Kye’s 11th Birthday Slideshow

Kye’s 11th Birthday Slideshow

Today Kye is ELEVEN.

He can officially no longer count his age on his fingers!

Even though it’s tough seeing my baby grow up, each stage is better than the last. ⁣

From our nightly talks to the silly humor moments, the nerf battles to the deep discussions of God’s Word each day with you is a gift that I cherish ⁣

Whether you become POTUS, a news broadcaster, or continue being a mini-preacher I’m always proud of you. Your heart for the Lord, your heart for others, your commitment to being true to you!

Happy Birthday Kye – I love you!

I put together a slideshow for each of my children on their birthdays that goes over their entire year prior!

So here’s Kye’s slideshow celebrating his 11th year of life:

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