Family Pictures: November 2023 (Our New Home!)

Our most recent family photos were extra special this year! I wanted to plan the session for a time when we’d be settled into our new home (read about our decision to move here!) and be able to have family photos taken that I could use to display around our home. My goal was to put together outfits that matched our home decor and not look too much like a set season – I didn’t do holiday colors or super obvious fall vibes.

We kept it super casual and laid back. We’re at HOME!

This journey of home building has been quite the process and this session with Captured by Colson was an opportunity to appreciate the fruits of that labor. Let out a huge sigh of relief. It’s DONE!

As always, Lindsay did a fantastic job. She understood the assignment and delivered in an awesome way. I adore the photos from this session and they are ones I will forever cherish!

Kids Individual Photos

My babies truly are growing up quickly! I looooove how their photos turned out and I do think a lot of it has to do with letting them be hands-on in choosing their outfits as well as having the shoot at home. We were all relaxed and casual and it helped get great shots!

Kye – 14 Years Old

It is crazy to see the difference in Kye in just one year (here are last year’s fall photos). He is truly transforming into such a handsome young man right before our eyes.

Kye is currently using Invisalign through Hester & Morris Orthodontics and it’s so great that he’s become so comfortable in his trays that he didn’t even want to take them out for the photo session.

My favorrrrrite! I love this picture so much!

He’s far surpassed me in height and now he’s working on catching Daddy!

Britt – Almost 12 Years Old

Britt was just a couple weeks away from turning 12 when we had these photos taken. Pre-teen years are here and she wanted to be involved in choosing her outfit. This sweater is super soft and so cute on her!

My hope for the sweater was to kinda sorta a little bit conceal her shell necklace. She found it in a water park pool in the summer of 2021 and has never taken it off! She really wanted to pull it over the sweater because it’s part of what makes her “her” so I went with it. And the end result is my fav pic of the session of her!

Next year she’ll be taller than me! Not quite ready for that milestone!

Tess – 9.5 Years Old

We had to do a quick pivot just a couple hours before Lindsay arrived. She did not like ANY of the options I’d purchased for her and I wanted her to be comfortable so we raided her closet as well as Britt’s and came up with this super soft floral dress. Stuck one of our most frequently worn accessories for family photos (these headbands) and rolled with it!

When you have four kids it’s basically impossible to have them ALL be in the mood for photos at the same time. Tessie wasn’t really feeling it this day but Lindsay was still able to perk her up and get some of those sweet Tessie smiles!

I try to be easy going with our family pictures – I want to capture who are kids truly are in this period of time. For Britt it’s the shell necklace. For Kye the Invisalign and for Tess it’s her sweatband anklet. She wears it every day so why not also wear it in pictures?

Spear – Almost 6 Years Old

I think it’s safe to say we are officially out of the tough-to-photograph baby and toddler stage! Spear did AMAZING for this session and I especially ADORE his individual photos. My handsome little man!

So precious!

Spear LIVES on his tractor so Zach had the idea of pulling it into some of the photos – I love it!


We tried to mix it up a bit this session and do some non-typical pairings of the kids! I wanted to have plenty of options to choose from to frame around the house. I didn’t even realize until I went to post these pictures that we failed to get a picture of Tess and Spear together. Oops!

My favorite guys!

My BABIES! So blessed to be their mama and call them MINE!

Mom and Dad

Captured by Colson specializes in weddings and seniors so Lindsay is a straight-up PRO at engagement sessions and capturing the romantic side of things.

Usually during our family sessions, she’ll be sure to pull Zach and I aside to snap a few of us together. This session though? We got a TON of awesome pictures of just us.

It was truly a “God thing” because Lindsay had no clue that Zach and I have been focused on our marriage in the best possible ways and that I was super eager to get some new photos of us together in our “2.0 marriage” 🙂

These photos truly showcase the bond we have and the love we share and I want to fill our whole bedroom with them all I just love them so much!


I am also always so thankful that Lindsay doesn’t mind snapping a few solo pictures of me to use for headshots for various social media and blog work!

Like the rest of the fam I was also super comfortable for this session – My shirt is several years old I just grabbed it from the closet and this is a typical daily kinda outfit for me. It was SO nice feeling so comfortable the whole time!


Fall family photo sessions always have the goal of getting that Christmas-card worthy family photo and Lindsay def helped us make that happen this year!

So incredibly blessed and grateful for our family and now to all be in our (hopefully forever) HOME!

Last year I mailed out Christmas cards announcing our moving plans and included our PO Box address – this years cards I included the new address again for anyone wanting to send us any mail in the future! This is where you can reach us 🙂

Always so thankful to Captured by Colson for the gorgeous photos she takes of our family. We LOVED having them taken on our property and can see it being the go-to location for many more sessions to come in the future.

Here’s our Parker Family 2023 Christmas Card:

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