Disney Fab Five Halloween Costumes!

Every year for Halloween we like to do family themed costumes. This time, we went with the Disney Fab Five! (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto!) These make perfect family of 5 Halloween costumes!

Usually every year we go to our church Trunk-or-Treat and it’s fun to all be dressed up for that.

This year we weren’t able to attend the event as it ended up falling on the same weekend that we went to the beach.

However, we did have a Halloween party at Casey and Jordan’s house (post to come!) so we still had the excuse to all dress up together ๐Ÿ˜‰

The kids and I have been planning our costume ideas since well before Tess was born.

It was tricky to decide what to do.

Kye really, really wanted to do a Beauty and the Beast theme.

I couldn’t for the life of me think about how I’d create those costumes and have a new baby.

A clock? A candlestick? Yeah…even Pinterest wasn’t much help ๐Ÿ™‚

Thankfully we came up with a WAY easier idea!

This was the cheapest and easiest costumes we’ve done yet…and the kids LOVED them. We are now a family of 5 so it made perfect sense to dress up as the Disney Fab 5!

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disney fab five halloween costumes minnie mickey donald goofy pluto

Originally published December 5th, 2014

The Disney Fab Five: Minnie and Mickey

You can’t have the Disney Fab Five without Mickey and Minnie!

disney fab five halloween costumes

For their costumes, I bought plain black shirts from Walmart as well as some leggings (Kye’s are girls leggings but I know Britt will be able to wear them in a year or so!).

I got some red shorts for Kye on clearance for a few bucks and just cut out felt circles.

I didn’t glue them to the shorts, I just pinned them so they shorts are still totally wearable ๐Ÿ˜‰

I found the white gloves on Amazon and the headbands on Ebay (they were from China and were literally a couple bucks each!).

Britt already had the Minnie Mouse necklace and I originally was going to make her tutu.

Then I found this Etsy shop (Lillybear Creations) and they have SUPER affordable (and adorable) tutus.

For $10 why would I attempt to make my own?

Plus she can wear it again when we go to Disney next year!

The only tricky part of their costumes were shoes. I wanted to be authentic and have yellow shoes but they are hard to find!

I ended up getting some cheap off-brand crocs from Zulily and spray painted them yellow.

They held up fine for pics but OMG the paint just chipped off haha. Fail! At least the rest of the customs turned out cute!

Kid was PUMPED to be Mickey!

disney fab five halloween costumes mickey

Minnie doesn’t quite have the smile down yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

disney fab five halloween costumes minnie

Goofy, Pluto, and Donald!

Every single time we meet Goofy at Disney he “talks” about Zach’s height.

There have been “battles” over who is taller and it’s always a running joke at character meetings.

Of course it made sense for Zach to be in the Goofy costume ๐Ÿ˜‰

We went SUPER easy with his Goofy Halloween costume.

I got a Goofy headband from the same China import Ebay store for a couple dollars and then we looked through Zach’s closet to make the DIY Goofy costume come together.

The headband was hilarious hahaha. 

disney fab five halloween costumes goofy

I decided to be Pluto and, again, simple costume!

I did have a hard time finding matching yellows.

Every where I looked had NEON yellow shirts!

I wanted long sleeves but gave up trying to find one and just got a short-sleeved shirt from Hobby Lobby.

I found a hat and some leggings from Amazon (and yes, I wore yellow cheerleading shorts over the leggings to cover my booty…Pluto ain’t showin’ no tail haha)

as well as my green collar. I just cut out some ears from black felt and pinned em in and I was good to go!

disney fab five halloween costumes pluto

Donald is the trickiest costume so it made the most sense to have Tess be him.

People were surprised that Britt didn’t want to go as Donald (he’s her favorite Disney character) but that would have been a tricky costume to do and Minnie was mega easy!

So I found a Donald onesie on Ebay (another Chinese import and it was one-size-fits all kinda thing) and I lucked out that it had some pink on it and was pretty girly!

I got her a tutu from the same Etsy shop and found some cute matching leg warmers on Amazon!

I thought she made for a cute Donald ๐Ÿ™‚

disney fab five halloween costumes donald

I have had a lot of people say we need to have another kid so we can add Daisy.

Daisy Duck is adorable but she’s notย one of the Fab Five Disney characters ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kye was really funny because he kept telling people that we were dressed as the “old school” characters.

I am not a fan of the pink Minnie Mouse and prefer the classic character looks!

We had fun being dressed up and I loved that we were all comfortable in our costumes and were able to use things that we will all wear again!

Now we have to figure out something for next year…Kye is already brainstorming!

disney fab five halloween costumes

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