Monthly Family Recap: September 2022

Our Family Recap from September 2022

The three elementary kids all had their Boosterthon at school and it’s one of those things where it feels silly to go and watch but whenever I go and they SEE me there watching – it’s so worth it. Their faces just light up so big!!!

I was invited to attend Monster Jam in Atlanta. I took Kye on a trip to Monster Jam in 2019 and also took Spear when we were invited back so this time I thought it’d be fun to take Kye again!

We invited Colt and Courtney to come with us and it made for a super fun mother-son day with a stop at Buc-ees on the way!

We were able to attend the Pit Party to get up close and personal with the trucks and had plenty of time to get some food before getting in our seats for the show.

The pit party gave the guys a chance to see the trucks up close and choose one to root for during the main event. Kye’s fav for the day was Kracken and it WON!!!!

It was such a fun day and a great chance to spend quality time with Colt and Courtney 🙂 At this age it’s so important for Kye to have good, close friends and his bond with Colt is SO special!

Our church put together a Ladies Brunch where the girls were able to lead songs, read scripture and say prayers.

So proud of our girls for wanting to lead several things and doing such a fantastic job – they have such great hearts for Jesus!

It was a big month for me as I FINALLY had an ablation procedure. It’s been something I’ve considered and debated for several years.

We went through a rough time with Zach’s health for a bit and it was a big wake up to me that I just needed to control the things in life that I CAN control. I had an option to make my period issues potentially resolved so I needed to take it!

The procedure was extremely easy, as was recovery, and I’ll write a blog post soon with all the details but it has been AMAZING to be period-free!

This month we officially broke ground on our new home! We chose a contractor and signed on with them and walked off the land to decide the exact placement of our future home!

Zach spent a lot of time at the property clearing trees and planting new ones that will be so exciting to watch grow over the years to come.

We also had dirt delivered to work on our driveway and the kids loved playing in it. It’s already been such a bonding experience for Zach and the kids and it’s so awesome to think about the memories to come.

Also thankful for football and the bonding experience that has been for Zach and the kids as well! They all love cheering on the Blazers (and eating lots of snacks!)

Kye ate a really big sucker and then struggled with a LOT of jaw pain after. It got to the point where I felt like he needed to see a doctor to get some help. Of course that morning Tess woke up with conjunctivitis in her eye so she tagged along to the appointment.

Kye was diagnosed with TMJ and needed steroid to help (which, thankfully, worked).

Kye’s dr had also requested for him to get an updated bone scan at his well check up so we decided to go ahead and knock that out as well. Tess started and finished an entire book during the two dr visits!

I love doing movie themed days for the kids and Spear has been ALL about Toy Story lately!

We did a Toy Story 4 Movie Day and had crafts and themed snacks and dressed in our Toy Story attire to watch the movie.

I love that all of my kids love these movie days – Kye even still participates (even though he doesn’t want photo evidence).

More happenings from this month:

Gotta enjoy the ice cream truck while we still have neighborhood life!!!

Kye rigged up a fun rope swing for his siblings in our backyard

I tried to really soak in little moments in our current home and we had a professional photographer capture photos in the home as well to be able to remember it by!

In addition to the TMJ and bone scans Kye also started getting chiropractor adjustments to hopefully help with his back curvature due to his leg length discrepancy. It was a great lesson for us all in how we SHOULD be sitting!

I’m thankful Kye has such a wonderful friend in Colt but also in Evan. Evan’s family values align so well with our own and it’s a blessing that I feel so comfortable anytime Evan’s fam invites Kye along!

Britt ran for Jr Beta Secretary/Treasurer and she did such a wonderful job on her speech – she did not win but I love that she went for it and did a fantastic job!

She started volleyball this month and was so excited for practice.

She is such a big helper in the kitchen and loves to bake and has started really enjoying breakfast foods. She’s the official poptart toaster for the other kids and loves making muffins!

Britt was awarded a certificate at school for being a positive role model to her peers (so proud!)

Out of all the kids Britt and Spear LOVE going out to the land the most! Britt loves helping Zach and even got her first driving lesson 🙂

Tess continues to amaze and impress me with her drawing skills!

I love when she wears my old clothing (Little Miss Sunshine!)

I also loved surprising her at school for lunch with her and then checking her out and taking her to the kids sale for some Mommy and Me shopping time.

A perk about the older kids having social lives outside the family is that it does open up opportunities for Zach and I to get more quality time with the younger two! Tess soaks UP that attention!

I love our talks together and we had some great ones this month – Tess is a big feelings kinda kid and often feels anxious about things. However, she is also fantastic at expressing her feelings and knowing her needs in those moments.

Tess isn’t a big fan of going out to the land. She doesn’t love grass or getting sweaty (gets it from her mama). She said she “worked the hardest she’s worked in her entire life” haha!

I remember so vividly when Kye was little and started getting into doing his hair – so cute that Spear is at that stage!

While I miss our little moments “just us” now that Spear is at all day school, he had conjunctivitis this month and we were able to have a Sam’s Jams outing just like old times!

It was a wonderful outing together and such a good reminder that while we grieve the changes life brings there will also always be little moments that allow us to “re-live” those precious times too!

He is LOVING school and totally thriving!

He also LOVES helping Zach at the land and it’s truly his happy place. So excited for him to get to live there all the time!!!

Just a simple photo of our backyard – it was so pretty and I wanted to capture it to have for our memories!

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