to me and spoke to my gift-giving love language in a big way!

Kye had basketball this month which meant we got to have family time cheering him on!

On one of his Saturday morning games, we even grabbed some donuts after as a treat.

Britt made THE biggest decision of her life in deciding to get baptized!

Afterward we went out to lunch in celebration of her πŸ™‚ Aunt Karen loves to rock the kids table!

It was also OSCAR TIME this month and it was such a great movie season!

You can read my recap of all the movies and my thoughts on the awards show this year here.

We also had our Book Club meeting this month.

We had a paint party! Our goal this year is to plan fun Book Club events together and having a paint party with Crafted By U was super fun!!!

I have a door knocker I LOVE for our front door so I decided to use chalkboard paint for my Mickey head hanger and make a Disney Countdown with it πŸ™‚

While Kye was on his ski trip with Daddy the girls, Spear and I went to get passports for the girls for our Disney Cruise!

The appointment went really smoothly and the lady who helped us was beyond sweet and even gave the kids an extra picture to keep.


Kye’s last month as a ten year old was a great one.

I’m so thankful he’s found such joy in basketball and it was awesome to see how much growth he had this season.

Zach and I were both in attendance for his first game scoring and it was so exciting for us both.

Yall. I’m NOT a sports mom but that moment when he scored had me jumping up and yelling and about in tears πŸ™‚

We both just wanted him to be proud of his season and he worked so hard this year and did so great!

Kye had a BLAST on his ski trip with Daddy this month and he and I were also able to get some quality time together in Atlanta too!

I surprised him with our Monster Jam plans and he was so confused at first πŸ˜‰

Kye had some severe dry hands issues this month between his fingers which was super weird.

I had him load up on vaseline at night and cover them with socks and it really helped it clear up!

I was able to get some quality time with him playing video games and taught him how to iron as well this month.

Kye and Tess share a special bond and he’s SO sweet and patient with her (the same cannot always be said for how he is with Britt ha!).

They asked to be in complete charge of a meal and enjoyed putting it all together!

Kye was SO sweet and surprised me with a pretty flower in a Love cup – totally made my heart smile and was JUST what I needed after he let me know that he’d like to stop kissing me on the lips.

Yall. I handled it FINE in the moment.

I went to kiss him goodnight and he kinda turned his head and asked if we could do our “thumb press” where we press our thumbs together to say “I love you.”

I was like “SURE babe. I totally understand”

And then went downstairs and cried and cried. I know grown men don’t typically kiss their mamas on the lips so duh this would happen eventually but still I was just needing a moment to cry and be sad for the end of this era.

I’ve still been getting kisses from him some and savor them when they happen πŸ˜‰


Britt LOVES Harry Potter and plays Harry Potter pretend games non-stop. Even when playing solo.

When we went to Universal Studios we rushed to read/watch Harry Potter and had assumed Kye would be super into it but it turns out it’s been Britt! She LOVES it.

She listens to the audiobooks on repeat non-stop and is reading through the books too.

I feel bad that we’d bought Kye the super fancy wand on our trip when we should have gotten it for Britt so when her cheap wand finally broke I didn’t hesitate to go ahead and buy her another one.

I randomly grabbed this one on Amazon and it’s SO COOL. It’s rare that something so inexpensive ends up being so awesome but I can’t recommend it enough!

She was SO pumped for her surprise πŸ™‚

My sweet first daughter made THE most decision of her life this month when she made the decision to be baptized!

We are SO proud of her!!!

Her church family is also proud of her and all of the cards and notes meant so much to her.

Britt is such a wonderful big sister and loves to help Tess. She makes me so proud!


Tess continues to love school more and more and I know she’s officially adjusted to school because she started leaving her picture of Mommy at home!

Tess was so sweet with making little notes on everyone’s doors over Valentine’s Day.

She is very independent which is GREAT but she sometimes SHOULD ask for help and instead tries to do things on her own.

She clogged the toilet and rather than tell us she tried to lift the lid of the toilet to see if she could unclog it and dropped the lid. Bless. A new toilet lid is hard to find!

I often think about how Tess is my mini-me but we make some of THE exact same faces! It cracks me up!


Spear is my wild man and it can be tough to keep up with his constant go-go-go.

I’ve found that taking him out and about is THE best way to spend his awake time!

My little shopping buddy!

He does GREAT going out and is always so happy to tag along!

I have a tricky time coming up with things to do to keep us busy πŸ˜‰

The big thing with Spear this month was that he CLIMBED OUT OF THE CRIB.

I’m not super shocked that it happened because he’s Spear πŸ˜‰

But still. I was at Kye’s basketball game when I got a text from our babysitter that he’d climbed out.

I went into a bit of panic mode as Spear is NOT ready for a big kid bed.

I invested in a Halo SleepSack (they come in plenty large sizes).

While waiting on it to arrive he climbed out during nap and I just snuck and followed him…he went STRAIGHT for the back door to the garage. He was saying “mommy” over and over so I think he was looking for me?

But regardless…I want to make sure he doesn’t ever leave the house!

I did not put him in the sleepsack at the start of naps or bedtime sleep but instead used it as a punishment if he climbed out.

It worked well for quite a while and most often he didn’t even have to put the sleepsack on!

Spear is continuing to work on potty training.

He is initiating going more and having less accidents. He also started using the potty at school and stays dry and clean the whole time as well as using the potty during his school day!

So proud of him!

He gets a little treat after school and it’s been a great incentive for him!

Spear likes to take off his shoes in the car which drives me insane so I typically wait until I reach a destination before I put his shoes on him.

We hit a big moment this month where he DID leave his shoes on until he was dropped off at school…

and hit a mom fail moment when I brought shoes with me to put on him for church and I’d grabbed two totally different shoes without realizing it and they were for the same foot. ha!

Spear had a bit of a stomach bug this month. We all had some weird stuff health-wise. Kye threw up once. Spear threw up twice. All randomly and all over quickly!

I’m so thankful it was shortlived and nothing major!

Spear continues to do so well with speech and loves to read and is constantly labeling things for us.

He had his 6 month speech evaluation and almost didn’t qualify for continuing services!

He also is doing great at school and is just such a great listener and learner…which may sound surprising being that he’s so WILD but he is alllll about learning new things and investigating and soaking in everything we do and say!

He keeps us on our toes and brings such joy in our days!

You can see all of our family fun moments in our family recap video here:

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